Thursday 28 July 2016

Gross Embarrassment - Nigerian House In New York Cut Off Electricity Supply Over Debt!

Information posted on the wall of a Nigerian Journalist, Jackson Ude, on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016, reveals that as at the time he visited, the General Consulate of Nigerian (Nigeria House) on  828 2nd avenue, New York, United States, was cut off electricity supply over debt.

Who do we hold responsible for this gross embarrassment???

Nigerian Border Wahala!

Traveling along the west-African corridors, I cannot help but wonder if the Nigerian government pays keen attention to the activities of some Custom and Immigration officers serving at the borders. Commendable as some of these activities may be, especially towards ensuring that visitors traveling to and from the country, comply with the rules and regulations required on the International frontiers; some activities however are questionable, hence calls for concern, serious investigations and redress.

The satirical dialogue below gives an analysis, with food for thought on these activities, from the point-of-view of the ordinary citizen, whose rights is in most cases violated.
July, 2016: Immigration check point around Badagry-Roundabout axis

The dialogue below gives a satirical analysis, with food for thought on these activities from the view point of an ordinary citizen whose rights is in most cases violated.

Femi: Long time no hear from you....did you travel?
Ajala: Yes I did...returned only last night...
Femi: (shakes hands with Ajala) Nah you dey enjoy, people dey cry say no moni, you dey fly in and out the country.
Ajala: Fly keh...I went for road...
Femi: All the same nah the same destination with those that traveled by air you arrived....nah still enjoyment nah...(paused) the way what did you bring for us?
Ajala: I bring you "alafia"...(laughs)..with the way all the security officials full road dey collect all the drinks...or they find something to hold on you...I no bring anythingooo before them tag am "exhibit".
Another friend, John walks in....shakes hands with Ajala and Femi...
John: That's if you brought the so called "exhibit" and they ceased it...(laughs)
Femi: So the things he mentioned now are "exhibits"?
Ajala: My guy....those people fit search your pause collect biscuits wey you buy for your children...(laughs)...I dey tell you...seriously.
Femi: Don't mind if noddles and soft drinks are the smuggling of fake currencies, weapons and other security concerns they are mandated to go after...on a serious note...some of these guys on the road should be called back for re-orientation.
John: Why?
Ajala: You dey ask why? its like your uncle works with them...the way they go about harassing some of our international students at some of these their check points is uncalled for.....imagine harassing them for laptop it now an offence for college students travel with their laptops?
John: What if there are sensitive information on the so called laptops...and are these people really students?
Ajala: You talk like you just had your regular doze of drinks this early morning already...Isn't it the duty of these officials to cross check...verify and allow the real students go...not harass them and in some cases request for "settlements" before they can be let off the hook.
Femi: Settlement??? from students???.....young people who still depend on their parents and sponsor's stipends to survive, what seed are these officials trying to sow in the mindset of these young ones whom we are praying that they turn out different??
John: That's a 'no-no' are talking about "sowing seeds" concern is that people actually involved in some questionable activities can get off the hook to perpetrate crimes by "settlements"?
Ajala: I you get what I'm talking about....that is one of the things their carelessness and corruption can cause the nation.
Femi: Some of them have turned to "principalities" on the road...if you venture get into their traps...woe betide you.
Ajala: Yet criminals go past them every day....
John: Is this how we are expected to promote a hassle free economic development through trade in West Africa?...when they cease even legitimate goods and demand for settlements???

Femi: What about the "Yellow card" issue?
John: What about that....its old gist nah...
Ajala: Its only in Nija that Local governments, state and the Federal government have their own version of vaccination cards.
You walk into a government office to make enquiries of how to get a vaccination card...they ask you questions on what you intend using it for...if your travelling?....and all that...instead of directing you to where you can get the appropriate card...they issue you theirs at a fee 
Femi: ...(cuts in)...about a whooping =N= 2,000
John: Yes...between =N=2000 to 2,500...from the stock they have....some of which might be out dated...
Ajala: ...Only for you to innocently but confidently travel with it and get harassed by the Immigration at the borders, who claim its no longer in use, then they hold you to cough out =N=500 to clear yourself at that point, or another =N=2000 to obtain the "original"  card from them....
Femi: And in all these...the ordinary citizen...bear the brunt of these unnecessary extortion???...For goodness sake...Isn't it time the different levels and organs of government starts working together for the sake of the MASSES?...

John: make me laugh....who cares about your "masses"..all they care about are schemes and means to extort you the them you are not paying enough... yet they provide nothing to show for all the money extorted....sorry collected.
Femi: But who takes the blame for all these? the public servants on duty, government representatives or what?
John: All of usoooo
Ajala: What do you mean "all of us" be we them they exploit?
John: Because you say nothing about it nah...them harass some cases threaten comply...give in...walk free and keep quiet.
Femi: Its like this abroad wey you dey travel go most times don dey blind you from the reality on ground over here...who you wan go report to?
Ajala: Abiii...WHO you wan go report to...the ogaatthetop wey send them message abi nah WHO?
Femi: All the report wey we don dey give siiincceeee.....watin don happin?


Ajala: Even sef...we dey answer "Giant of Africa...Giant of Africa"...if a first timer enter our country at night from will almost run back..
John: That does not mean we should give up...the situation is still redeemable.
Ajala: That is our hope...what keeps us going in this country...HOPE for a better the way, have you noticed that its only bush lamps at security posts you will be seeing?? street lights..the road sef nah die.
John: But there are constructing a rail road nah...maybe that is what is keeping them from up lifting the road.
Femi: We know about the rail road....but what about FUNCTIONAL temporary street lights from the Nigerian end of Seme border all the way into Lagos huh?
John: You dey ask me? ....please direct that question to the appropriate pipo....who knows...maybe dem love darkness.
Ajala: I dey go my house abeg...I tire....
John and Femi: Welcome back all the same...
Femi: Thank God you returned intact...

Ajala: Walks away with hand in pocket....whistles the second stanza of the old national anthem: 

"Oh God of all creation, grant this our one request....Help us to build a NATION...where no man is oppressed...And so with peace and plenty...
NIGERIA May be blessed".

Dialogue copyright: Roving Informant Blog

Wednesday 27 July 2016

July 15th Failed Putsch - Turkey Detains 16 Journalists As Gülen Pleads With The US Not To Extradite Him!

No fewer than 16 Journalists are currently in detention for questioning on their involvement in the July 15th, 2016, failed coup attempt in which about 290 people reportedly lost their lives in Turkey.
Turkish preacher, writer, political figure, and spiritual leader of the Hizmet movement, Fetullah Gülen, who is accused by the Turkish government of founding a terrorist group, and masterminding the failed coup, has accused President Erdoğan of “blackmailing” the United States government into extraditing him from the scenic Poconos area in Pennsylvania, where he lives since 1999 in voluntary exile.

According to a recent opinion piece for the New York Times, Gülen said “His (President Erdoğan) goal: to ensure my extradition, despite a lack of credible evidence and virtually no prospect for a fair trial,”...
...“The temptation to give Mr Erdoğan whatever he wants is understandable. But the United States must resist it.”
Gülen denied having anything to do with the failed coup, instead he accused President Erdoğan’s administration of shifting towards “a dictatorship” that was “polarising the population” and “fuelling the fanatics”.
The United States must not accommodate an autocrat who is turning a failed putsch into a slow-motion coup of his own against constitutional government"...he wrote.
In the on-going clamp down, Turkey authorities issued warrants for the detention of about 47 former executives/ senior journalists of Zaman newspaper; Zaman columnist Şahin Alpay, a former Zaman columnist was reportedly detained at his home early on Wednesday, 27th July, 2016.
Defending their reluctance to extradite Fetullah Gülen, the US government reportedly asked for firm evidence that proves Gülen's involvement in the foiled coup attempt.
Since 15th July, Turkish government embarked in cleansing which saw to the detention of more than 13,000 people in the military, judiciary and other institutions.

Friday 15 July 2016

Those Responsible Would Pay "Heavy Price" - Erdogan!.

“Turkey has a democratically elected government and president,” ...
"We are in charge and we will continue exercising our powers until the end. We will not abandon our country to these invaders. It will end well.” 
Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made the above statement as he addressed cheering crowd at Istanbul Ataturk airport having defied troops who had tried to seal it off, after a foiled coup attempt.

Turkey witnessed a bloody coup attempt on Friday, July 15, 2016, when an army faction identified as Peace in the Country Council,” attempted to take over power from a civilian government in the country. 
President Erdogan said the attempt was an act of “treason” and those responsible would pay a “heavy price”.
Information made available to the press revealed that no fewer than 60 people were killed across Turkey during the coup attempt, and about 754 members of the armed forces detained across the country.
Hulusi Akar, Turkish Chief of General Staff  who was removed from the Turkish Armed Forces Head Quarters where the plotters used as one of their centers to command their attempt, in a hostage situation, has been rescued and taken to a save place; he is reported to be in good health.
Shortly before President Erdogan returned to Istanbul from a retreat on the coast of the Aegean Sea, Marmaris, Turkish Prime Minister broadcasted NTV  that the situation was "largely under control".  
As at early Saturday, 16th July, 2016, unrest was reported in some parts of the country.
Ataturk Airport in Istanbul reopened on Saturday, and broadcasting has begun. 
Turkish neighborsBulgaria and Greece has reinforced its patrols on both borders. 
A statement released by the Bulgarian government warned Bulgarians to restrain from travelling to the south, while Greece Armed Forces was reinforced in a state of "heightened readiness".
The coup attempt on Friday, 15 July, 2016 in Turkey was the fifth time in 60 years. The last coup was reported to be on 28 February, 1997, when the then Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan was forced to resign in a postmodern coup, after the Military offered a number of recommendations following rising in Welfare Party. 

Thursday 14 July 2016

Disturbing Photo Of A Child Killed During Attack In Nice!

Disturbing photo of a child reported to be among the scores of people killed when a truck  drove into a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations, on Thursday, 15th July, 2016, in Nice, capital of the French Riviera, in France.

About 150 people were injured in the incident that appears like a terrorist attack;eye witnesses said the lorry kept going at different directions  as it knocked down people.

Child Photo credit: Reuters

Photo Speaks: Drainage At Falomo Needs Urgent Attention!

Roving Informant campaign against blocked drainage systems: 

As seen at Falomo, the stagnant drainage in front of Church of The Assumption Catholic Church, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos, needs urgent attention. 

Sunday 10 July 2016

Overload Nah Offenseooo!

Photo Speaks: As seen at Ogoja, Cross River state Nigeria, on Saturday, 9th July, 2016.

Friday 8 July 2016

NDA's Lethal Attack On West Africa's Economic Growth!

The activities of militants in Nigeria's Niger Delta region, south of Nigeria, is not only crippling economic activities in the country but is beginning to negatively impact neighboring countries in West African, which hitherto enjoyed 80% electricity supply security. 

This was further brought to light when Ghanaian President, John Mahama, during his  Eid-el-fitr goodwill speech stated that Ghana recently suffered some generational problems, a setback he attributed to sabotage in Nigeria, as crude oil which the country ordered a month ago, in June, 2016, is yet to arrive Ghana. A recent 'controlled explosive devices' attack on about three Chevron Nigeria Limited manifolds at Diogbolo, close to Dibi, Warri Local Government Area of Delta State, South-South Nigeria, by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) militant group was reportedly responsible for this. President Mahama however assured Ghananians that his government is taking steps on a daily basis "to ensure that Ghana has security when it comes to power supply.” 

Over the past few months, Nigeria's economy suffers extensive down-turn as a result of militant activities which has a direct and indirect link to the Naira plummet.  Though these attacks is purportedly aimed at "avenging the ills meted at the Niger Delta region and people", over a long period of negligence of the area that is responsible for Nigeria' wealth, the real casualties of the "avenger's wrath" are without doubt the poor masses who suffer untold hardship due to the adverse effects on SME developments, like: insecurity, poor electricity supply and the Naira plummet against the U.S dollar and British Pound Sterling

Despite the catastrophic nature of the NDA's attacks not only on Nigeria's economy, but those of nearby countries that rely on Nigeria for crude oil supplies, the militant group appear not relenting in their attacks. Militants believed to be of NDAs group in the early hours of Friday, July 8th, 2016, again, struck, destroying pipelines belonging to the Nigerian Agip Oil Company(NAOC), the Tebidaba-Brass Agip pipeline at Goulubukori manifold, Nembearea and Lagosgbene pipeline all in Southern Ijawnear  Ekeremor area of Bayelsa State, southern Nigeria

The Niger Delta Avengers, reportedly poised to take the Niger Delta struggle to "never seen before" new heights, with claims to well-equipped human resources to meet their goal, on 12 May 2016, issued President Muhammadu Buharian 11-point condition with an October 2016, deadline, when the group vowed to display its currency, flag, passport, ruling council and territory to the world.

With Boko-haram forces in the north, reported Fulani herdsmen attacks in virtually all the regions across the country, and most recently, NDA's threat and attacks on oil pipelines in the south, the feasibility of fostering economic growth in Nigeria and the West African sub-region at the moment appears bleak. Small and medium scale businesses are left with no option than to shut down or profoundly slow down productions as a result of the aforementioned 'adverse effects' factors. 

Peharps its time the Nigerian government embarks on sincere and effective measures with all stake holders, to redress this ugly situation. 

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Medina Mosque Under Terrorist Attack!

Four security officials were killed and about five others injured in a blast
at the security headquarters of the mosque where the Prophet Muhammad is buried, popularly called Prophet's Mosque in Medina, western Saudi Arabia, and one of Islam's holiest sites, as the evening prayers was coming to an end, on Monday, 4th July, 2016. The blew himself and four security officers up as they tried to stop him. 

Saudi Arabia interior ministry also reported two other explosions. A bomb went off near a mosque in the eastern Gulf coast of Qatif, and home to many minority Shia Muslims, only the suicide bomber was killed in the blast that went off just before 7pm local time.  

Another hit close to the United States consulate in Jeddah, western part of Saudi Arabia, on Monday, 4th July, in-which two security officers were injuredThese happened as Muslims rounded off the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

No terrorist group has so far claims of responsibility for any of the attacks.

Monday 4 July 2016

Buhari Approves NNPC's New Board Of Directors!

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, on Monday, 4th July, 2016, approved the composition of the Board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), as provided for under Section 1(2) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Act of 1997, as amended.

Names of members of the new board are as follows:

A. Chairman-Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum;
B. Group Managing Director- Dr Maikanti Kacalla Baru;
C. The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Finance; and
D. The following six persons:

1. Mallam Abba Kyari
2. Dr Thomas M.A John
3. Dr Pius O. Akinyelure
4. Dr Tajuddeen Umar
5. Mallam Mohammed Lawal, and
6. Mallam Yusuf Lawal.

A statement issued by Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, stated that President Buhari further urged the new board members to ensure the successful delivery of NNPC's  mandate, ” and serve the nation by upholding the public trust placed on them in managing this critical national asset,” .

Roving Informant Dialogue: "Politics, The Fantastically Corrupt And Leadership In Nigeria!

Welcome to another episode of Roving Informant's Dialogue. It's been a while, but we are glad to be on again. 

The subject on ground is the series of allegations and counter allegations leveled against each other by politicians in Nigeria's ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP). There is hardly any week that fresh cases of alleged misappropriation of Nigeria's public fund is not reported in the dailies, the issue is that we never get to hear anything more on these cases after a while, which makes me ask, why bring it to our faces in the first place, if you are not ready to keep the public informed on progress made to recover the money and bring the perpetrators to justice?. An accuser and the accused are the same, if the accuser can be bought over by compromise or what other means there is. 

Dialogue (written majorly in the local pigin English) below is staged at a local joint somewhere withing a major city in Nigeria: 

My guy how you dey? long time, person no dey see your break light again, watin happen?

It's like you are a visitor to Nigeria, you just arrive? are you not aware of the Changing wind hitting Nigerians?

(Laugh) No be small changing wind, the wind don blow everybody put for one corner. Nobody dey talk again.

Talk be person wey don chop belle-ful dey talk? in this situation wey everybody is busy scrambling for what to eat, you dey say make we talk...

Even the person wey dey talk since...where e dey now? dem never arrange am put for one corner? (Gestures to the bar owner...madam abeg bring one bottle for know my brand).

(Laugh) Abii, but him own case different, you cant be shouting  "Justice" when you have skeleton(s) in your cupboard. You cant be claiming "the people's person" when you are equally yoked with the corrupt in corrupt practices.

Even the ones shouting upanddan on the various social media platforms, laughing and doing "Ntooor" to the accused, are they better than the accused? My brother, nah the person wey them catch be "barawo" for this our beloved country. But why is it that every former administration seems to be deeply engrossed in fantastically corrupt practices? ...never heard of a former
administration that received a pat on the back for 'job well done'...just asking....(sips drink)

Nah wah for you, why you dey ask like this, if you are a President wont you be influenced to do worse? even if you don't, what about your wife, siblings, in-laws, relations, friends and even foes...every one who knows you will feel its their time to 'chop' and will embark on massive misappropriation, sometimes without your knowledge. 

(Puts down his glass of drink)..Bros hold it there, how can a Leader not be aware of massive corruption going on around him.....if I hear....(gulps drink...and puts the glass on the table with fist cupping the glass).

But why is it that we tend to define Leadership the other way round....instead of being the Influencer...if there's any word like that, we allow 'fantastically' corrupt elements in the form of 'god-fathers' and other political sponsors to influence us. 

(wipes mouth with the back of his fist and looks directly into his friend's a slow steady tone said): I have your a business man, if I invest the sum of =N=100 billion, (wey I fit don thief) on your political ambition, and you win, am I not expected to make some returns...with interests? am I a father Christmas? ...
....As for my wife and family, how best can they rub it on your faces that we are in charge...that we run know what I mean??...if not by engaging in "unwholesome" practices like fronting up companies to win and execute almost every government contracts, demand for 70% cut in every other awarded contracts, buy up 70% of shares in every lucrative sector of the economy, invest in booming sectors of economic activities in developed and under-developed countries around the world? huh...
...You see, (he said pointing to his head) our mentality tells us that we have to steal massively so as to leave a lasting 'legacy' for our children, grand- children and generations unborn.

But why?

Dey there dey ask 'why'...make boat leave you...(laughs) I can see you are a social scientist. 

No be we start this thieving, nah so them been teach us.

We come learn....and started teaching our 'teachers' newer tey the teachers begin fear us...dey doff hat for us. 

That's why them call us Mr. Fantastic. (laugh)

But this is not funny...

We know...but we never cry reach? What is the difference between 'suffering and crying' huh? .

Come, how are you celebrating the Eid-El-Fitri? should we show up at your place? 

show up where? am I your father? 

Its only a question nah, e never reach that level.

Ok, wait until you see me carry plate dey beg for street before you understand watin dey be only 'show up at my place'....better carry yourself go Rock villa with your wife and children go show up, at least they might be organizing party for the less privileged. (laugh).

Guy, you just brought up a very good idea....seems like that is exactly what we will if money no dey for man pocket, make man-pikin find somewhere wack nah....after-all, no be we loot the nation dry.

But nah we dey suffer am...(laugh)

Come first, how much have investigators recovered from the looters so far?

See Jamb question....which government has ever revealed how much they recovered from their 'loot chase'? even the famous Abacha loot how much did they reveal to have recovered so far, despite so called corporation from developed countries where the loot was.... abii nah 'is still' hidden?

Make them 'reveal' so that you will buy calculator and start monitoring what it was used for?

You go fear 'monitoring spirits nah...

MMMmmmm......just mmmmmm....I tire.

Bia...don't faint here ooo, which one is "mmmm" again?

So many people are disappointing me....( shakes head) them just dey fall my hand big time....

Like who?

I am not here to mention names....but they know themselves, every single one of them.

I hope I'm not among?

That is the million $ question for every one at the corridor of power....lyrics from one of late Smart Williams songs (a Nigerian singer from the Delta Ibo region) says: "O'chichi lu'yi aka, we'llee lua-oluu...makaa na' ezi afa, ka-ego nu'wa". literally means: (when voted into any position of authority (governmental in this case), do something profitable/ tangible/good etc... with it..because a good name is better than wealth". 

Dialogue copy right: Oby Denis