Thursday 26 June 2014

The Foundation of the Union was based On lies and Deceit- Uche Ogbodo on failed relationship!

Sultry Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo in a recent interview with blogger Stella Dimoko confirmed that her relationship with an alledged Norway based ex footballer identified simply as Ato had hit the rocks.

According to the interview, heavily pregnant Uche who is in the United States to birth, said that the engagement which was supposed to culminate into marriage was unfortunately severed based on irreconcilable differences.

Engagement Picture of the couple below:

See part of the interview below:
-Hello Uche,i have a few quick questions for you.I heard your barely a year old marriage has crashed,is this true?
 .. Well that may be true but what isn't true is that it wasn't really marriage yet because it wasn't fully formalised, we were still in the process of formalising it when all hell broke loose, so I was merely Engaged to be married to Ato Ubby.    

It was just an introduction? why didn't you clear that impression all this while?
I just felt there was no need to do so because the wedding plans was to follow shortly,unfortunately it didn't because things didn't work out the way it should. I walked into a no-win situation.

What happened? 
This is really a hard question to answer, but all I can say Is that barely one month into the Engagement and in the process of planning a formal wedding I realised I had made the greatest mistake of my life.The Foundation of the Union was based On lies and Deceit..shocking lies.we had been dating for a almost year and i thought i knew it all but nothing prepared me for what unfolded.

Is he married already?
...No,he isnt married to anyone else 

You got pregnant in the process?
On the verge of trying to salvage the situation I found out I was expecting a child. I kept quiet to the Rumours Making the rounds because I was left with the option of thinking for my child and trying to salvage a dead situation but now I have finally made up my mind to break off the Engagement and my Reasons are Irreconcilable...

Police officer allegedly killed while trying to prevent bomber!

Reports from the Punch news says a Policeman was allegedly killed on Wednesday while trying to prevent the bomber from driving into the Emab plaza, Abuja to wreck maximum havoc and increase the casualty rate.

It was gathered that the Policeman who apparently saved thousands from being killed, was said to have stopped the driver of the bomb-laden car from driving into the plaza when he attempted to jump the queue of cars that were driving into the plaza. A Policeman at the scene informed our correspondent on Thursday, that the unidentified Policeman later chased after the vehicle and was about catching up with it when a loud blast ripped through the car and killed the bomber and the policeman by the exit gate. ”The bomber attempted to drive into the plaza in order to cause maximum damage and kill a lot of people. He however aroused the suspicion of a policeman who was nearby and the policeman prevented him from driving into the plaza and as he was driving away, he followed him but within a few seconds, the car exploded at the plaza’s exit gate killing the Policeman and the bomber.” he said

However, this story could not be ascertained as the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said he was not aware, but he noted that it would be investigated.

It was also reported that some commercial banks situated around the vicinity have agreed to provide CCTV footage of the incident to security agencies to assist them in their investigation of the blast.

Nigeria’s government denies latest Boko Haram mass abduction claims!

News reaching our desk reveals that the Nigeria’s government on Wednesday denied claims that Boko Haram militants abducted 60 women and children from the country’s restive northeast, saying there was no evidence despite eyewitness testimony.
According to reports, government spokesman Mike Omeri told a news conference in Abuja that there was “nothing on the ground to prove any act of abduction, as reported”.
A local government official in the Damboa district of Borno, a vigilante leader and an area senator on Monday had said that all the women and girls, some as young as three-year-olds, were taken during a raid on Kummabza village in the last week.
Nigeria’s military initially did not confirm or deny the abduction and Borno governor Kashim Shettima on Monday ordered an urgent probe, highlighting a recent reported abduction of at least 20 nomadic women from the same area.
Shettima said he was cautious because of subsequent counter-claims that the women had in fact moved elsewhere in the state as part of migration patterns among ethnic Fulani cattle breeders.
Omeri claimed that Shettima had established “that there were no sufficient facts on the alleged abduction”, adding: “We hereby wish to state that based on available facts before us there was no abduction of 60 persons in Borno state.”
Residents from Kummabza and the surrounding villages attacked over three days from last Thursday, however, said they could not understand the denial.
This is happening. I can’t understand why they would say that. It has been confirmed,” one man, who asked for his name to be withheld,  reportedly told AFP.

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Iran rushes to help her disrupt neighbor!

According to The New York Times report Wednesday, Iran is secretly flying surveillance drones over Iraq and sending military equipment there to help Baghdad in its fight against Sunni insurgents.
A “small fleet” of Ababil drones was deployed to the Al Rashid airfield near Baghdad, the newspaper said on its website, citing anonymous US officials.
It was gathered that Tehran has also installed an intelligence unit at the airfield to intercept electronic communications between ISIS fighters and commanders.
Ababil drones, less sophisticated than US unmanned aircraft, are designed in Iran and have a nearly 10-foot (three-meter) wingspan. They are used for surveillance and are unarmed.
About a dozen officers of Iran’s paramilitary Quds Force, have also been sent to Iraq to advise Iraqi commanders and help mobilize Shiite militias in the south of the country, the paper said, adding that Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani recently made two trips to Iraq.
Iran is also sending two flights daily to Baghdad with 70 tons each of military equipment and supplies.
“It’s a substantial amount” of material, a US official told the newspaper. “It’s not necessarily heavy weaponry, but it’s not just light arms and ammunition.”
Tehran has massed 10 divisions of its army and its Quds Force troops along the border, ready to act if the Iraqi capital or Shiite shrines are threatened, The New York Times added.
Asked at a briefing, US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said she “can’t confirm the specifics in those reports.”
But she said “anyone in the region shouldn’t do anything that might exacerbate sectarian divisions, that would fuel extremism inside Iraq.”
The United States has for two weeks said Iranian aid for the Iraq crisis should be done in a nonsectarian way — by pressuring the Iraqi government to adopt a national unity government and not fuel the Sunni and Shiite conflict.
We “believe Iran could play a constructive role if it’s helping to send the same message to the Iraqi government that we’re sending,” Harf said.
A lightning offensive by Sunni insurgents led by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has overrun swathes of land north and west of Baghdad this month and threatens to tear the country apart.
The United Nations data say at least 1,075 people have been killed, an estimated three quarters of them civilians, and 658 wounded in Iraq between June 5 and 22. 

Woman Photoshopped Her Face to Illustrate the "Ideal" Beauty Standards of 25 Different Countries!

 Esther Honig, a Journalist, blogger and freelancing reporter  came up with the Before & After idea, while working as the social media manager for a small startup at KCUR.
After Honig's boss introduced her to the freelancing platform Fiverr, which "allowed me to contract nearly 40 individuals, from more than 25 countries such as Sri Lanka, Ukraine, The Philippines, and Kenya. Some are experts in their field, others are purely amateur," she wrote.
"I decided to use this platform, and others like it, to conduct my very own international experiment. My objective since the beginning has been to examine how the standards of unobtainable beauty vary across cultures on a global level."

Pictures of some of the Beauties from across the globe according to Esther Honig:
Esther Honig, Photoshop, Global Beauty Standards, Argentina

Esther Honig, Photoshop, Global Beauty Standards, Original

Esther Honig, Photoshop, Global Beauty Standards, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Esther Honig, Photoshop, Global Beauty Standards, United States
United States

Esther Honig, Photoshop, Global Beauty Standards, Phillipines

Esther Honig, Photoshop, Global Beauty Standards, Morocco

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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Explosion rocks Abuja high suburb!

An explosion occurred at a major shopping mall, Emab Plaza, in Wuse 2, on Aminu Kano Crescent, an Abuja upmarket suburb at about 4pm 'local time'.

According to report, the explosion occurred at the gate of the busy plaza as Nigerians were preparing to watch their country's Super Eagles play Argentina at the World Cup in Brazil. 
It was gathered that many shops at the mall have TV screens but it was unclear if the explosion was timed to coincide with the match, which started an hour later.
Witnesses said body parts were scattered around the exit to the Plaza and billows of black smoke could be seen from miles away.
Aftermath of bomb blast in Abuja
An eye witness identified as Shuaibu Baba, who had a narrow escape, said he rushed downstairs to find that the driver who had dropped him a few minutes earlier was dead. "I heard the explosion and [felt] the building shaking," said I asked the driver to come with me, and he said 'No,' he would wait for me in the car."
Police superintendent Frank Mba said 21 bodies have been recovered while 17 people were wounded. He said one suspect has been arrested and investigations have already started.
An Abuja resident who spoke with Roving Informant on anonymity terms said SMS messages had gone round on Teusday, warning residents of an imminent bomb explosion in an (unidentified) area of the city.
"We thought it was only a threat, as we did not anticipate the bombers can penetrate into the city" he said. 

Update on Apapa Explosions!

Explosion rocks Apapa in Lagos (Pictured)
Information coming in disclosed that two explosion went off at Folawiyo Fuel depot close to a Petrol Tank Farm at Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos around 8.30 Wednesday evening leaving many injured and 4 people dead.

According reports, the explosions happened almost simultaneously with the second going off inside the facility.
Information pointed to two petrol tankers as the cause of the explosions. The trucks are said to have caught fire, and exploded later. 

The explosion is said to have affected four buildings including two banks. Four people are said to have lost their lives.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

91 more abducted near Chibok by Boko H!ram1

Reports from local vigilante officials says that 60 females, 'married women and young girls' as well as 31 young boys were reportedly abducted from Kumanza,Yaga and Dagu, Damboa and Dagu, Damboa and Askira Uba Local Government Areas of Borno State.
A resident of Kummabza and a member of the vigilante group identified as Aji Khalil said on Tuesday the abductions took place on Saturday, in an attack in which some villagers were killed while attempting to escape from their abductors.
A senior Local Councillor from the village’s Damboa local government reportedly confirmed the abduction to Associated Press on anonymity terms, because he was not authorized to give information to reporters. He said elderly survivors of the attack had walked some 25 kilometres to the relative safety of other villages.
It would be recalled that on Saturday, the same day as the latest abductions, hundreds of Boko Haram fighters attacked four other villages near Chibok, killing at least 33 villagers including six vigilantes and scores Boko Haram fighters.
Also last Monday, an explosion 'the third bomb blast in four months in Kano' rocked the medical college, killing at least eight people and wounded 12 according to Police report. 
A critical look at the Boko Haram menace in Nigeria will reveal that indeed Politics has bedeviled the issue, with many distracted by the upcoming Presidential elections billed to hold in February 2015. A situation which has seen two school of thought emerging; while one group sees the situation as a sleight and strategy to put the 2015 elections on hold, hence they questioned the authenticity of the chibok kidnap story. The other school of thought believes that indeed some girls from chibok secondary school were kidnapped by the Islamist extremist group, therefore embarked on a global campaign for the safe return of these girls. 
In all, one thing remain clear, that security issue in Nigeria needs to be redressed, and it is up to every single Nigerian at home and in diaspora to make this happen.

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Journalists around the world reacts to Al Jazeera Journalists's sentence!

After an Egypt court sentenced two Al Jazeera journalists to seven years in jail and one to 10 years by a judge on Monday against Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, and Baher Mohamed, the sentence has drawn international outrage and condemnation of what many described as an "unjust verdict".
Greste and Fahmy were sentenced to seven years in prison, while Baher Mohamed was sentenced to an additional three years for possession of ammunition. Mohamed was in possession of a spent bullet casing he had found on the ground during a protest.

Other Al Jazeera journalists who were tried in absentia, including Sue Turton and Dominic Kane, were sentenced to 10 years.

Three of the journalists Greste, Fahmy, and Mohamed were arrested in December 2013 in Cairo as they covered the aftermath of the army's removal of Mohamed Morsi from the presidency in July 2013.

Alleged Offence:
The prosecution said Greste, Al Jazeera's East Africa correspondent, and his Egypt bureau colleagues aided the Brotherhood and produced false news reports of the situation in Egypt.
The Brotherhood, which supported Morsi, was listed as a "terrorist" organisation by the interim Egyptian government shortly before the accused were arrested.
The prosecution produced a number of items as evidence including a BBC podcast, a news report made while none of the accused were in Egypt, a pop video by the Australian singer Gotye, and several recordings on non-Egyptian issues.

Alleged charges unsubstantiated - Defence team:
The defence maintained that the journalists were wrongly arrested and that the prosecution had failed to prove any of the charges, as Al Jazeera strenuously rejected the charges against its journalists and maintains their innocence.
Al Anstey, Al Jazeera English managing director, said the verdicts defied "logic, sense, and any semblance of justice".
 In a statement Anstey said ."Today three colleagues and friends were sentenced, and will continue to be kept behind bars for doing a brilliant job of being great journalists. 'Guilty' of covering stories with great skill and integrity. 'Guilty' of defending people’s right to know what is going on in their world," 
"Peter, Mohamed, and Baher and six of our other colleagues were sentenced despite the fact that not a shred of evidence was found to support the extraordinary and false charges against them. At no point during the long drawn out 'trial' did the absurd allegations stand up to scrutiny.
"There is only one sensible outcome now - for the verdict to be overturned, and justice to be recognised by Egypt."

International reactions:
The verdict  international incited outcry and raised fears of growing media restrictions in Egypt.
According to news, Australia expressed shock and US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke of "a chilling and draconian sentence", while the White House urged President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to pardon the journalists involved.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest in a statement said. "We call on the Egyptian government to pardon these individuals or commute their sentences so that they can be released immediately and (to) grant clemency for all politically motivated sentences,".

UN rights chief Navi Pillay "journalism is not a crime" and urged Egypt to "promptly release" those jailed for doing their job.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said: "We are deeply dismayed that a sentence has been imposed and appalled at the severity of it."
"It is hard to credit that the court in this case could have reached this conclusion," she said, adding Canberra would look at possible intervention in the case.

Greste's brother Andrew: "It is definitely not what we were expecting. I was hoping for acquittal... we will continue to fight for his freedom," he said.

It was gathered that several countries announced plans to summon Egyptian ambassadors to protest what many called an unjust verdict.

Roving Informant: "We join the Major World News Mediums and International Agencies in the cry out against media suppression, violation of media right and immediate release of the sentenced journalists".
source: Al Jazeera and partly edited by Roving Informant

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Top Comedian Ali Baba adds another year today!

Warri - Delta state born Nigerian top Comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere popularly known as Ali Baba added a year today.

Roving Informant joins other mediums to celebrate a man who through hard work and relentless believe in the Nigerian Comedy industry, have over the years caved a niche for the industry not only in Nigeria, Africa, but the world in general.

Happy Birthday Ali Baba.

Global Aviation plane en - route Gabon from Nigeria missing!

Cameroon Aviation source has reported that a four-seater plane flying from Nigeria to Gabon via Cameroon on Tuesday has disappeared.
According to report, the plane, owned by the US company Global Aviation, took off from Kano in northern Nigeria at 1800 hours on Monday en route Libreville in Gabon, where it was scheduled to arrive at 2300 hours, after a stop-over in Douala, Cameroon.
The station however said that the plane, with only the American pilot on board, did not make it to Douala, saying the last contact the plane had with the control tower took place in Mongo, which is two hours flight from the Cameroonian economic capital.
Search and rescue operations led by Cameroon’s civil aviation authorities have not yielded any positive results. Reports said.

Queen visits Game of Thrones TV series set!

Queen and Prince Philip visits set of TV series Games of Thrones while on visit to Northern Ireland, where they met members of the cast and crew, before being given a small replica of the programme's iconic Iron Throne as a gift.

Embedded image permalink
The Paint Hall Studios in the city's Titanic Quarter is a focal point for Northern Ireland'growing film industry. 

China - Terrorists using Internet to recruit, plan attacks!

Information from the State Internet Information Office, SIIO, revealed on Tuesday that terrorist groups now engages the internet to recruit members, raise funds and plan attacks in China

The Spokesperson for the agency, Jiang Jun, told newsmen at a press conference in Beijing that many internet sites have been placed under surveillance.
He called audio and video materials that promote terrorism a “cancer’’ of the Internet.
The terrorist forces have turned the internet into a principal tool for their operations,’’ he said.
He said that the groups have sought to spread terrorism and violent beliefs and teach terrorist skills online.
Mr. Jun added that such actions must be struck down decisively.
China launched a campaign on Friday to rid the internet of audio and video materials that promote terrorism and violence.
According to SIIO, the move is aimed at safeguarding social stability in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and long-term peace.
Source: NAN

Ebola epidemic now out of control,MSF calls for massive deployment of medical resources !

According to the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an epidemic of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa is now reported to be "out of control" with more than 60 outbreak hotspots, 
"The scale of the current Ebola epidemic is unprecedented in terms of geographical distribution, people infected and deaths," MSF said in a statement.
The incurable disease is spread by contact with bodily fluids including sweat, meaning just touching an infected person is enough to spread the virus.
The rapid spread of the disease, which is deadly in up to 90 percent of cases, has overwhelmed aid agencies and health workers and terrified local communities.
"The epidemic is now out of control," said Bart Janssens, MSF director of operations. "With the appearance of new sites in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, there is a real risk of it spreading to other areas."

"We have reached our limits," Mr Janssens said. "We are no longer able to send teams to the new outbreak sites." Janssens said, as the MSF calls for a "massive deployment" of medical resources by governments in the region to curb the epidemic.
According to Mr Janssens, "Ebola is no longer a public health issue limited to Guinea: it is affecting the whole of West Africa,".

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News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks cleard of phone hacking charges!

According to CNN former newspaper editor Andy Coulson has been found guilty of conspiracy to hack phones on Tuesday. This came after an eight-month trial in London, the UK's Press Association news agency reported. 

Howbeit, the news agency reports  that another of Rupert Murdoch's former newspaper chiefs, Rebekah Brooks, was cleared at the Old Bailey of all charges. 

Brooks was engulfed in emotion in the courtroom as the verdicts were read out. She left the Old Bailey accompanied by her husband, Charlie Brooks, but did not stop to give a comment to the media. 

The verdict came three years after it was revealed that journalists on News of the World hacked the phone of then-missing teenager Milly Dowler in 2002, raising hopes that she was alive and checking messages, when in fact she had been murdered. The resulting public and political outrage led to the closure of the 168-year-old paper and the setting up of a public inquiry to examine journalistic ethics. 

At the time, it was reported that the schoolgirl's voice mail was intercepted, Brooks was editor of News of the World, and Coulson was her deputy. After Coulson succeeded her as editor, Brooks edited The Sun newspaper, and she later became chief executive of the parent company, News International.

British Prime Minister has rendered an apology over the guilty charges of Andy Coulson.

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Lawyer confirms Meriam Yehya Ibrahim's release and.... re-arrest???.

According to CNN, Ibrahim's lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa El-Nour has confirmed the release of Miriam from a Sudanese prison Monday, saying that she was reunited with her husband, Daniel Wadi. Her lawyer said the appeals court found the lower court's ruling faulty.
Embedded image permalink
Agency-Suna also confirmed the news via text message on Monday that Meriam Yehya Ibrahim's death sentence had been canceled and that a Sudanese appeal court had ordered her release.

But Information filtering in says Meriam was re-arrested Tuesday at an Airport in Khartom by security officials as she and her family were about boarding an Airplane to the United States. It is still unclear what new charges Ibrahim faced and why her family was also detained.

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Did Francis really excommunicate the entire mafia from the Catholic Church?

The news that Pope Francis recently declared the mafia excommunicated from the Catholic Church is all over: "Those who in their life have gone along the evil ways, as in the case of the mafia, they are not with God, they are excommunicated," he said on Saturday in the Italian city of Calabria. 
Pope Francis made the remarks during an outdoor mass in Calabria, the power base of the notorious mafia crime syndicate known as the 'Ndrangheta. He was in the area to meet with the family of a three-year-old boy who was allegedly gunned down last year by the mafia. Nicola "Coco" Campolongo, along with his grandfather and another adult, were shot in their heads. The car they were in was reportedly doused in gasolin and set on fire.
Though his comments were harsh, they really shouldn't come as a shock. One of the defining themes of Francis' papacy has been his consistent call for economic justice, which, on many occasions, has manifested itself in his indictment of economic exploitation — something the mafia is known for. 
But Francis' critique of the mafia should not be seen as an official excommunication, according to Chad Pecknold, an assistant professor of theology at Catholic University of America. In Roman Catholicism, anofficial excommunication is a strict censure that deprives the excommunicated of fellowship with the rest of the Church body. When a Church member is excommunicated, she is not allowed to take communion. Excommunication, though severe, is not irreversible. According to Canon Law, the censure is "medicinal," meaning it's given to a Catholic in the hopes of urging him to repentance.
According to Pecknold, the Pope's comment was "just something he said in a homily — which is not a vehicle for disciplinary pronouncements." Further, excommunication is "only for individuals," and not entire organizations. Rather, said Pecknold, what Francis was doing was simply describing the "self-excommunication" the 'Ndrangheta is already experiencing because of their "serious sin."

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Saturday 21 June 2014

Five Journalists allegedly arrested in Ekiti State, as CDDPR reports impressive elections!

There is reports of assault and indiscriminate arrests of Journalists by security forces at the Ekiti governorship elections today in Ekiti State.
These security operatives include men of the Nigerian Army, Police, DSS, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and others. 

It was reported that security was tight in order to prevent a breakdown in law and order among the supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Gov. Kayode Fayemi and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) challenger, former governor Ayo Fayose.
Five journalists, identified as Jadesola Ajibola of Inspiration FM, Toyin Yusuf, Oyetunji Ojo, Akin Ogunsola, and Aremu Awolola, all of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) were allegedly arrested by mobile Policemen.
News has it that the journalists were monitoring and reporting the governorship election in the state when they were arrested by a group of over 50 mobile policemen led by a Mobile Police Commander.
The reason for their arrest is unknown at the time of filing this report.
Also a reporter was allegedly assaulted by a military personnel while covering the accreditation process of the ongoing election.
This was however against the electoral report released by the "Centre for Democracy and Development Preliminary Report on the Ekiti Governorship Election which reads:

"Released 4:00 pm, June 21st, 2014
The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD duly accredited by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to monitor the Ekiti June 21st Governorship Election deployed one hundred and forty observers (140) across the sixteen (16) local governments in the state to observe the election. The campaign leading to the election has been heated and acrimonious.
For the purpose of the election, INEC had deployed 8,433 electoral officials to administer the election. INEC had also accredited 1,900 national and international observers for the polls. There was a massive deployment of security personnel all over the state and their presence was intimidating for many voters.
The administration of the election went very well. The logistics were well planned and there was timely arrival of electoral materials in most of the polling units visited. Subsequently the process of accreditation of voters started in most polling units between 08.00 and 08.30 am. Voting also commenced at about 12:30 pm in most of the polling units. Indeed, what we observed was that in the few cases where delays were noticed, it was due to the absence of security escorts to accompany INEC staff and sensitive voting materials. This was surprising given the massive presence of security personnel deployed for the election. An example is Aiyedade South Itaji Registration Area Camp (RA10) where as at 9.11 am, electoral officials were still awaiting the arrival of security agents to accompany them to their duty post, this challenge created apprehension in certain areas.
The voter’s turn out was impressive considering widespread concerns that people would be intimidated by the massive deployment of security personnel. The good turn out was a testimony to the civic consciousness of the people of Ekiti.
Our observers also noticed the harassment of some journalists. The first incident, we witnessed was an assault on a journalist at Ifaki Ekiti by some security personnel at 8.02 am. There were subsequent reports of arrests and intimidation of other journalists. Our observers also observed the arrest of a number of people caught sharing money in return for votes at several polling units.
Another observation from our team was the refusal of some electoral officials to allow relations of very old and physically challenged people to aid them to vote in compliance with the electoral laws and INEC guidelines, Secondly, the requirement on the removal of posters of candidates ahead of the elections was not complied with as posters of candidates were seen littering many polling units across the state.
The first results of concluded elections started coming into our situation room at 3pm and since then many more results have been coming in.
Idayat Hassan, Director, Centre for Democracy and Development".

Meet the World's ugliest dog!

A two-year-old dog called Peanut has been crowned the World's Ugliest Dog at the 26th edition of a contest held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds freakish-looking pets in PetalumaCalifornia

US ugliest dog contest

Thought to be a Chihuahua-Shitzu mix, Peanut beat contenders with hunched backs and patchy coats to take the top prize at the annual gathering of the least pulchritudinous pooches on the planet.
Owners and judges agreed that Peanut's wild white and brown hair, bulging eyes and protruding teeth belied a sweet and energetic personality.
Peanut's owner, Holly Chandler, of Greenville, North Carolina, said he was seriously burned as a puppy and she wanted to use her pet to raise awareness about animal abuse.
She planned to use the $1,500 (£882) prize to pay for other animals' veterinary bills.
According to reports, the dogs are scored by a three-judge panel in several categories, including special or unusual attributes, personality and natural ugliness.

Thursday 19 June 2014

Arisekola to be buried on Friday!

News reaching us revealled that the remains of late business mogul and of Aare Musulumi of Yoruba land, Abdul-Azeez Arisekola-Alao, will be buried on Friday, in Ibadan - Oyo State.

According to an announcement by the deceased’s family, the body of Mr. Arisekola-Alao will be brought to Nigeria on Thursday.
The Oyo State Government has declared Friday a public holiday in the state and the beginning of a seven-day mourning period, during which flags will fly at half-mast.
It was gathered that the Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, and his wife, Florence; his deputy, Moses Adeyemo; the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Monsurat Sunmmonu, as well as other lawmakers, were among the first people to pay condolence visits to the Mr. Arisekola-Alao’s house on Wednesday.

Until his death, the deceased was the deputy leader of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA. 

Mr. Arisekola-Alao died on Wednesday at the age of 62.

CIA hatched plan to make demon toy to counter bin Laden influence!

It has been revealed that since about 2005, the CIA began secretly developing a custom-made Osama bin Laden action figure, according to people familiar with the project, the faces of the figures were painted with a heat-dissolving material, designed to peel off and reveal a red-faced bin Laden who looked like a demon, with piercing green eyes and black facial markings.
The goal of the short-lived project was believed to spook children and their parents, causing them to turn away from the actual bin Laden.
The code-name for the bin Laden figures was “Devil Eyes,” to create these, it was gathered that the CIA turned to one of the best minds in the toy business, said those familiar with the project, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the project publicly.

Unveiling a new secret to a super star lighter shade skin!

Perfect White - Glutathione Skin Lightening Food Supplement

This beauty product contains Glutathione which is a 100% natural food supplement, found only in small amounts  in the body. 

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Perfect White is the secret to those flawless celebrity skin you see. It's easy to use as they are just pills, active ingredients which works without the use of body cream, and result of a lighter shade flawless skin is guaranteed within a minimum of 5 days and maximum of 2 weeks. 

The lighter skin tone doesn't change whether one discontinue use of Glutathione or not. Cost is very affordable.

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Victoria Beckham shows off dress worn on her first date with David!

Victoria Beckham shows off the dress she wore on her first date with David Beckham.

Embedded image permalink

Her tweet below:

"Look what I found! The dress I wore on my first date with David!! X so cute!!"

Amaechi, Oshiomhole, Kwankwaso Denied Entry Into Ado Ekiti!

According to reports, the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, is being held hostage by security agents in Odudu, Ondo State.
The Governor who left Port Harcourt on Thursday morning for Ekiti to join the APC rally before the governorship elections, was heading to Akure where his aircraft was parked but was rounded by soldiers and security personnel, who denied him entry into Ekiti, claiming they had orders to do so.

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Governor Rotimi Amaechi's convoy to Ado-Ekiti surrounded by soldiers

The mega rally for the All Progressives Congress candidate, Governor Kayode Fayemi, at the governorship elections coming up in the state on Saturday already commenced in Ado Ekiti, the state capital.
According to a statement by its Commissioner of Information and Communications, Ibim Semenitari, the Rivers State Government said that it was especially worried that the Federal Government had singled out Governor Amaechi for harassment and attack.
In a similar incident, however, soldiers also prevented a chopper that was scheduled to convey Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, to the same rally from taking off from the airport in Benin City, the Edo State capital.
Another aircraft bringing the Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, was also denied landing rights at the Akure airport as soldiers reportedly told both governors that they had no clearance to attend the rallies to campaign for Governor Fayemi.

We hope these power brokers find a common ground to end these lingering harassment if not for anything else, for the sake of Peace in the nation, because at the end of the day, it is the common citizens that is at the receiving end of this situation which often turns out ugly.