Saturday 29 April 2017

Nigeria Moves To Stir Economic Activities Along River Banks!

Inland waterways plays an essential role in economic development of a nation, specifically among inaccessible rural areas. Advantages such as: Enhancing economic opportunities, employment, Cost, Isolation reduction, Economic and Ecological sustainable transport solution among others, can not be overlooked in the contest to develop waterways.

Nigeria, with it's 2nd longest length of waterways in Africa stands greatly advantaged to the many benefits of inland water ways, this is because twenty-eight of the countries 36 states, can be reached through water, which equally links to five neighboring countries: Chad, Benin Republic, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Niger. Nevertheless, exploiting this asset seemed not preeminent in past administration's quest for economic growth, hence it's previous neglect .

According to the National Inland waterways Authority (NIWA), Nigeria has an estimated number of 10,000 kilometres waterways, of which if developed through dredging, and provision of complementary facilities, should provide an all year round navigation, and transportation of bulk cargo and passengers. It is perchance, in line with this thought, that the government launched the maintenance dredging of the 162km Ajaokuta (Kogi state) - Onitsha (Anambra state) waterways. Reports has it that this project is aimed at promoting multi-modal transport, and cheaper coastal services across twenty eight of Nigeria's 36 states.

Flagging off the initiative on Friday, April 28th, 2017, Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amechi, said the move is expected to engender increase in Nigeria's Water Front value, and generate economic activities along the river banks, and riverrine communities. “It is our hope to see the full concession of the Onitsha River Port before the end of the year, completion of the Lokoja River Port and supply of cargo handling equipment at Baro River Port". ..."With this, NIWA is poised to improve the navigability of the waterways, increase the value of water fronts and generate economic activities along the River banks as well as the riverine communities” . Mr. Amechi said.

Friday 28 April 2017

Remnant Of BEDMATE/ LG Showroom Inferno!

Pictures of remnant of BIGGERA complex along Lekki express way, gutted by fire,  Thursday evening, April 26th, 2017.

The building which comprised BEDMATE Furniture, LG Electronics showrooms among others, is beside the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church, Igbo Efon bus stop, Lekki - Lagos. 

As at the time of filling this report, actual cause of the inferno has not been ascertained.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Photos From Around Africa: New Look Of Accra's Kwame Nkrumah Interchange!

Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, popularly known as 'Circle' in Accra Ghana, West Africa, went through a huge transformation.  From what it used to look like, to the beautiful sight it currently is. 

See Photos below:

From this in 2016

To this, 2017

The recently commissioned Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, was constructed to ease traffic hitherto caused by teeming vehicles on that ply the route.

Monday 24 April 2017

Efe "Basedonlogistics" Fans Still Basking In 2017 BBN Winning Euphoria!

Fans of the just concluded 2017 Big Brother Naija winner Efe, are still basking in euphoria as they embark on divers means of associating their ventures with the based on "Basedonlogistics" coiner.

Photo below as seen Monday evening, April 24, 2017 along Ozumba Mbadiwe street, Victoria Island, Lagos - Nigeria.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Picture Of An alleged iPhone 6 Thief Goes Viral!

Picture of a lady wanted by the Police for allegedly stealing an iphone 6 and 128gb at an iStore Apple Store at Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg, South Africa, on Friday, 14th April, 2017 at about 7:22pm local time, trends on the Internet.

A man, supposed to be the husband of the theft victim shared the picture alongside the text below:

"This lady stole my wife's iPhone 6 Plus 128gb at iStore Apple Store at Nelson Mandela Square in Jo'Burg yesterday 14th April 2017 at 7:22pm. The theft has been reported to the SA Police. The phone has been tracked to No. 91 Hunter Street in Jo'Burg when it was last turned on. Anyone who recognizes the lady in Jo'burg should please alert the police. Please share this on all your social media contacts. Thanks."

Discovered 13 Billion Naira, What Next?

A lot has played out in the Political, Economic, even Entertainment and health sectors of Nigeria. The aim of this discussion, bothers on the recently reported discovery of the sum of 13 billion Naira cash found in apartment 7b, otherwise called "Apartment Dash-Dash", in Osborne TowersIkoyi, Lagos - Nigeria.

Apartment 7b was referred to as "Dash-Dash" because in the records of ownership, two dash (--) appeared in lieu of ownership identity. "Whistle blowers" of apartment dash dash were revealed to be ex-security guards at the residential building, who according to reports, enjoyed some level of largess, or "dash-dash" from a haggardly dressed woman, who repeatedly brought huge bags containing what is believed to be money, to the apartment. According to one of the whistle blowers, he received the sums of 10,000 and 500 naira respectively, on two occasions, when he helped the woman with the bag(s) of money.


Crowd at a Newspaper stand at a popular bus-stop in a major Nigerian Metropolis.

Vendor: Please, I will not entertain free reading of any kind today, better hold your =N=70 if you wan read today's news. I no fit shout abeg.
Reader 1, an unemployed middle aged man: In this harsh economic situation you are requesting for read no dey pity people?
Reader 2: Don't mind him, now he will blame it on the Dollar..wasn't it =N=50 before now..or do you have to fly to the U.S to get the papers?
Reader 1: No he went to the Moon....sighs

Vendor made to pack up his papers..Reader 2 puts his right hand into his right trouser pocket and brought out a rumpled =N=50 note, he asked Reader 1 if he has =N=20 on him. Reader one gave him a squeezed =N=20 note. He hands it over to the vendor.

Vendor: So the two of you wants to share a =N=70 readership???
Reader 1: Mr man what's your problem, we never pay you?

Reader 3, an elderly man in his 50s approach the Newspaper stand...hands the Vendor a =N=100 note...and picks up one of the Newspapers.. 

Reader 2: Picks one of the Newspapers with a screaming headline..."=N=13 Billion Discovered in An Ikoyi Apartment". 
Flips through to the page where the story is written.

Mumbles...Mmmm these people have come again.

Reader 1: Peeks into the paper...screams...13 billion whaaaat?

Reader 3: Flips his paper to the page.....what on earth have we turned into in this country?

Vendor: The question should be "what on earth have some of our so called leaders turned to"?

Reader 4, a young man in his 20s arrived the stand: 
..Most of them are callous thieves... that's what they turned to, a long time it not the ikoyi apartment money? I already saw it online
Reader 3: Can you imagine...a whooping =N=13 billion starched away in an apartment...meanwhile most of us are yet to get our gratuity after retirement...not to talk of pension...nah so so "money no dey -money no dey" we dey hear. 
Vendor: Well..we don see where some of the money bin apartment "Dash-Dash".
Reader 1: With hands folded on his chest as if he was catching cold.
...Meennnn this is heartless...and here I am job-hunting since the past 1 year that I lost my job...every where I go, I get turned down due to "recession"; most companies are not recruiting.
Reader 4: Laughs...but are not new in Naija suppose don sabi your people wella...job deyooo, you fit begin blow whistle.
Reader 3: As unto referee that he is abii, can you get serious for once?
Reader 2: And what do you mean "sabi your people"? does it mean something good cannot always come out from some of these people...must it be one heist after another...
Reader 3: Cuts in...This one go come thief him own, another one go come..thief him say nah competition of who thief pass.
Reader 2: By the way, WHO owns that apartment?

Everyone chorused : WHO you dey ask?

Reader 4: Are we EFCC?
Vendor: Or are we CBN?
Reader 2: That is the million Dollar question...WHO owns the apartment?
Reader 4: Bros..the way I see the situation now...nah only that apartment waka comeooo.


Reader 3: Yes now, as every one suddenly don deny any knowledge of WHO owns the apartment.
Reader 4: They should go and look for "Dash-Dash"...nah him get the apartment.


Reader 1: This is not funny at all..
Everyone replies almost at once: Watin you want make we do?
Reader 3: Since they are shameless...make we help them out nah...who are they deceiving?
Reader 2: Right now...there is not much to say..until the culprit is identified...
Reader 3: And announced to the pubic...because nah our money be that...nah the Nigerian masses money be that...not after a while they will cover the case after collecting their own share.
Reader 4: But that has always been the case...were you expecting any difference in this case? 
Everyone: Lets keep our fingers crossed
Reader 1: True, lets give them the benefit of doubt...and see how this plays out...
Reader 4: We are watching and waiting...patiently....meanwhile... its like I will join this "whistle blowing" Businessooo, seems like that is where the money is. See as those ex-guards don hammer.
Reader 2: I hope these "whistle blowers" are being protected....make them no go blow whistle disappear into thin air.

Lights out!