Tuesday 29 October 2013

Kate Middleton's flat tummy makes waves!

For all those who were wondering whether Kate has snapped back into shape following the birth of Prince George, there was a definitive answer recently.

The Duchess of Cambridge played volleyball today as she took part in a SportsAid workshop at the former site of the Olympic Park in London

There can’t be many photocalls which offer a chance of glimpsing the Duchess of Cambridge’s midriff.
But in one volleyball shot, the royal tummy was fully on display in all its svelte glory.

SportsAid helps support young athletes by helping them to meet essential costs for travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and equipment

Sporty Kate looked great in her skinny jeans and blazer as she got involved with the game on her first solo engagement since birth of baby GeorgeSporty Kate looked great in her skinny jeans and blazer as she got involved with the game on her first solo engagement since birth of baby George

Kate wore £145 J Brand jeans, £85 Ralph Lauren T-shirt, £369 Smythe blazer and £245 Russell & Bromley wedges

Despite sporting a pair of Russell and Bromley blue heels and skinny 'jeggings' she managed a few quite passable shots and at one point she leapt up to score a 'spike'

As mothers marvelled at Kate’s lithe figure – 89 days since the birth of George – there was widespread speculation at how she did it.

Wendy Williams Calls Julianne Hough "Ignorant" After Blackface Scandal: "You Should Know Better"!

Julianne Hough has already apologized via Twitter for donning blackface at a Halloween party on Friday, Oct. 25, but the Safe Haven star hasn't earned everyone's forgiveness just yet.
Julianne Hough
 During the Monday, Oct. 28, episode of The Wendy Williams Show, host Wendy Williams weighed in on the costume controversy during the Hot Topics segment.
Wendy Williams, Julianne Hough
The outspoken TV noted that Julianne, 25, "caused a stir" over the weekend. "We don't normally think of her as stirring! Just dancing and smiling and stuff," Williams said. "She showed her ignorant side when spersonality he showed up to a Halloween party wearing blackface. Like, who does that?"
Julianne—who went as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black—has said it was never her intention "to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way."

"I don't know what part of stupid—or, excuse me, less than smart—she is," Williams argued. "Who walks out of the house in blackface? Like, wow, Julianne. I don't know whose party she was at, but you have to figure this: This was, like, an intentional move. This was not something that happened all of a sudden and she was like, ‘Oh, is this racist?' You put thought into your Halloween costume. I've known what I've wanted to wear for over 40 days and I've been dieting accordingly...You talk about your Halloween costume. You don't just show up in blackface. Which means she's not just less than smart off the cuff—she's less than smart even when she thinks about it."
Williams then read Hough's apology aloud, though it didn't do the dancer-turned-actress any favors. The TV host also alleged that Julianne "grew up someplace where there weren't a lot of black people."
(Though Julianne was born in Utah, the dancer spent many years training in the United Kingdom.)
"She grew up Mormon. She only thought that there was one kind of alcohol until I guess she arrived to Hollyweird and discovered you can drink something different every minute of the day," Williams told the audience. "Does she get a pass if she grew up out there? Because I'm thinking there's books and there's internet and TV…the world is your oyster."
The bottom line, Williams argued, is that Julianne "should know better.
Julianne's older brother Derek Hough came to the Paradise star's defense after he taped ABC's Dancing With the Stars on Monday, Oct. 28. "She's so apologetic. She's so, so sorry, and I just hope that we can all forgive her and move on," he told E! News exclusively. The pro dancer acknowledged that his sister was in the wrong, but hopes that people will accept her apology. "Obviously, it wasn't her brightest moment in her life," he said, "but hopefully we can move on."

Beverly Osu Finally Admits She Had S*x In The Big Brother House!

When she first came out of the Big Brother Africa reality show, Beverly Osu stunned many by denying that she ever had intercourse with South Africa’s rep, Angelo, even though almost everyone had clearly watched the video that went viral.

Anyway, she is now singing a new song. Below is what she said when quizzed on the issue again:
Life Outside BBA
My life outside BBA has been wonderful. It’s nothing I cannot handle. 


Well, I’m usually a very busy person, but it’s just that right now, I’ve been a very unstable person. Sometimes, I can’t even stay here in Lagos for a week without traveling here and there. I think that’s a good thing because good things are coming out of it. And apparently, there’s always the negative side and that is mostly things that are not true that you hear about yourself; how people see you and so on. Some people don’t really bother about perception, but if you’re somebody like me, you will think about it and sometimes it will affect your work. But I thank God that my life has been good. 

Séx Scene at The BBA House

Apparently, I don’t feel sorry because I was being myself. So, I can’t say sorry to anyone who feels disappointed. They’re living their lives and I’m living mine. The only difference is that I was in a house where I had to make the platform work for me; the platform everybody enjoyed seeing me make. If you guys stuck to your television for 91 days only to see my faults, then you should check yourself because people have their faults and it’s only people with faults that quickly notice that in other persons. I don’t criticize people and I don’t think people should criticize me… no matter how you look at it, I’m still a youth.

Kenyan soldiers jailed for Westgate looting!

Two Kenyan soldiers have been sacked and jailed for looting during last month's attack on the Westgate shopping centre, the army chief has said.
Julius Karangi told reporters that a third soldier was under investigation.
However, he denied there had been "widespread looting" and said there had been an attempt by the media to paint the soldiers as "unprofessional".
Somali Islamist group al-Shabab says it was behind the attack, which killed 67 people over four days.

CCTV footage leaked to local media seems to show soldiers helping themselves to goods in a supermarket in Westgate during the siege.
Gen Karangi has previously said that soldiers had only taken water because they were thirsty but on Tuesday, he said two soldiers had been sacked after being found with items such mobile phones and cameras stolen from the shopping centre.
Army spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna said a local commander had given the soldiers the go-ahead to take snacks from the supermarket.
Gen Karangi added: "There might have been poor judgement on the part of the commander, which is an issue we are dealing with."
Several shop-owners have said that their premises were looted during the siege.
Speaking at the same briefing Gen Karangi, Police Criminal Investigation Department head Ndegwa Muhoro said a phone call had been made to Norway during the siege.
One of the suspected attackers has been named as 23-year-old Somalia-born Norwegian national, Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow.
The Kenyan army has said that all four of the attackers died during the siege which began on 21 September.
Mr Muhoro said that Interpol was helping to analyse the bodies to confirm their identities, reports the AFP news agency.
Officials had initially said there were 10-15 attackers.

Mr Muhoro said that five other people were in detention over the attack and would be charged soon.

Mystery girl Maria's parents found in Bulgaria by DNA!

Blonde haired girl facing camera

DNA tests have confirmed a Bulgarian Roma couple as the biological parents of mystery child Maria, found in Greece last week, Bulgarian officials say.
They identified the couple as Sasha Ruseva and Atanas Rusev.
The officials are investigating whether the mother had sold the child - a claim she has denied.
Maria was found at a Roma camp in central Greece. Police noticed the lack of resemblance between the blonde girl and the adults she was staying with.
Blonde angel Maria
The couple, Christos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, have since been charged with child abduction. They have insisted the girl was given to them legitimately.
Maria - who was found near Farsala, central Greece - is currently being cared for by a Athens-based charity.
There have been thousands of inquiries following an appeal to identify her. The case has also sparked concern over prejudice and racism towards Roma people.
Mother's story:
The child's parents - Sasha Ruseva and Atanas Rusev - and their eight children, had been filmed earlier by Bulgarian television at their home in the Roma district of the central town of Nikolaevo.
Ms Ruseva, holding a child with red hair, told reporters that she and her husband had been working in the Greek city of Larisa four years ago when she gave birth to a girl.

The girl was seven months old when they had to return to Bulgaria, and she said she could not afford to take the child with her.
She said she was talking to a woman she worked with who told her: "Give me this child, I will take care of it. You can come and take it back any time you want.
"But I had other children to take care of and I couldn't go... I have never got any money for it."
Bulgarian officials said that during questioning, Ms Ruseva said she had recognised Christos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou as the people she had left her child with.
Prosecutors have pressed preliminary charges against Ms Ruseva for "deliberately selling a child while residing out of the country".
In Greece, a lawyer representing the couple in the Roma camp near Farsala said on Friday they planned to seek legal custody of Maria.
"Provided what we said is borne out, that it was not an abduction, then logically they will be released from prison and they will be able to enter a proper [adoption] process," Costas Katsavos was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency.
"They truly and ardently want her back," he added.
Maria's biological parents in Bulgaria also say they want to be re-united with her.
However, the head of Bulgaria's social services department, Lidia Hristova, told Reuters: "After an investigation, we will decide what would be best for the child, whether to take her from the family, to offer social service, or so on."
There will now be difficult questions for police both in Greece and Bulgaria, the BBC's Mark Lowen in Athens reports.
He adds that clearly there will still be a legal case against the Greek couple, and possibly against Maria's parents as well.
But Greek police could be left red-faced for making the initial allegations of abduction, our correspondent adds.
Greek news site zougla.gr has published what it says is Ms Ruseva's identity card and a birth certificate for Maria from a hospital in Lamia, not far from Farsala and Larisa.
The birth certificate says the girl was born in January 2009.
Christos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou have told police Maria was four years old, but the Smile of the Child charity say medical examinations suggest she is more like five or six.

Nigerian Lady Dupes Her Ghanaian Friend And Vanishes Into Thin Air!

Jessica and Ruth when the going was good

Please read the story below:
Hello Stella
Am Jessica Shalom Torkornoo from Ghana. A friend from Nigeria introduced your blog to me.  She asked me to send my story to you that you will be kind to help me out.

 I schooled and grew up in Nigeria. My family relocated to Ghana in 2006. I am a fashion designer with my own company, JESSICATORKS CLOTHING. Early this year, i placed an advert on my page for workers, tailors and a personal assistance to be specific. Then i got a message from an old school mate of mine, Ruth Abu.(Christ the King International School, Gbagada) that she wants to work in the fashion industry and working with me will be a privilege so i offered to help. 

She came to Ghana in may 2013 and stayed in a guest house for two weeks. After which she tried looking for a permanent accommodation due to mounting bills at the guest house, but she had no money. As a result she had to resort to sleeping in my shop awaiting money her boyfriend was supposed to send her for rent. I was very unhappy about it so i spoke with my parent about it. This paved way for her to enjoy the safety and comfort of sharing my room with me,including feeding, just for a couple of weeks. This turned into months and gradual became acceptable, automatically making her a part of my family.

 In September, i decided to rent a place for myself and some other worker of mine, including Ruth. This was part of my expansion drive for my company and workers in general, who might have problems. We finally got a place big enough for all of us. We made a part payment. The day we where going to make the final payment, we noticed there was a problem with the house which we did not notice at first. There was hence a refund of the initial payment, which was to be used to secure a more suitable place. This task was left to Ruth to execute.
She finally got a new place. Payment was on the 15/10/2013. But i could not make it because i hard another appointment. Unfortunately, she could not make the payment that day. 
Only for me to ask for the money on 16/10/2013 . 7, 200 Ghana cedis in total and 5000 was missing out of the money. We tried searching for the money in the house but there was no luck. All her actions and the story of how the money  got missing became very suspicious.

I  Insisted i needed the money to secure the house so i don't loose it.  Then she offered to help in getting the money. That she called her mother to transfer the money. We waited till the day she promised the transfer will be done,which was 18/10/2013. Nothing happened. Then asked for Monday to do the transfer which should have been 21/102013. Only for use to go church on Sunday, 20/10/2013, she told me she was going to buy chewing gum. we have not seen Ruth Abu till date leaving her bag in the church with me. When i got home and opened her bag, she hard her cloth and everything you can think of for a trip. It done on me she hard run away with my money leaving all her cloth in my room. I tried getting all her document to see if i can get through to her parents, i realised all her documents were gone as well. Please, i just need your platform to help in locating her. 

I considered her a sister. Came calling for my help here in Ghana, i didn't hesitate. I gave her a job and accommodation till she decided to disappear with thousands of money intended for the expansion of the company i put years of sacrifices and sweat in.
This are my contacts if any body has any information that could help in locating her please.do help. +233 0206710122. 0269612757.  you can find me on facebook as  Jessica shalom torks.
Please i have attached photos of Ruth Abu . Age, 26.
 i know you will want to get the facts of this story straight before you put it on your platform. Please contact me if you have any questions. God bless you.


I did not think it was important to show you this but after reading some of the comments on your the post, i figured i should.
 She normally uses my phone to brows. Unfortunately for her, she left her face book open on my bb.so i checked it on sunday when she was not showing up.there was  no activity.i sent her lots of messages since she was my friend on fb,  she did not respond, on monday, which was the following day,  i checked her messages. This is what i saw. I immediately took a pic of it.cos i Knew sooner orlater she would log me out. 

Because she found out i had browsed her page, the following day i tried opening her page again i could not.  I found out she also blocked the lady that asked me to get in touch with you. And sent her a very funny message which she took a pic of and sent to me,funny msg below. 
After i got the message, i called her sister to find out if she hard seen her sister Ruth.just to be sure of what i read from the lady. And she said her sister was on her way to her (iloren) i also asked her if she sent a message on behalf of her sister to somebody through fb saying she was dead. She said no. She obviously did not know. 

Source: Stella Domoko Korkus

Texas Police arrests man who killed 5 people, burning one to death!

This man, accused of killing five people – including burning one to death – was arrested early Tuesday after an hours-long search in Terrell, police said.


Charles Brownlow, 36 — who was identified by police as a suspect Monday night — has been taken into custody.

The shooting spree began on Monday night around 5 p.m. on Tyler Street, where a female victim was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head.
Less than a half hour later, a Terrell firefighter observed a house on fire on the 300 block of Stalling Street, just a few blocks away from the initial shooting. After the fire was extinguished, a female body was discovered inside the home. Police say the fire was clearly arson and established a connection between the two crimes.
At this point in the investigation, the Texas Rangers and Kauffman County Sheriff’s Officer were called in to assist.
Investigators determined that a car and an adult — identified as Brownlow — were missing from the burning home.
Police received a call of a shooting at a third location in the 800 block of Frances Street around 10 p.m. No one was injured in the incident, though witnesses described someone matching Brownlow’s description fleeing the scene in the stolen vehicle.
While still gathering details on Frances Street, police received calls of a shooting in the 800 block of Eulalia Drive. Police found the bodies of a man and woman at the home; both had been shot. Witnesses again provided a suspect description matching that of Brownlow.
Miraculously, a 3-year-old child was found unharmed and in bed at that location. The child is in good condition and is now with relatives.
An off-duty officer observed the stolen vehicle and a man matching Brownlow’s description at Ali’s Market at 10:37 p.m. The suspect fled on foot, jumped in the stolen vehicle, and fled through a residential area. Brownlow then left his vehicle and fled on foot to a brush area.
At 1:30 a.m., a Texas DPS helicopter and ground units were able to locate Brownlow’s position. He was quickly taken into custody without incident.
A store employee was later found shot dead at Ali’s Market.
“We’re all in a state of shock. You have a tendency to think, ‘how can that happen here?’” said Terrell Police chief Jody Lay. “This is a country community, a rural community. People are really close and this is going to have a big impact on us. We’ve had a tough year here in Kaufman County, and this makes it a little bit tougher, but we’re going to get through it.”
None of those killed has been officially identified at this point.
Public records show that Brownlow has an extensive criminal history. His past charges include burglary, assault-family violence, possession of marijuana, and the unlawful possession of a firearm.

Imam arraigned in court for defrauding friend of N8.7m!

An Islamic cleric, Isiaka Adeleke, has been arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrate’s Court for allegedly defrauding his childhood friend of N8.7m.  Adeleke, 34, was said to have committed the crime at the Ojota area of Lagos.

It was learnt that the defendant tricked the complainant, Abdul Oladunjoye, into parting first with N1.7m in 2012 on the pretext of helping him to import a Lexus 300 saloon car from the United States.
Later in March, 2013, the complainant reportedly obtained a N7m loan, the money, he said was meant to revive his transport business. He was said to have sought Adeleke’s counsel and spiritual guidance.
The defendant, also known as Alfa, allegedly collected the sum from Oladunjoye in order “to pray for Allah’s blessings on the money.”
The police told the court that instead, Adeleke converted the money into personal use. He was later arrested and arraigned on four counts of fraud, stealing and conversion.
The charges read in part, “That you, Isiaka Yusuf Adeleke, with others at large sometimes in 2012 at 8, Onadejo Street, Olusosun Road, Ojota, Lagos, with intent to defraud, did obtain the sum of N1.7m to purchase one Lexus 300 saloon car from USA for Abdul Ismail Oladunjoye, a representation you knew to be false.
“That you, Isiaka Yusuf Adeleke, with others still at large with intent to defraud obtained the sum of N7m (seven million naira only) from Abdul Ismail Oladunjoye to pray for Allah’s blessings on the money to facilitate the transport business of two trucks he wanted to buy, a representation you knew to be false.”
The prosecutor, Emerho Frank, said the offences were contrary to Sections 312(1)(2), 278(2) and punishable under Sections 312(3), 285(9)(c), of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.
The defendant pleaded not guilty to the four counts and elected summary trial at the Magistrate’s Court. His defence counsel urged the court to admit him to bail in liberal terms.
 The magistrate, Mr. J.A Adegun, admitted him to bail in the sum of N300,000 with two sureties each in like sum.

The matter was adjourned till November 28, 2013.

Source: Punch newspapers

Clara Chime's Cry for HELP- Could this be true?

Clara Chime, the First Lady of Enugu State, says Governor Sullivan Chime, has placed her under house arrest, and has cried out for assistance to reach human rights bodies to rescue her. 

In a letter dripping with pain and suffering, Mrs. Chime disclosed that she married Mr. Chime in October 2008 but that she has been unable to share the matrimonial bed with him for over four years. 
Describing her desperate situation, she said that even President Goodluck Jonathan and First Lady Patience Jonathan have intervened with her husband without success.

My father is late, my Mum and few of my siblings are confused and have done all kinds of prayers they know of, 3 of my siblings prefers me dead than to see me leave the Government house.  He treats my Mum and my siblings bad,” she wrote. 

The Enugu State First Lady said she has been introduced to two psychiatrists whose names she gave as Dr. Onwukwe and Dr. Agumo, who have prescribed “all kinds of drugs that ends up keeping me acute depressed and also drives me into hallucinations.”

The doctors, she noted, are scared of her husband the Governor, to whom nobody can tell the truth.   

According to the letter, the Catholic Bishop of Enugu state (Callistus Onaga), and top priests have come to intervene, as have the President and the First Lady of the nation, without success.   

Mrs. Chime further complains that Governor Chime has ordered her to leave with her four-year old son whom she conceived before their wedding.  However, the governor, according to her, later threatened to disown the boy should she leave with him.

“He has told everyone he can reach that there is no marriage between us that I can leave if I wish to but whenever I plan to leave he instructs them to lock me in.  I have told him through Sms that I will leave my son behind and leave alone but still he instructed his securities to lock me inside the house.”

Mrs. Chime further complains she has lost touch with the real world and all that makes her beautiful because of the side effects of the drugs she is taking, stressing that she is under house arrest for committing no crime. 

Of the situation in Government House, she said, “He does not take care of me personally, the government gives me allowance to run the house and that's where I save little from to take care of my elf, my Mum and few of my siblings,” she said in the letter.  "He shut me out of his life years ago; I don't have access to his apartment. The problem is enormous; I don't know where to start to explain from.”

She said that even the security detail in the lodge has resorted to praying for her, while the few that can be bought with money are taking advantage of the situation. 

“Police and SS men have been instructed by Br Sullivan Chime to confine me in a place for a long time now against my wish [but] it is my wish to leave these premises,” she said, begging, “Please assist me to reach to the human rights and say to them to please come hastily and release me.CULLED

Source: Stella dimoko korkus

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Jeta & Mbong Amata have separated after almost 10 years together!

The prolific movie director and his beautiful actress wife of five years Mbong Amata, 28, have separated. They have actually been separated for about a year now but y'all are just hearing about it. And from what I gathered Jeta and Mbong didn't fight, they just decided to let each other go.

Jeta met Mbong when she was only 16 years old in Calabar in 2001 during a movie audition. He waited for her to mature and they started dating when she turned 18 two years later. In 2008, they welcomed a daughter, that same year, Jeta married Mbong. They later moved from their base in Abuja to Los Angeles so Jeta could work on his movie projects.

Here's what I heard happened between them. Mbong met Jeta when she was so young, married him and became a mother in her early twenties. She is a former beauty queen (Miss Akwa Ibom 2003) and her dream was to be an actress. Jeta didn't mind his wife being an actress but he didn't want her featuring in Nollywood movies, so he restricted her. Mbong, some of you may have noticed, only featured in Jeta's movies. And because she met Jeta so young, Mbong didn't get a chance to date other men, never partied and until they separated, never earned a living on her own. She relied on Jeta for everything. 

When they moved to the US, it became a little worse for Mbong. She became lonely and instead of being the star actress she's always dreamed of, she became a housewife, caring for Jeta and their five year old daughter. Mbong became resentful and left Jeta in 2011 and returned to Nigeria. Jeta went after her and they reconciled after Jeta promised to give her a bit more space to pursue her dreams. 

Jeta tried to live up to his promise, but as an African man, just couldn't compromise much and so last year Mbong wanted out of the marriage and Jeta let her go. Mbong and Jeta have been living separately in Los Angeles for about a year now. When I asked if there was any hope for reconciliation, my source told me 'it's only a matter of time before they file for divorce. They have moved on and the love is no longer there. Mbong is very happy now that she can do whatever she wants without a husband to stop her or tell her what she can or can't do"

I've known Jeta Amata for a long time, since the 90's in fact and so before writing this I reached out to him to get his own side of the story, and because we are friends, Jeta opened up to me.

He confirmed that they have indeed separated & partly blamed himself for the break up. He told me;

"Mbong is an amazing mother, an incredible wife...all the time we were together she would never let any other person cook my food...she was faithful and good to me and gave me the best gift in the world, our beautiful daughter. If I didn't cage her so much maybe we would still be together. I stole her youth and didn't let her live her dream so it was better to let her go and find new adventures. She's happy and so am I. Despite the fact that we are no longer together, we are still good friends. She even lives close to me here in LA. Things are great between us and I'm happy to see her happy."
Since the separation Mbong has featured in two Nollywood movies, one of them is Forgetting June produced by Emem Isong, which she came back to Nigeria to shoot. 

As for Jeta, I heard he now has a new girlfriend. Jeta is dating Australian actress Viva Bianca, best known for her role as Ilithyia in Spartacus.

Viva is starring in Jeta's new movie project - Road to Redemption, which also features Ghanaian actress,Yvonne Nelson and pop star, Akon. Jeta and Viva have been dating for many months now and were even spotted in Las Vegas recently. When I asked Jeta about his relationship with Viva, he didn't want to talk about it.

Source: Lindaikejiblogspot

Man's hidden camera caught fight with fiancée moments before her death!

Australian Simon Gittany, 40, is accused of pushing his Canadian partner Lisa 

Harnum off the balcony to her death on July 30, 2011. 

Lisa Harnum’s final moments were captured on camera. She is seen here with her mouth being covered by fiance Simon Gittany, who is accused of pushing her from a 15th-story window.

Now that the trial is underway, a 

video of the struggle before she died 

turnedout to be among the most 

incriminating evidence against 

Gittany, the interesting thing is 

that he supplied it himself.

According to reports, Gittany was 

apparently so "possessive, 

domineering and 

abusive" that he set up a stealthy pinhole camera on the door to their 

apartment to spy on Harnum. This was just one of several hidden 

cameras reportedly placed throughout their apartment.

He made her quit her job as a hairdresser, alienated her from her friends, told 

her what to wear and even forbid her from going to the gym because he 

feared other men would check her out, prosecutor Mark Tedeschi.

Gittany thought "it was her function in life to submit to his will as the male in 

the relationship," Tedeschi said in an opening statement at the trial.

Moreso, Gittany allegedly read her emails and text messages without her 

knowing, and forced her look at the ground or his eyes while walking down the 

street for fear that she might look at another man.

"The deceased's confidence became more and more diminished," said 


An employee for the Australian Broadcasting Corp. said he saw someone 

throwing what looked like luggage from the balcony. But the court heard it 

was actually Harnum dressed in black, according to the national news agency.

Another witness reportedly saw Gittany pump his first after the suspected 


One of his neighbors still remembers the "single bone-chilling 

scream" he heard before Harnum died.

Gittany's defense characterized Harnum as "conflicted, complicated and 

confused," adding their relationship followed a pattern: "an argument, an 

overreaction and then a reconciliation."

It was reported that Gittany was supported in court by his family and 

current girlfriend. He is currently out on bail.

Did they say "supported by current girl friend"? mmmmm, there is a saying in 

my place that "the cane a man used in driving  out his ex-wife is still at 

home waiting for the new wife"

The "current" girlfriend better watch it then.....

Las Vegas woman fatally stabs 9-months-pregnant sister-in-law to death!

A Las Vegas woman brutally killed her pregnant sister-in-law, stabbing the

 young mom repeatedly while moaning so loudly neighbors thought they were

 hearing the sounds of kinky sex, police records allege.

Elinor Indico, 30, is accused of murder in the stabbing death of her pregnant sister-in-law in this Las Vegas apartment complex.

Elinor Indico, 30, faces charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter in the 

bloody slaying of her brother’s wife, Ashley Indico.

A neighbor told police Ashley’s 5-year-old son came to her door with blood on 

his hands.

My mom is bleeding,” the boy told neighbor Stephanie Vasquez,

Vasquez rushed next door but couldn’t get in. Elinor blocked the door and told 

her to “get the (expletive) out of here,” according to a police report reviewed 

by Nevada reporters.

Ashley lay dead inside the apartment. An autopsy report showed Ashley was 

stabbed at least three times in the neck, once in the bicep and once in the 


Her unborn child — due in about a week — was also killed. Her 3-year-old 

daughter was sitting in the bathroom.

Elinor was treated at University Medical Center for two shallow stab wounds 

on her stomach.

Aristeo Indico had let Elinor, his sister, move in with his young family but 

reportedly planned to kick her out when she broke his two rules: Get a job 

and quit using drugs, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Neighbors said the tension was building between Elinor and Ashley built as 

the move-out deadline loomed.

Elinor reportedly told detectives she was only defending herself, claiming her 

sister-in-law went “stab crazy.”

The husband told police he and his sister were trained in martial arts and his 

sister owned a Chinese fighting knife, made with blades on both ends.

Investigators found just such a knife next to Ashley’s body.