Thursday 15 March 2018

Kidnapped Dapchi Girls Will Be Rescued Or Released - Buhari Reassures!

As part of his visit to states affected by Violence across the country, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, made a stop at Government Girls Science and Technology Colleged, Dapchi, Yobe state, north-east Nigeria, bordering Niger Republic; where 110 students were reportedly abducted by members of Boko-haram insurgency group. 

During the visit, the President met with parents and teachers, of abducted school children. President Buhari re-assured parents of kidnapped girls, Nigerians and the International community, that the government will do all withing its power, to ensure the girls returns safe to their parent. 

In his word "I have no doubt that the Dapchi girls will be rescued or released. I want to reassure parents, Nigerians & the Int’l community that we will do all that is within our power to make sure that the girls are brought back safely to their families.”

Later on, President Buhari attended a town-hall meeting with traditional/ community leaders and stakeholders in Damaturu, Yobe State.

The President's full speech below:

Thursday 8 March 2018

Snake And Monkey Money Matter, Nigerians React!

Nigerians and the world, were taken aback when a sales clerk in the office of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Benue state, middle belt Nigeriaidentified as Philomena Chieshereportedly said a certain =N=36 million kept in her custody was  “spiritually” stolen from the vault in the office by a snakeThe Joint Admission and Matriculation Board was reported to have suspended Chieshe and meted other disciplinary measures to her, while security agencies reportedly investigates the case. 

While Nigerians pondered on what must have informed such story, another missing fund, to the tune of =N= 70 million, reportedly belonging to the Northern Senators Caucus was reported to peharps, been stolen by monkeys.  
This came about after the dismissal of the caucus's  ex-Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, who reportedly could not account for the missing money. The new caucus Chairman, Senator Shedu Sani, reportedly said, since the money could not be accounted for, maybe, this time, monkeys made away with it. 
There is also the reported case of a mysterious fish, alleged to have peharps swallowed a missing =N=52 million meant for the renovation of Women Development Center, a contract reportedly belonging to South East Entrepreneurship Development Center (SEEDC) in Abia state, south-east Nigeria.
As ridiculous as these situations seems, there is red-flag alert that all is not well, and a pointer to the extend of decadence in the structure of the Nigerian system. The Federal Government, through its agencies, is believed to be investigating some of these allegations, while Nigerians, as usual make mockery of the situation through satires and cartoons, they also patiently await outcome of reported investigation(s). 
Roving Informant went to the streets of Lagos, to get the masses reaction to this development
An interviewee, a young man, who gave his name as Victor from Benue state, and who works in a Guest House in Lagos, gave his opinion about alleged missing funds currently making the rounds. 
According to him "It is because we don’t have security in our country. I am from Benue state, when the news came out, I was surprised, how can they say snake swallowed money in the office? That is not fair. It is because we don’t have security in our country. They should be able to account for the money."

Do you think the Government doing enough to stop this trend? "I think the government should not keep quiet, they should try and arrest these people and get the money back. In this our country, there is no job, no vacancy, we can use this money to improve the country, not that they will carry it and say its monkey or snake that swallowed the money." 

Broad Street, Lagos

Our next interviewee was simply identified Yusuf, a tailor at Lagos Island. He has this to say: "What I make of the missing funds things is that they take us for fools; they take us as slaves in this country. How can they tell us snakes swallowed money, where, inside the bush or where? This is insane and we accept it. What do we do, we make jest by posting elephants entering a bank to swallow money; we accept it as if we do not have any choice. I think one-day; we will rise up against all these. They have no excuse for what they do." 

Do you think the Government doing enough to stop this trend? "I think this is a new system of stealing money in this country. Tomorrow, we will still hear another story. As Nigerians, we all have the right to stand up and say No to this trend".

Another interviewee, a senior citizen, who identified himself as Pastor Samuel Alege said: "This is not the first time such thing is happening, only the magnitude has increased.  It has been happening and it will continue to happen, until we all agree to remove corruption from Nigeria. And immediately corruption is removed, then we are ready to move forward".

As someone who has witnessed many administrations, what in your opinion, can be done to stop this trend? "It will start from our religious background. The average Christian believes that ‘if I do this, God will punish me’. An average person from another religion might believe that the money they are stealing is not anybody’s money. And people of this mind-set are many, from the grass-root to the top, they occupy positions in offices, and as long as we have this mind-set, the problem will continue. Therefore, my take is that, religiously, we start from the beginning. If you are a Christian, you must not steal; likewise people of other religious believes. By the time we all agree, then the country will change. 

Do you think the Government doing enough to stop this trend? The government can continue to preach, the way they have been preaching. But to remove this trend totally, from the root, it is from religion.

A Forex trader on Broad street Lagos, who hails from northern Nigeria, and who preferred to speak on anonymity basis has this to say:  "There is nothing new there, good or bad; the people who are doing it know what they are doing. If it is good thing there are doing, it is left to them. If it is bad thing there are doing, it is left to them. Whatever they do, they have their conscience that will judge them".

Corrupt practises affects citizens, especially the poor in a negative way. Corruption is a major set-back to Nigeria's emergence as a leader in the comity of nations. Like one of the interviewees pointed out, these mismanaged financial resources is supposed to be utilised in improving conditions and lives of citizens. 

Friday 2 March 2018

Thursday, March 1st Sanitation Exercise In Lagos!

Thursdays are generally set aside for weekly sanitation exercise around Lagos State,  Nigeria, mostly for markets and business area clean-up. On Thursday, March 1st, 2018, Roving Informant, hovered around some parts of Lekki Peninsula/ Lagos Island axis of the State, and brings this report.

Mobil Rd, Off Ilaje Bus-stop

As observed, shops and businesses all over the state, were closed between the hours of 6 to 10 in the morning. However, while some business owners observed the exercise, as seen in pictures below.

Mobil Rd, Off Ilaje Bus-Stop, Lekki

Mobil Rd, Off Ilaje Bus-Stop, Lekki

Others were seen hanging around their business premises. Aside the routine cleaning of indoors, no sanitation was carried out on the immediate environments and drainage systems.  This category of traders/ business owners normally would wait for the exercise to be over, so they could get on with their affairs.

Blocked Gutter at Ilaje Bus-stop, Lekki, this suggests the Thursday Sanitation exercise has peharps never beenobserved by business owners and traders in this area

Officials of Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) trying to dispose massive/smelly wastes at Tinubu Square Round About, Lagos Island (is this place a legal waste disposal point???)

Uncleared gutter at Ilaje Bus-stop, by RCCG, Tabernacle of David

The pictures above and below, indicate that the gutter by the RCCG, Tabernacle of David, main building and car park area, was left unattended. 

Ilaje Bus-stop, by RCCG, Tabernacle of David
Environmental sanitation officers appeared to be off-duty, on a day they are supposed to be up and about, monitoring clean-up activities around the state. Just one officer , female, was spotted along Mobil road, off Ilaje bus-stop, in the Lekki Peninsula axis.

Blocked drainage system at Isale Gangan, Lagos Island

For effective Clean-Up exercise, in-order to achieve desired goal(s), governmental and non-government organisations should participate in the clean-up exercise. We don't just take from our environment, we should give back, by taking good care of it. 

Wastes, waiting to be cleared at CMS Bus-Stop, Lagos Island at the early hours of Thursday, March 1st, 2018.

Flood as a result of un-cleared/ blocked drainage at Idu-Magbo, Lagos Island

Idu-Magbo, Lagos Island

Blocked gutters at Mobil Rd, Off Ilaje Bus-Stop, Lekki

This report, obtained from a small 'study group', in Lekki Peninsula and Lagos Island axis, but which can be indicative in reaching a generalisation, implies that periodic 'sanitation' exercises in Lagos State, and by inference, most Nigerian States is not strictly observed. Little wonder our communities are plagued with constant flood, when ever it rains and epidemic outbreaks. 


Link to previous publication on 'environmental/ Sanitation Challenges below: