Wednesday 24 June 2015

Robber At Rampage In Ikorodu!

Dare devil armed robbers stormed Zenith and First banks at OgolontoIkorodu area of Lagois state, Wednesday 24, June, Morning, carting away unspecified sum of money, before escaping in a speed boat.

Amama Mbabazi Barred from Holding Rallies!

The crisis rocking Ugandan politics may be eating deep as presidential aspirant and former prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi has been blocked from holding public meetings across the country. 

In a letter, dated June 23, Ugandan police boss, wrote Mbabazi"it is clear that your party has neither sponsored nor endorsed you as an aspirant within the meaning of the NRM Constitution and law... and that your aspirations are illegal."
"In view of the above, your programme of public meetings are not cleared by the police and cannot go ahead," 
This came 
Mbabazi's spokesperson, Josephine Mayanja-Nkangi, said his lawyers would respond.

Our Problem is Great, Billions of Dollars Can be Recovered....We will do our best - Buhari!

President Muhammadu Buhari met with governors of the 36 states Monday, June 22, to discuss ways to alleviate crisis that rocked the nation's economy since the crash in oil price.

The president acknowledged that reviving the nation's economy will be a challenging task, but promised that his administration will do its best.
"Honestly, our problem is great,..Billions of dollars can be recovered. We will do our best" he said.

Muhammadu Buhari Resumes Duty At Aso Rock!

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday 22 June, 2015, resumed at the Presidential Office in Aso Rock, Abuja - Nigeria.

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This was after he moved into, and passed his first night at the presidential residence at Aso Villa Sunday (June 21).

Thursday 18 June 2015

Regent, Missing Female Corp Member & Foreigner Freed By Kidnappers!

Ijeoma Azubike,‎ the female corp member who was reported missing in May, has been found. 
She was freed alongside Princess Oluwatoyin Omosowon, the Regent of Akungba Akoko, Akoko Southwest Local Government Area - Ondo State - Nigeria. Equally freed by same gang were an Indian citizen, Mr. Alex John and his mobile Police escort Sunday Obafe.
Miss Azubuike was kidnapped late May, by a gang who pretended they were transporters on her way to Lagos, from Abuja.

Charleston Church Shooter Identified, Captured In North Carolina!

Authorities on Thursday morning, 18 June, 2015 identified the lone shooter at Charleston church - South Carolina- United states.

He is 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, white male, 5-foot-9, slender with sandy blond hair styled in a bowl cut.

Court record shows Roof was charged in March, with first-offense drug possession in Lexington County, South Carolina, the case status is listed as pending.

Reports says the White Knoll High School graduate,  (according to his Facebook page) was captured in Shelby - North Carolina.

National Security And Boko Haram, Buhari Assures Nigerians That Efforts Will Yield Results Very Soon!

A tweet from President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, 18 June, 2015, has assured Nigerians that the on-going efforts towards strengthen security will soon yield results.

The tweet below:

"Our efforts to strengthen security cooperation with our neighbours and adjust our own response to Boko Haram will yield results very soon".

Gunman Opens Fire Inside A U.S Church, Killing Nine Parishioners Including The Pastor!

17 June, 2015, will be remembered as a dark Wednesday for a long time, following the killing of  nine people, including the state Senator Celementa Pinckney, who was also the pastor of the church, at downtown Charleston in South Carolina- United states.

Police boss Greg Mullen said the suspect attended a prayer meeting at the church Wednesday night, at about 9pm, and stayed for nearly an hour before he opened fire. 
The shooter, who was later caught on a surveillance video, remained at large as at Thursday 18, June, 2015, morning. 

Police released photographs from the surveillance video of the suspect and a possible getaway vehicle. 

The victims were six females and three males, Mullen said Thursday morning. He did not give other details and said names would be released after families were notified.
The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where Parishioners worshiped underground until after the Civil War, is a historic African-American church that traces its roots to 1816, when several churches split from Charleston's Methodist Episcopal church.

One of its founders, Denmark Vesey, tried to organize a slave revolt in 1822. He was caught, and white landowners had his church burned in revenge. 

Authorities described Charleston's church shooting as a hate crime.

Late Senator Celementa Pinckney, Pastor at downtown Charleston

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Muhammadu Buhari With Other World Leaders At G7 Summit In Germany!

 Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhariin a group photo with other World Leaders at the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau - Germany, on Monday, June 8, 2015.
President Muhammadu Buhari - 3rd from right (anti-clockwise)

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Saraki Wins 8 Inaugural Assembly Elections, As Ekweremadu Returns As Deputy Senate President!

Senator Bukola Saraki was elected as President of the 8th National Assembly, in an election that took place at the National Assembly in Abuja, on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. 

Saraki was elected unopposed, as 57 lawmakers who were present, voted in his favor,  while 51 others were absent.

PDPs Ike Ekweremadu was also re-elected as Deputy Senate President, when he sets 54, against his opposition, APCs Ali Ndume's 20 votes.

Behold The 8 National Assembly Inauguration Box!

It took some time to really ascertain what these 'plastics'....sorry 'boxes' were meant for, when it was brought in for the inaugural elections. 

Thought they were gonna share some 'African salad' or 'puff-puff' for break during the National Assembly inaugural elections, as it's being used by vendors on the streets, or for catering services....

......until it was placed on the table, and Senators began casting their votes...

The contractor should have at least borrowed transparent balot boxes from INCE.....

Thursday 4 June 2015

Nigerian Senate Passes Sexual Offence Bill Into Law!

to redefine and consolidate existing laws on sexual offences, the Nigerian Senate on Wednesday passed into law the Sexual Offences Bill which prescribes life imprisonment for anyone found guilty of sexual offences like: Rape, Child, sex tourism and Deliberate infecting others with HIV/AIDS.

The Sexual Offences Bill which is expected to pass concurrence in the House of Representatives on Thursday, was sponsored by the Chairman of the Committee on Navy, Senator Chris Anyanwu, who expressed happiness on the passage of the bill which has been pending in the senate since 2013.

The bill also prescribes 10-years imprisonment for incest; 10-years imprisonment for child pornography or  a fine of N2m, while those who engage in sex abuse will go to jail for 14 years.

Amnesty International Call For Investigation Of Top Nigerian Military Commanders On Crimes Against Humanity!

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Amnesty International (AI) has called for the immediate investigation of top past and present Nigerian military commanders for possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in its fight against Islamist insurgents, Boko Haram.
In a report released Wednesday titled: Stars on their shoulders. Blood on their hands: War crimes committed by the Nigerian military, Amnesty International alleged that over 7,000 men and boys suspected to be member of the Boko Haram sect died in military detention since March 2011, while more than 1,200 others have been unlawfully killed since February 2012.
AI claimed that the report provides compelling evidence gathered from interviews with over 400 victims, senior military officials, and leaked military reports and correspondences to warrant investigations into “individual and command responsibilities of soldiers, and mid-level and senior-level military commanders up to the Chief of Defence Staff and Chief of Army Staff who should be investigated for the alleged war crime and crime against humanity”.
According to the report, nine former and present top military commanders  who were indicted and should be investigated include: Major General John A.H. Ewansiha, Major General Obida T Ethnan, Major General Ahmadu Mohammed, Brigadier General Austin O. Edokpayi, and Brigadier General Rufus O. Bamigboye for potential individual or command responsibility for the war crimes of murder, torture and enforced disappearance.
Other top military commanders also indicted includes: 
General Azubuike Ihejirika, Chief of Army Staff, Sept 2010 – Jan 2014, Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, Chief of Defence Staff, Oct 2012 – Jan 2014, Air Chief Marshal Badeh, Chief of Defence Staff, Jan 2014 – date, General Ken Minimah, Chief of Army Staff, Jan 2014 -date, whom AI said should be investigated for “potential command responsibility for crimes of murder, torture and enforced disappearance committed by their subordinates.” 
AI further added that the above persons should be held responsible if they knew of the commission of these crimes and did not take appropriate steps to prevent them or ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.
Amnesty International called on the Nigerian government to undertake prompt, independent and effective investigations of the allegations.
In his word, Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General said This sickening evidence exposes how thousands of young men and boys have been arbitrarily arrested and deliberately killed or left to die in detention in the most horrific conditions. It provides strong grounds for investigations into the possible criminal responsibility of members of the military, including those at the highest levels,”.
He added “Whilst an urgent and impartial investigation of these war crimes is vital, this report is not just about the criminal responsibility of individuals. It is also about the responsibility of Nigeria’s leadership to act decisively to end the pervasive culture of impunity within the armed forces,”.
Gruesome and Horrific treatment of Detainees
The report revealed gruesome and horrific treatment of suspects, some as young as nine years old. Ii said the military used summary executions, mass murder, starvation, suffocation and torture against the victims.
According to the report, the over 20,000 young men arrested by the military in the northeast since the war with Boko Haram were kept in “extremely overcrowded, unventilated cells without sanitary facilities and with little food or water. Many are subjected to torture and thousands have died from ill-treatment and as a result of dire detention conditions.”
One former detainee quoted in the report told AI that: “All I know was that once you get detained by the soldiers and taken to Giwa [military barracks], your life is finished.”
A top military source allegedly told AI that 683 detainees died in military custody between October 2012 and and February 2013. Further evidence also obtained by the organisation shows in 2013 4,700 bodies were brought to a mortuary from a detention facility in Giwa Baracks, Maiduguri and in June alone more than 1,400 corpses were delivered in to the mortuary.
“The soldiers said: “Welcome to your die house. Welcome to your place of death,” a detainee who spent four months in Giwa Baracks told AI. He said only 11 of the 122 men he was arrested with survived.
Sometimes up to 300 inmates were kept in a tiny cell and communicable diseases such as cholera were rife at the centres.
The detainees are mostly denied of food and water that they sometime rely on drinking others urine for survival, the report claimed.
“Hundreds have been killed in detention either (by soldiers) shooting them or by suffocation,” a military officer told AI
AI said it confirmed that on a single day, 19 June 2013, 47 detainees died there as a result of suffocation.
Most of the victims died from chemical inhalation from the fumigation meant to stop the spread of diseases.
The organisation also revealed that most of the killing were in form of reprisal actions after Boko Haram attacks.
In some cases the military will round up all the young men in a community and kill them under the guise of carrying out mop up operations.
Top commanders knew
Amnesty International alleges that top military commander including the Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Defence Staff, were regularly informed of operations conducted in north-east Nigeria likely to be were aware of the atrocities allegedly committed.
“Evidence shows that senior military leaders knew, or should have known, about the nature and scale of the crimes being committed. Internal military documents show that they were updated on the high rates of deaths among detainees through daily field reports, letters and assessment reports sent by field commanders to Defence Headquarters (DHQ) and Army Headquarters,” the report stated.
“Amnesty International has seen numerous requests and reminders sent from commanders in the field to DHQ warning of the rise in the number of deaths in custody, the dangers of fumigation and requesting a transfer of detainees. In addition, reports by teams sent by DHQ to assess military facilities and “authenticate data”, highlight death rates and warn that overcrowding was causing serious health problems and could lead to “an epidemic,” it added.”
“Despite being informed of the death rates and conditions of detention, Nigerian military officials consistently failed to take meaningful action. Those in charge of detention facilities, as well as their commanders at army and defence headquarters, must be investigated,” - Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. 

In defense, The Nigerian Military released the following statement:
The Defence Headquarters has noted with dismay the gruesome allegations made by the Amnesty International against some senior military officers serving and retired of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
It is unfortunate that all effort made in the allegation was geared towards continuation of blackmail against the military hierarchy in which the organisation had embarked upon as far back as the inception of military’s action against terrorist in the North East.
The officers mentioned in the report have no reason, whatsoever, to indulge in the allegation made against them. It is unfortunate that the organisation just went out to gather names of specified senior officers, in a calculated attempt to rubbish their reputation as well as the image of the military. The action, no doubt, depicts more of a premeditated indictment aimed at discrediting the country for whatever purpose.
Each of the previous allegations had been thoroughly responded to and cleared in the public and officially. The title down to the body of the allegation smacks of the extreme bias, which is disturbing coming from an otherwise reputable organisation that is expected to be just and fair to all. Unfortunately in this case, has taken a premeditated position, which is far from noble.
It is curious that a body that has never been able to seriously condemn terror in Nigeria now claims to have done an extensive research with the aim of discrediting the nation’s effort at curtailing terror.
It is clear that Amnesty International (AI) becomes more active in presenting distractive allegations whenever the terrorists are losing ground in the battle. It is very unfortunate that Amnesty International has used this report to further confirm its questionable interest in the counter-terrorism effort in Nigeria.
It will be recalled that the Joint Investigation Team was set up by the Defence Headquarters as part and parcel of efforts to ensure that no detainee suffer unjustly. The detention facilities were thrown open for visits and inspections by independent bodies such as International Committee of the Red Cross and other reputable international organisations and personalities.
Amnesty International is advised to stop playing the role of an irritant coming up loudly only when the terrorists are losing out and remaining silent or complacent whenever the terrorist heightens its atrocities. It is unfair to persist in effort to discredit Nigerian military by seeking all avenues to stigmatise individual officers of the nation’s military purely to satisfy an agenda against the security agencies and image of Nigeria before the international community.
The Nigerian Armed Forces is quite conscious of the fact that the operation has prompted the need to save citizens from abuse of their rights by mindless terrorists. Accordingly, the forces have continued to state and restate its commitment to the rights of Nigerians and all its citizens while prosecuting its anti-terrorism campaign. It is very unfortunate that Amnesty International has chosen to ignore all the responses and clarifications provided to its enquires by the authorities.
It is unfair to rely on records or reports provided by certain disgruntled elements or faceless collaborators who have axe to grind with the system as evidence against officers who have been conscientiously doing their duty to defend the nation and her citizens.
For avoidance of doubt, the Nigerian military does not encourage or condone abuse of human rights neither will any proven case be left unpunished. The kind of impunity being alleged by Amnesty International has no place in the Nigerian military. Every officer in the field is responsible for his action and is duly held accountable. So far, no allegation has been sufficiently proved against those whom Amnesty International is so desperate to convict.
The statistics are largely spurious or manipulated to satisfy a clandestine motive. Indeed, the loud publicity given to these damning allegations suggests an intention to blackmail the military and particular senior officers rather than a sincere advice to the government. This cruel tendency is not new, despite the timing.
The Nigerian military therefore rejects the biased and concocted report provided by Amnesty International. Additional definite response will be provided subsequently as deemed necessary.

Scores Killed In Accra Gas Explosion!

Scores were believed to have been burnt to death, in the inferno that erupted following an explosion at a gas station in Accra - Ghana's capital city, Wednesday evening, June 3rd, 2015.

A Fire Brigade spokesman Prince Billy Anaglate, said the casualties were believed to have sought shelter from torrential rain which had caused floods and submerged buildings and vehicles across the city.
The blast it was gathered, was caused by accidental fire which erupted in a nearby lorry terminal at around 10 p.m local time, or 5.00 p.m. ET, then spread to the gas station and other buildings in the neighborhood
Accra City Mayor, Oko Vanderpuije said firefighters fought to put off the inferno, all through the night, and into the early hours of Thursday, 4 June, 2915, while men of the Ghana Police force and Soldiers joined in the emergency crew helping rescue people trapped in the wreckage. 

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Wilshere Charged For Sunday's FA Cup Celebration Misconduct!

Following what was seen as a misconduct after Sunday's FA Cup celebration, the Football Association has charged Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere.

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The FA statement read: "Jack Wilshere has been charged with misconduct in relation to Arsenal’s FA Cup celebrations on Sunday 31 May 2015.
"It is alleged his conduct in making and/or inciting certain comments during the club’s open bus trophy tour was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.
"The player has until 6pm on 10 June 2015 to respond to the charge."
It will be recalled that Wilshere took the microphone during Arsenal's open-top bus victory parade and, with the rest of the squad, shouted to thousands of Arsenal fans.
"I have one question, and one question only: what do we think of Tottenham?" After the crowd responded: "Sh*t", he continued: "And what do we think of sh*t?" He then joined in as the crowd sang: "We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham... we are the Tottenham haters."

Missing Person Alert!

The lady pictured here, identified as Ijeoma Azubuike is missing. 

She was last seen on Sunday May 31st in Owo, Ondo state, Nigeria.

Any one with useful information of her where about should report to the nearest Police station.

Her family is worried.

Tuesday 2 June 2015

President Buhari In A Meeting With Service Chiefs!

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in a meeting with Service Chiefs at the Defence House, Abuja recently.

U.S To Increase the Number Of It's Visitors!

  • Increasing the number of countries whose citizens don't have to get visas 
  • Improving the arrival process at 17 United States airports 
  • Expanding a program that allows travelers from other countries to go through customs before boarding their flights to the USA...
...Are some of the Obama administration's plan to attract international visitors.

This was revealed in an interview with USA TODAY at the U.S Travel Association's IPW travel conference held in Orlando - Florida. 

U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker says the United States is on the path to welcome 100 million international visitors annually by 2021 because of efforts such as expanding the visa waiver program and decreasing visa wait times.

Inside Finest University Libraries!

These are jaw - dropping interiors of some of the finest and inspiring university libraries from around the world. With structures like this in place, why wont students cultivate the habit of seeking knowledge through reading....

 Reading Room at La Sorbonne – Paris, France

George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

 Harper Memorial LIbrary at the University of Chicago  – Chicago

 Landmark Law Library Reading Room at University of Michigan  – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Doe Memorial Library at University of California  – Berkeley
We hope governments from developing countries gets inspired by this.

Knowledge breeds information, and information is power...