Saturday 30 April 2016

45- Year - Old Man Wanted By The Police For Killing A Woman Who Rejected His Love Proposal!

The man in the picture below, a 45-year-old engineer, identified as David Ogundele, an engineer, who worked with  a private university, is currently on the run for killing a 30 year-old woman identified as Oluwatosin Ashinwoa customer care executive with MTN telecommunication company, in the processbrutally stabbing Oluwatosin's 53-year-old mother, on Sunday, April 24th, in Kwara State - western Nigeria.

Information revealed that the suspect who believably killed Oluwatosin for rejecting his relationship advances and marriage proposal, had on the previous day, Saturday, April 23, threatened Oluwatosin, held a knife to her neck, collected her ATM card and withdrew money from her account. 

Oluwatosin's mother is currently undergoing series of surgeries at the hospital. 

The case was initially reported at the F Division of the Kwara State Police. Command. 

Read the story as narrated by Saturday Punch below: 

One of Oluwatosin’s brothers told Punch correspondent that:
"Ogundele had a massive crush on the young woman, she had other things on her mind. 

“My sister did not love him back and she did not hide it. He did everything to win her love but she just did not like him back,” .
Soon, Ogundele was said to have reached out to the young woman’s siblings with the hope of winning their approval and convincing their sister.
Oluwatosin’s brother said, “At a time when I was in Ilorin at the end of last year, I visited my sister one evening when the man came around. I saw him a second time, two weeks after that in December. I did not ask my sister about him because I knew she was old enough to handle her affairs. But it was clear my sister did not like him.
“My sister used to tell me that he works at Omu Aran. She said the man would always pester her that he wanted to marry her.

There had been pressure from my mother and other family members for her to get married but she always liked to handle her issues herself. She was the one who sponsored my university education. She was very hardworking. Even apart from her MTN work, she was still selling shoes and bags on the side.
“It happened that the man (Ogundele) got the numbers of my brother and I somehow.”
Soon, Ogundele started to send messages to Oluwatosin’s brothers.
The screen capture of one of such messages shown our correspondent, reads, “Your sister is giving me a serious headache. I don’t know what to do. I love her so much but…Join me in prayers that God should soften her heart.”
In another text message he sent to one of the brothers, Ogundele wrote, “I am at the health centre now. It is your sister’s behaviour that landed me there o. Always thinking (sic) I covet your prayers for survival. If I die, I die for love. You can’t understand.”
At this point, the brothers reached the conclusion that the man was terribly obsessed with their sister, who insisted that she was never going to get into a relationship with or marry him.
Saturday PUNCH learnt that it became clear that Oluwatosin’s mind was made up when Ogundele undertook the most unexpected and shocking step of organising a big birthday  party for the young woman when she clocked 30 in February.
Apart from organising the birthday, he bought a Toyota Matrix as a birthday gift.
As the birthday ceremony started, Ogundele reportedly put a call across to Oluwatosin to come. She never showed up.
“If my sister had accepted the gift, it would have been the same as accepting his proposal. He felt so bad about it,” the deceased’s brother said.
This was said to have infuriated Ogundele, whom they said felt ashamed in the eyes of the guests he had invited to the party.
Oluwatosin’s brothers said her resolve was more affirmed because she had learnt that Ogundele was married already.
After Ogundele established contacts with Oluwatosin’s siblings, he went ahead to get in touch with their mother.
“He kept disturbing my brother. My brother initially felt pity for him for the disappointment when he told him he bought a car for my sister but she still disappointed him. When he got my mother’s number, I explained to my mother that he was not the kind of person my sister could marry. My mother decided to tell him that there was nothing she could do about that because she could not force a man on her own daughter to marry.”
On Saturday, their 53-year-old mother travelled to Ilorin to visit Oluwatosin.
That was when she learnt that there had been an incident recently which Oluwatosin did not tell them.
“I called my mother that day and she told me that she was happy that she visited my sister. She said the man (Ogundele) threatened my sister. My mother said my sister told her that the man held a knife to her neck and collected her ATM card and withdrew money from her account.
“My sister told mom that the man threatened that if he did not marry her, he would waste her. We could not finish that conversation that day.”
Then between 8am and 9am on Sunday, the Ashinwo’s worst nightmare came true. Ogundele made good his threat.
Ogundele showed up and an argument ensued, during which Oluwatosin insisted the man must leave her house.
Rather than leave, in anger, Ogundele ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.
By the time, he was done, the two women, Oluwatosin, and her mother, who tried to stop the fight, had both been stabbed multiple times.
It was learnt that Ogundele locked his victims in the room, thinking that they were both dead.
The house was deserted at the time as other tenants were not around at the time of the incident.
Unknown to Ogundele, Oluwatosin’s mother survived and she alerted a trader who had a shop in front of the compound.
The severely injured woman, who had managed to narrate a little of what happened, said she watched as her bleeding daughter breathed her last, as Ogundele locked them inside and fled.
She was later rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an emergency surgery to save her life.
Photographs of the scene of the attack, which were shown our correspondent, showed patches of thickened blood which had turned the white tiles red. The photographs gave an insight into the brutal attack that took Oluwatosin’s life.
 Conversation with killer on the run:
In a shocking conversation our correspondent struck with the alleged killer (Ogundele) on WhatsApp, he simply rationalised his act by saying “I was bewitched.”
Asked if Oluwatosin provoked him, he said, “It is well.  What can I do now? I was bewitched. How would I attack a lady I claim to love?”
At what point did he think he was bewitched?
“When you did something you never wanted to do that’s how you’ll know. Tell me what to do please,” he said.
Asked what caused the argument in which he stabbed Oluwatosin and her mother, he answered “Please, tell me what to do.”
Saturday Punch correspondent told him that if he refused to explain what happened, people would read the report and view him simply as a cold-blooded killer, he answered, “At least I will appear in one of the most read newspapers in Nigeria.”
Asked why he did not simply hand himself over to the police, rather than run, he said, “I am in Ilorin, airport area. I am not running.”
He was asked why he stabbed Oluwatosin’s mother too, he denied it and simply said, “Never”. When told that the woman survived, he said, “Thank God for her life.”
When he was told that the more he stayed in hiding, the more he would look guilty, he replied, “Now you are talking.  Is she really dead? Okay. I will hand myself over to the police tomorrow in Ilorin, trust me. She is dead, let me die too.”
Saturday Punch correspondent later sent him one of his pictures earlier taken from his Whatsapp profile to let him know that his identity was known.
“That’s not my present picture though. I keep an afro now. Long hair. Where are you now?” Ogundele said.
He later signed off the conversation and said, “Talk to you later.”
Hunt for killer
The case was initially reported at the F Division of the Kwara State Police Command, which is located few metres away from where Oluwatosin lived.
The spokesperson for the Kwara State Police Command, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, confirmed that the police are on the trail of the suspect.
Investigators have visited a private university where Ogundele is said to work, but his colleagues said they had not seen nor heard from him since the day before the incident.
The police have called for any information that may help to track down the suspect as he continues to stay in hiding.

As of the time of filing this report, he had yet to hand himself over to the police as he promised our correspondent.

Thai Gang Attack British Family On Vacation!

The video posted below, as captured by an over head security camera, and which has gone viral on youtube channel, captured the moments when a 68-year-old man, his 65-year-old woman and their 43-year-old son from Scotland, on vacation, were attacked by a gang of four in the beach town of Hua Hin, Gulf of Thailand 
According to the videoit happened that on the evening of April 13, 2016, the holiday makers were walking down a crowded street during festivities for the Thai New Year, when an altercation broke out with a group of men on the street, who punch all three in the face, kick their bodies and stomp on their faces in an attack.

The attack stopped when all three victims are seen lying on the ground, in what appears to be a state of unconsciousness, the Thai gang disappeared and bystanders were able come to their aid. 
Speaking on the ruthless act, Thai's authorities said all four suspects who are in their 20s and 30s, were arrested within days of the incident. 
It was gathered that the suspect said they are sorry and blamed their acts on their state of 'drunkenness'. 
Blaming 'state of drunkenness' as the 'cause' of vicious attacks on foreigners on vacation, is insufferable and does not portray hospitable image of any country where this is experienced.

Friday 29 April 2016

Photos From Around Nigeria!

Abeokuta, largest city and Ogun state capital, south west Nigeria. 

The rock view is a sight to behold.

Ikota/ VGC Foot Bridge Crying For Completion!

This foot bridge (as seen on Thursday, April 28, 2016) located at VGC/ Ikota shopping complex of Lekki Peninsula, Lagos state, seems to have been abandoned for a while now....

This situation leaves pedestrians crossing to the other side, at the mercy of vehicles on high speed at the express.

More over this project outh have been completed going by the time it started....around 2014.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Global Competitiveness Report Data Reveals 10 Most Competitive Global Economies!

The data below, obtained from Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016, shows Switzerland topping the chat of most competitive global economies: 

Flavour Becomes Brand Ambassador For Life Beer!

Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer, Flavour lands a new deal as he becomes Brand Ambassador for Life Beer.

Toddler Dies After Accidentally Shooting Self In The Chest!

A 3 year-old boy, identified as Holston Cole, living in Paulding County, Dallas - Georgiasoutheastern United States, with his father, mother and twin sisters, in a home on Camp Circle and Dallas Acworth Highway, died on Tuesday morning around 7am, April 26, 2016, after accidentally shooting himself in the chest.

Image result for 3 year old dies after shooting self in the chest

It is unclear how the toddler got hold of a loaded gun, or who it belonged to, but news revealed that the boy was taken to Paulding-Wellstar hospital after the accident, where he was pronounced dead. 

No charges have been filed in the case. 

Tuesday 26 April 2016

NMA Auto Crash Survivor Blames Lack Of Speedy Medical Attention For Death Of His Colleagues!

One of the six Nigerian doctors in the Sokoto bound bus who survived the accident that claimed the lives of six Ekiti State medical doctors and the driver on Sunday, April 24, at Doka, has blamed lack of speedy medical administration, as responsible for the death of his colleagues.


The survivor claimed some of those who lost their lives would have survived if they got good medical attention from the point of the accident, to when they were taken to Doka General Hospital in Kaduna northernwest Nigeria.
According to him, the situation became worst, when they got to Doka Hospital and there was no doctor around to attend to the victims, while the only nurse on duty had no first aid facilities to administer treatment.
To substantiate his claim, the survivor said he was certain  if the FRSC personnel that took them to the hospital and the nurse on duty had medical facilities to give first aid treatment, the situation would have been saved.
The survivor, John Akinbote, NMA's Ekiti state branch Charmin, disclosed this to the press on Monday, April 25, at St. Gerard Hospital, where he and five other NMA members are receiving treatment. 
Meanwhile the Kaduna State Sector Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), on Tuesday, April 26, blamed the cause of accident on speeding. 
Speaking through its Head of Operations, Deputy Corps Commander, Salisu Galadunci, the FRSC in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna, FRSC stated “The vehicle overturned with the occupants . Six of the doctors died alongside the driver of the vehicle while six others survived with various degrees of injuries.
“Bodies of the victim were evacuated to St. Gerard Hospital for depositing and medical attention.”
Another survivor of the crash, identified as Stephen Ayosanmi, said the driver forcefully applied the brakes when the tyre blew out, a move which made the bus somersault.

Names of those who lost their lives in the auto crash have been published as:
Alex Akinyele
Tunde Adesanmi
O.J. Taiwo
J.B. Ogunseye
O. Olajide
Atolani Adeniyi
Mr. Ajibola, the bus driver.

The bus which conveyed twelve medical doctors from their base in Ekiti state western Nigeria, to Sokoto, north-west Nigeria, for the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA)’s annual conference somersaulted at Doka, about 60 kilometers from Kaduna state, along Abuja –Kaduna express way on Sunday, April 24, 2016. Six doctors and the driver lost their lives, while six doctors are currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Kim Kardashian Shares Make-Up Tutorial On App Download!

Kim Kardashian shares makeup tutorial with Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic using drug store products on her app Download...

Monday 25 April 2016

Remembering Africa's Papa Wemba!

Remembering one of Africa's music legends Papa Wemba with this video: 

Thanks to Papa WembaKoffi Olomide and the rest, the Soukous beat made waves the world over...

Anyi Proved 'False Prophecy' Wrong By Living His Dream!

As I read through Anyi Obi's highly inspiring post, which buttressed the fact that 'if it's ever going to be, its only up to you'...this unpublished poem recently obtained from Kwame Nkrumah Files: Howard University, pooped up my mind...


There is a special task to do
That no one can achieve but YOU.

There is a wondrous prayer to pray
That no one save YOU can ever say.

A path of promise shines ahead
No other Soul may ever thread;
A door into Eternity
To which YOU hold the only key.

God gives his works to countless MEN
To render back to HIM again.
But no one can weave YOUR pattern through
Because - He only made one YOU.

YOU was written by a promising young Nigerian in the early 70s, late Comrade Khalil C. Ononye, (1949-1978) a Pan - Africanist, and member of the Afro - Asian Movements. 

Nigerian Group Commence School Feeding Program!

With the  objective of increasing enrollment, retention and completion of primary education amongst pupils in the FCT, a Nigerian philanthropic organisation, Total Child Care Initiative (TCCI), with funding support from the Nigerian Government and the TY Danjuma Foundation, recently commenced the Integrated School Feeding Project in Nigeria's capital Abuja. 

Sunday 24 April 2016

Billy Paul Is Dead!

Philadelphia Grammy-winning  soul classic known best for his Philly soul hit "Me and Mrs Jones" and who recorded the classic confession of infidelity, Billy Paul is dead.

Paul who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was hospitalized last week at Temple University Hospital - Philadelphiadied at his home in Blackwood, New Jersey, on Sunday, April 24, 2016. 

In his life time, Paul's career spanned for more than 60 years, he was aged 80.

Six Nigerian Medical Association Executives Reported Dead In Auto Crash!

News reaching our desk states that six executives of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) have been confirmed dead following an accident on Sunday, April 24, 2016.
The top executives were travelling from Ekiti state in western Nigeria, to Sokoto, north-west of the country for the association’s Annual General Meeting.
Names of the affected members have not been revealed.

Papa Wemba Bows Out!

Africa's prominent musician, and fashion icon, who popularized the Sapeur look and style through his musical group Viva la Musica, Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba, known as Papa Wemba, died after he dramatically collapsed mid-way through a song in Abidjan - Ivory Coast during a music festival on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Information revealed the 66 years-old Congolese singer had suffered a seizure.

Saturday 23 April 2016

"We Squandered The Oil Wealth" - Ambode!

Lagos State Governor Ambode, while responding to the fall in Oil prices, during his keynote address at the 3rd Annual  London School of Economics  (LSE) Africa Summit, held in London, U.K, and streamed live on Saturday, April 23, 2016, stated that Africa’s biggest economies which hitherto enjoyed improved social and economic performance, for more than a decade, are now confronted with significant headwinds following the adverse shock in commodity prices. This, he said is apparent in the growth decelerate coming in at 3.5% in 2015, down from 4.6% in 2014, the weakest pace since 2009. 

According to the governor, the drop in oil prices revealed that the 'one dimensional model' of Nigeria's political economy, has outlived its shelf life, as defined in the on-going re-direction challenge to change the architecture of Nigeria's political economy. "The high price of oil created a distorted economic structure, where it was more valuable to capture value from the oil stream than create value. The returns to oil went to a few, with a tiny trickle down system to keep the social peace, but the reality is we squandered the oil wealth and arrived to 2015 with poor infrastructure, a poor education system, and poor level of social development". He stated.

Promulgating his confidence in the present administration, governor Ambode said despite the present tough times and tough choices facing the country with this new reality, the low oil prices is a tipping point for positive change. This downturn he specified as: "an avenue for every Nigerian, the leaders and citizens inclusive, to address the sources of vulnerability in order to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development. The tone of enhance Governance with focus on transparency and accountability, has been established under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari."  - Ambode stated.

Photos From Around Lagos!

One of Nigeria's edifice, the National Theater located at Iganmu, Lagos state. 

This primary Center for Performing Arts in Nigeria was completed in 1976, in preparation for the 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture.