Tuesday 18 July 2017

Lagos Islanders Warned to Desist From Indiscriminate Dumping Of Refuse!

To ensure that the beauty of Lagos state and its aesthetics are preserved and maintained at all times, the Lagos Island Central Business District (Lagos CBD) recently introduced a cleaning initiative to ensure continuous evacuation of refuse within the area thereby sustaining cleanliness within the environment.

Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Central Business Districts, Mr. Agboola Dabiri revealed the new Policy was introduced to complement the newly inaugurated "market sanitation task force" and efforts of other government agencies across the state, whose duty it is to cart away refuse from the markets and streets. 

Mr. Dabiri enjoined all concerned to ensure that the waste generated is evacuated regularly and promptly in line with the new cleaner Lagos initiative introduced by the State Government.

Photos From Across Nigeria, Olona Ranch And Resort!

Thinking of a place to "reconnect with your spirit and soul in a natural environment"...without necessarily travelling out of Nigeria, there are so many Peaceful and attractive places to visit and make your stay worth the while.

One of such places is the Beautiful, Serene and Green Olona Ranch and Resorts, Onicha Olona in Aniocha North Local government area, Delta State, South-South geo-Political zone, Nigeria.

More photos Below: 

Tourists from outside Nigeria will find this place amazing.

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Saturday 15 July 2017

Factors Impeding "Cleaner Lagos Initiative"!

As efforts to curtail flood in Lagos state intensifies, through the on-going reforms in the environment sector; residents have been warned to desist from indiscriminate dumping of refuge, even as officials of the Ministry of the Environment recently embarked on clearing out blocked drainage systems, to allow easy flow of water. The "Cleaner Lagos Initiative", aimed at evolving a viable solid waste management system, by ensuring that refuge are turned into resources, instead of abandoning them to litter around, as obtained, is a welcomed development, howbeit, following factors needs to be put into consideration.

Pictures below indicate that- the "Cleaner Lagos Initiative" plan, is yet to kick off in most parts of Lagos state. Wastes from a recent drainage clearance along Mobil road, Lekki Scheme 2 area, as seen in the picture below, was dumped beside the gutter, and has been there for a couples of days, waiting for proper disposal by the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). Abandoning refuge by gutters, especially after environmental sanitation or flood, is a norm around Lagos metropolis, and it is as good as not making any attempts to clear it, in the first place. This is because these wastes end up getting washed back into the drainage. 

Mobil rd, Lekki Scheme 2 area, Lekki-Lagos

Another factor, is the need for "Greening". Signs that reads: "This area is reserved for Greening, no trespassing", is seen all over the state, but, the actual "Greening" never takes place. These spaces often end up as a piece of land, with over grown weed, housing miscreants. Attempts by well-meaning organisations to green major areas of the metropolis, never gets to see the light of day, except of-course, these areas (as seen in the pictures) lies withing private jurisdiction.

What about haphazard packing/ abandoning of faulty vehicles by the roadside?, or the usage of parts of major-roads for enterprise?. Packing of vehicles by major road-sides was barred in Lagos state, a couple of weeks back, however,  the Law seems to be more effective on paper. The picture below, of the current situation along Mobil road, around Lekki scheme 11 area, proofs to that. 

Vehicles parked randomly along Mobile road

Woods, from Saw-mill enterprise stored on the roads, along Mobile road,

Another example, is the construction of make-shift stores, and houses directly on drainage paths. These constructions, make it impossible to ascertain when there is a blockade, and need for drainage clearance. 

Make -shift store on a drainage,along Mobil road.

These pictures represents reality, as against what was proposed or written. This is the every-day live around most parts of Lagos metropolis. Be it perpetrated out of ignorance, greed or mischief, they are limitations, or total hindrances, to the actualisation of: "Cleaner Lagos Initiative".

Governments, at the Local, State and Federal levels, might mean well through their numerous initiatives, to protect and develop the environment, protect lives and foster economic growth, but when these projects are not monitored, there are as good as not being there in the first place. 
Local governments need to be actively involved in government initiatives, from planing to implementation, even post implementation stages. Being at the grass-root, they are the closest to the situation, hence the need for a coalition between State and Federal Government's projects for feasibility purpose. 

Thursday 13 July 2017

Photos From Around Asaba!

Pictures of some historic places in Asaba, Delta-State capital city, Nigeria.

The Colonial Residency, known as Mungo Park House

Colonial 'sleeping quarters'

Colonial 'sleeping quarters

Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Nnebisi road

Arcade ground, formerly known as 'Government field', on Nnebisi Road, major events like 'Children's Day and Independence Day celebrations held here

Status like this, seen at the junction leading to Umuezei Quaters, along Nnebisi road, are seen on most junctions, they told stories about the history of Asaba

The water reserve, called 'reservoir'..one of the oldest facility constitutions

Ilaje, Inward VGC Still Waiting To Be Lifted!

The picture below is the state of Ilaje inward Ajah as at Wednesday, July 12, 2017. Looking orderly at least. 

Ironically, from the picture below, the other side of Ilaje bus-stop, inward Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lekki Peninsula axis of Lagos state, Nigeria, is a total mess

When it rains...this is what you get: 

There is no sign of 'work-in-progress' any where around. Nah like this e' go dey?

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Lagos Begins Operation Clear-Out -Blocked Drainage!

Trailing recent flooding as a result of forecasted heavy rains across Lagos state, Nigeria, officials of the state's Ministry of the Environment were seen clearing out a blocked drainage to allow easy flow of water at the Lekki area.

This needs to replicated across the state, because almost all the drainage systems are blocked and needs to be cleared. 

Also, the waste management officials should be nearby to dispose cleared out debris...to prevent from going all back into the drainage...as is the usual situation.

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Nigerian Senate Passes "Child Protection, Compulsory Treatment And Care Of Victims Of Gunshots Bills"!

Relieve seems to be on the way for countless Nigerian children who suffer unimaginable inhuman treatments in the hands of cold-hearted parents or guardians. Reports abound of varied cases of abuse against these vulnerable children, some were reportedly beaten to death, raped, starved or made to live under unfavourable conditions. 

See this story: 

With the signing into Law of the National Child Protection and Enforcement Agency Bill (HB. 127), it will be become a big offence to subject any child to any form of inhuman treatment.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017, the Nigerian 8 Senate passed 7 concurrent bills which includes:
  1. Compulsory Treatment and care of Victims of Gunshots Bill, 2017, (HB. 119).
  2. Animal health and technologies 2017, (HB. 320)
  3. Corporate Manslaughter Bill, 2017 (HB. 273)
  4. National Child Protection and Enforcement Agency Bill (HB. 127)
  5. National Intelligence Agency Pension Board Bill, 2017 (HB. 842)
  6. Nigerian Academy of Science Bill, 2017 (HB. 917)
  7. National Post Graduate College of Medical Laboratory Science Bill (HB. 405).

Listing the benefits of the Compulsory Treatment and care of Victims of Gunshots Bill passage, Senate President Bukola Saraki stated: 

  • Every hospital in Nigeria, whether public or private will be mandated to accept or receive for treatment immediate or adequate treatment with or without Police clearance, any person with a gunshot wound;
  • Every person including security agents shall render every possible assistance to any person with gunshot wounds and endure that the person is taken to the nearest hospital for treatment; and -
  • No person with a bullet wound shall be subject to inhuman and degrading treatment or torture by any person in authority. This includes Police and security agencies. 

The bills will be forwarded to the Presidency for assent.

Monday 10 July 2017

Lagos Flood: Government Blames "High Tide Of Lagoon", Promises That Cleaner Lagos Initiative Reform Will Help Curtail Flood

"High tide of the lagoon, slowing down the flow of rainfall water from drainage channels", have been identified as the cause of the current flood across Lagos state - Nigeria, as emergency response system was activated to respond efficiently where necessary.

Canal opposite Mibile Estate, off Ilaje Bus-stop, Lekki axis, Lagos

This was made known by the Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare,  after inspecting areas affected by the flood on Sunday, July 9th, 2017. Dr. Babatunde Adejare  urged residents to remain calm and vigilant in the wake of the torrential rain experienced in the State in the last few days. 

On Indiscriminate dumping of refuge:
Dr Adejare urged residents in the habit of dumping refuse indiscriminately especially in drainage channels to stop forthwith, saying that engaging in such does not only portend health hazards, but could also lead to loss of lives and property. 
“The lagoon is swollen up, there is high tide, so it would lock on our outfalls, the water would not recede or go into the lagoon as fast as it used to be, so that’s one of the main reason why we are having flooding all over the place and coupled with our own man made problems such as people blocking the drainage channels, people even building on drainage channels, that’s what has also been causing all these problems.
“That is a criminal thing to do, it is not good, their actions can lead to loss of lives and definitely to damage of properties, so they should stop it because it would affect some people adversely.
“You do not need to dump refuse in drainages, eventually we would come to pick them up and with our improved services through the reforms that we are carrying out, there would not be anything like that, we would be evacuating solid waste faster than we have done,”.

Lagosians, stay at home if rain persists.
Adejare continued: “Like we have been telling them, if the rain still persist, please don’t go out of your homes, except you are living by the coast or by the low line. If you are one of those, you have to move upland, move away from the coast until the rain recedes. But if you are living upland and it’s raining persistently and it’s not necessary or compulsory for you to go out, please stay indoors.
If you also have contact with flood water, wash your hands always, whatever has been touched by the flood water should not be eaten, it’s important,” 

Ongoing reforms in the environment sector through the Cleaner Lagos Initiative targeted to evolve a viable solid waste management system.
“This is a transition period, most importantly it’s not that the reforms have taken so long, you need to plan very well so that you don’t plan to fail. We are making sure that when we start, we don’t hope to fail, we hope to give our people a world class service in solid waste management, that’s what we are planning for and we need to take our time to do that and give Lagosians good service. It would commence, it would succeed and it would give us a better way of managing our solid waste here”, he said.
He however urged residents to continue to maintain a high level of cleanliness, especially in disposing their refuse, while assuring that the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode-led administration would not relent in its efforts until it achieves a cleaner Lagos.
“I want to tell our people, no pain, no gain. To embark on any kind of reform is always very tedious, as a government the priority is to see these reforms through and to make our people live better. Our refuse should not be a disgrace to us, it should be a resource and that’s what we intend to pursue,” Adejare said.

Saturday 8 July 2017

Lagos Going Under Water!

Disasters of expected 2017 flood, has begun. Images of flooded houses and roads are on the Social Media. Interesting images of Lagosians swimming, or boating their way through the flood, are all over the Internet.  

Mobil Road, Off Ilaje Bust-stop, Lekki

It is most worrisome, to come to terms with the fact that this was predicted before-time, therefore makes adequate time for preparation, through the clearing of drainage systems across the state. It is apparent that nothing seemed done to that regard. Aside drainage clearance, the unbridled manner of water-logged area approval for the construction, of high brow estates, especially on the Lagos Island area is alarming. Everyone wants to own properties in choice areas, and often willing to pay what ever it takes, without stopping for a moment to think of the consequences of sand-filling Lakes and part of the Lagoon. A trip to Lekki phase 1 area, Lagos state (one of the flood's worse hit areas) will leave a right thinking person in shock. Banana Island seems to be swiftly extending into Lekki Scheme 1, thanks to sand-filling, and constructions. We forget, that what makes these areas beautiful, is the natural Island and Peninsula, therefore these boundaries should be  respected and appreciated. Why choke it up with construction of estates, when land abound in other areas.

Lekki Phase 1 Bridge

More-so, spaces originally mapped out for the construction of major and alternative roads, are being turned into estates, while areas supposed to be designated for "Greening", is metamorphosing into markets, and shopping arcades. Shops are being approved to be constructed on-top closed drainage systems, while the drainage is neglected therefore blocked.

Mobil Road, Lekki

Building a 'Mega City', is a welcomed development in any well-meaning society, however there is need to take into consideration, a holistic plan that includes -respect for natural reserves: e.g streams/ lakes, trees, space, construction of good roads and drainage system.

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Sunday 2 July 2017

Asaba Cries In Distress!

Asaba, known as Ahaba Ibokwe, is the beautiful city located at the western edge of the River Niger. According to history, Asaba was once the capital of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate. This historic city hosted the Royal Niger Company, established by Colonial British authorities to promote trade and exportation of goods to England. 

Nnebisi road, Asaba, by the High Court
Since 1991 when it became the capital city of Delta state, Asaba grew from a small serene beautiful town of hospitable people, to a population of about over half a million and experienced some level of infrastructural development. 

Asaba Mall

Inter-Bau Junction fly-over bridge, Asaba
Entrance into Asaba from the Edo state axis was once a 'sight to behold'. With Solar Energy powered street lights which ran all the way from neibouring Izele- Azagba. The current heartbreaking state of this 'once-upon-a-time' beautiful city, can be told as a tale of perhaps "the old is better". Instead of the state administrations building to beat their predecessor's developmental records, the reverse seems to be the case. From the look of things, truth be told, the James Ibori administration, though highly criticized for corruption, seems to be the best the city of Asaba, if not the whole of Delta State yet had. As at Thursday, 22nd June, 2017, at about 7:25pm, the fascinating that welcomes one on arrival into the city, is greeted instead by total darkness. A couple of lights at the runway of the city Airport, confirmed that the airport is still functional. 

Dark state of Asaba express-way, by Sumit Junction

From the darkness, thanks to the state's electricity supplying company, doing what they know best (ensuring darkness), to bad roads of almost all streets off the major Nnebisi and Sumit roads, accompanied by flood. It was observed that the Sumit road has no drainage system, how on earth is a major road constructed without a drainage, I wonder.

Another noticeably regrettable sight is the deploring state of the township stadium. It is rather shameful that this stadium, which was in a much better state over 20-years-ago, when Asaba was only a Local Government Head-quarters, is allowed to degenerate to this state. 

See Pictures below:

obviously an abandoned project


A visit to this "capital-city" will shock first time visitors, or one who has not visited in a long time, and anticipated to see more. It costs absolutely nothing other than determination and devotion to decide to channel the state's funds towards ensuring accessible roads with good drainage system, facilities  in our infrastructures, not only in the state capital, but replicated all over the state. This is do-able, majority of the people in the corridors of power travel to Dubai, the United States of America, Canada, Europe and other "developed" countries at the lightest excuse(s) of- medical concerns, education, childbirths, attending weddings, naming ceremonies, summer vacations, forums, seminars and meetings, etc. We travel, spend billions of 'hard-currencies' to further enrich the treasury of the wealthy nations, while our home-land languish in penury.  Why cant we replicate the things we enjoy in the developed countries here, in our home, where we belong. 

This publication is aimed at shedding some light, into issues that needs to be redressed, so that appropriate authorities can wake up from their slumber and do the work they were voted into power for, with the available funds/ allocations and human resources. 

Like late Smart Williams sang, "i' do-kwa ba village yi, osuso o'bibi" (developing your village, makes it pleasant to live in). People visit or pass through this town...they see this situation. A good name is the best legacy any man, organisation or administration can leave behind. We can do better than this. 

Photos From Around Nigeria: Mmiri Okuta At Asaba!

Pictures of "Mmiri-okuta" (Rock-water), located at Ukwu-Ogbono area, off Anwai road, Asaba, Delta-state, Nigeria.

Locals are seen here fetching from mmiri-Okuta, they believe it is clean enough for drinking, cooking and other domestic use.