Friday 27 July 2018

Shopping Malls In An Emerging Economy!

The spurt of shopping malls in major cities across the globe inspired this study. From the Dubai Mall, Bur Juman, Wafi Mall West Field - London, Staten Island Mall New-York, Columbus Circle shops, Italie Deux, South China Mall, Dongguan, Istenye Park Istanbul, The Galleria in South Africa, Morocco Mall in Casablanca, et cetera,  even Nigeria's velocity to catch-up in the trend.

October, 2018: Highcross Mall, Leicester City

Hike in the spending habit of the average Nigerian, living in the urban areas, cannot be ignored as a contributory factor to the reason major malls with state-of-the-art-facilities are on the surge. From the commercial hub Lagos, to the capital-city Abuja, to Port-Hacourt, Owerri, Aba, Onitsh, Asaba, Benin, Enugu, Calabar, EtcMalls keep sprouting and before you knew what time it is, most of them have been occupied, with enterprises offering divers products and services. All over the Lagos metropolis and major cities across Nigeria, malls are burgeoning. Some of them have stood the test of time to become a must-see-to-place, while others closed down before you knew they existed. Yet, some struggled to maintain a level of clientele. 

An instance is the Novare Mall, Sangotedo, in the Lekki-Peninsula area of Lagos State. So far, believably the biggest shopping mall in Nigeria, the mall opened its doors to the public, in 2016. I got the "wao" effect from first time visitors, especially those who might not have had the opportunity to visit large malls in developed countries. Some people argued that the mall would not stand the test of time, considering the economic and political situation of the country. Others argued the logic of investing on a colossal project, in an emerging part of the state. Howbeit, two years on, the number of tenant and visitors the mall attracts continued to increase.

Nigeria is a major player in Africa's increasing market. Aside an increasing population, emerging middle-class as a result of increased income, is a major propellant to this factor. Since 1999 when the country returned to Democratic rule, civil servants remunerations have been reviewed over time. More-so, there have been an evolution of small and medium scale enterprises, some of which are Social Media based . The outcome, an increase in the purchasing power and living standard.  

Not far fetched from the afore mentioned theory, is the fact that entrepreneurs simply provide answers to human-needs. Over time, the hhuman specie has sought for answers to the various needs.  According to Maslow's "Theory of Human Motivation", human-needs can be categories into five levels: Psychological, safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualisation". 

These human-needs posed challenges which an entrepreneur graciously exploits. A keen observation of human-needs is therefore crucial in establishing an enterprise. As a social animal, a focal need is communication, followed by the need to socialize. The ability therefore to satisfy these needs, is today made possible to a large extent with the advent of the Social Media. Armed with increased purchasing power, the communication and socialization are equivalently increased. Entrepreneurs leverage on this opportunity by advertising their products and services, via various Social Media platforms. 

May, 2017: Asaba Mall, Asaba, Delta State- Nigeria

People visit the malls for a lot of reasons ranging from: hanging-out, shopping etc. They also get to share their experiences through the Social Media platforms. Apart from satisfying the Psychological, Safety, and Social needs; taking care of the Esteem need is equally important. The need for status, recognition, prestige and attention, falls this category. This is because human beings, desire to be 'respected'. People engage in activities, and professions they feel gives them some level of respect. An average individual wants to prove that they "have-arrived", or 'doing-well', according to societal standard and expectations. Opulence life-style, buying high-end products and services are simply efforts to satisfy the Esteem need. Where else are most of these brands obtained, the malls. 

Malls have evolved to became icons of development. Visits to popular malls in major travel is mostly top on a tourist's 'must-do' lists. At holidays times, the malls are swamped by a sea of people, from all strata: high, middle, low class, patronizing the stores. From games, cinema, pubs, eateries, groceries, sport-shops, clothes, health, beauty, cosmetics and interiors, all captivating-ly displayed to attract visitors. Some malls offer financial services, like Banks, and the Automated Teller machines (ATM). There is no way one can escape spending, even if it is in the minimal.

Due to improved standard of living, high and middle-income earners, living in developing countries, can afford to shop for most of their needs in a one-stop-mall for convenience.

Obianuju Mbanusi, writes.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Google Rolls-Out Free Wi-Fi For Nigeria!

"Google for Nigeria" held on Thursday, July 26, and Friday, July 27, 2018, at the Landmark Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos - Nigeria.

Google's Director in Nigeria, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, revealed the company's intention to "roll out Google Station in 200 locations in five cities across Nigeria by the end of 2019, bringing Wi-Fi to millions of people."

Pictures below show participants treated to a Digital Play ground, which showcases all one can do with Google.

According to Ehimuan-Chiazor, Google Station sites will include "markets, transport hubs, shopping malls, universities and more. She further disclosed that Nigeria is the fifth country to get Google Station, after India, Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico." She stated.

Friday 13 July 2018

"While I Was Busy Fighting For Peace In My Country, #SARS Were Busy Torturing My Cousin Till Death"- Nigerian Soldier Cries!

The pace of extra-judicial killing of 'presumed-innocent' people by officers of the Nigerian Special Anti Robbery Squad (SAR), has exceeded its peak. No week went by, without a report of abuse of human-right, on the Social Media by SARS officers. Adding to the list, is a recent out-cry from an officer of the Nigerian Army, over the killing of his cousin, in the custody of the Special Anti Robbery (SARS).
The narrative: 
"While i was busy fighting for peace in my country, #SARS were busy torturing my cousin till Death. Got a shocking news entering into town now. I think am done with this country. According to what i heard. They were picked up at about 8:20pm by #SARS took them to custody that they are yahoo boys later said they are cult members tortured the hell out of them asking till the next day. His mother went to the station they ask her to go bring 60k to bail just my cousin.  She cried telling them she's just a bean cake seller she don't have such money in her position they pushed her out and threatened to lock her up when next she comes in without the money. She left. Call several family members to tell them what is happening. Before she could reach out to those who will raise such money for her was the third day. They've already handed over my cousin to Anti cultism. They tortured them till my cousin gave up because he's hypertensive. Well I rest my case here. What are we really fighting for? when the lifes of our loved ones at home isn't safe. You brought casualties and you hear another tragedy in your family. #lifeOfaSoldier".Like any well-meaning organisation established to serve the populace, the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) was established some decades ago, in Lagos State, following the success story of an anti-robbery squad in Edo state. At the time, SARS was set-up as a special unit in the Nigerian Police Force, to combat armed-robbery. The then Police Commissioner, believed to be the brain behind the idea, Retired Police Commissioner, Simeon Danladi Midenda, told Vanguard News, in an interview with Crime Editor, Emma Nnadozie,  which was published on December, 23, 2017. "I reported in Lagos as ordered. I met late James Danbaba as the Commissioner of Police, Sir Mike Mbama Okiro, former IGP and the present Chairman, Police Service Commission, as Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations and late Abdulyekini Adoeye, as the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Administration. They asked me to set up an anti-robbery team strong enough to make sure robbers were dislodged from Lagos. To start with, fifteen fully armed men and two plain coloured Peugeot station wagons were given to me. Mr. Taiwo Lakanu, now an Assistant Inspector-General of Police, AIG, was appointed my second in command. It must be noted that at this time, there were already three anti-robbery squads operating in Lagos. One, that of Force CID, Alagbon Close but based at Adeniji-Adele, one attached to Zone two command and the third at Panti, Lagos state CID. With the existence of these three separate anti-robbery units already operating in Lagos therefore, I needed a name that was unique with which my own team was to be called and communicated with. After several days of trying to coin a name, I failed to come up with a unique name, catchy and strong enough to send a message that somebody different was in town. At the end, I simply added the word ‘Special’ to the already existing Anti-Robbery Squad and it came up with “Special anti-Robbery Squad” abbreviated as SARS. That was how the name SARS came into the Nigeria Police vocabulary. Before this time, Special Anti-robbery Squad as a name or the abbreviation SARS never appeared in any kind of police communications". He stated.
Recollecting how SARS operated, Midenda continued- "As soon as robbery was reported anywhere in Lagos, we went out with speed, each team to a predestined location. At our various locations, we patiently waited while the conventional policemen continued to chase the robbers around Lagos. In their bid to escape, the robbers almost always fell into out traps and met their Waterloo".  SARS officers did not go about the streets in search of robbers; neither did they receive direct complaints from members of the public. They allowed Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) do their jobs, after which the DPOs transfer confirmed cases of "armed robbery" (not fraud or cultism), back to SARS for follow-up action. Suspects whose case failed to link-up to robbery (lesser offenses) were simply sent back to the DPO to be charged accordingly. There appeared to be order, every Police officer knew his duties and boundaries which leaves me wondering ‘what went wrong’?... to which Simeon Midenda pointed out: "One thing that is clear to me is that they (SARS) have deviated from the original concept".
To protect their identities, Midenda said SARS officers did not bear guns, walkie talkies or any ammunition of any kind. "we realized the danger of carrying weapons openly. We also realized that by carrying weapons openly, we have destroyed the element of surprise".
The above clearly explained SARS initial 'modus operandi', is far-fetched from today’s: guns-wielding, fully identified officers, devoid of any knowledge of Human-Right laws. The perils of SARS has like an un-checked epidemic, spread over Nigerian states. 
In December 2017, following shared experiences and several petitions written against the squad, The Nigerian Senate authorized its ad-hoc Committee on Security, chaired by Senate leader, Ahmed Lawan, to investigate reports of murder, torture, and human-right abuses against the Anti Robbery SquadSenator Isah Hamma Misau, Chairman of the Nigerian Senate Committee on Navy, who championed the motion to end the Anti Robbery Squad, stated, "the Federal SARS go to states and arrest people without making reference to the Commissioner of Police, they bring them (arrested people) to Abuja and detain them". Nigerian Dailies, are not left out, on the fight to check-SARs. Over the years, headlines to inform the public about authorities’ efforts to cub this condition screamed:
  • "I.G BANS SARS FROM CONDUCTING STOP AND SEARCH"- Guardian Newspapers, December, 22, 2017 .
  • CP BANS POLICEMEN FROM WEARING MUFTI, SARS JACKET - Guardian Newspaper, July 13, 2018...etc it goes. 
SARS culture of- harassment, torture and extra-judicial killing of presumed innocent citizens, before other-wise proven by the Court of Law, clearly defines a squad that even the authorities will find difficult to control, if not checked. 

Thursday 12 July 2018

"I Did Not Kidnap The Girl...I Did Everything In The Right Process To Marry Her" - Groom Responds!

Following the out-cry and publications of a marriage between a teenage girl identified as Blessing Udoye, a student, who lived at Isiokpo, (going by information revealed in the marriage certificate) to a man identified as Okechukwu, Tochukwu, Emmanuel, a graduate of Delta State University, Abraka, and currently a business man, who lives at number 15 Orubor street, Agbor, without the knowledge nor consent of any member of the bride's famil, the Fishers of Men Charismatic Church, the Church that allegedly arranged the  said marriage has released some information to the public concerning the marriage through their Facebook page.

Okechukwu, Tochukwu, Emmanuel

Fishers of Men Charismatic Church Press Release Below: 

"Our attention as a ministry has been drawn to an allegation by one Raphael Uduoye also known as De raph man, who alleged that Fishers of Men Charismatic Church Isiokpo branch in Imo state conducted the wedding of his younger sister without the consent of the family.

 It was said that Blessing Uduoye was kidnapped and hypnotized against her will

That the wedding took place without the presence and consent of the family members

The aforementioned was alleged to be for ritual purpose to get more members between the pastor and the said husband


We as a ministry is known as advocates for righteousness, holiness, sincerity and love for mankind. Well, it is very unfortunate that when it has to do with the body of Christ it always generates attention and interest from the public especially the negative. In order to get the details of what transpired, the church authority sent investigators undercover to unravel the mystery behind the allegation. To this extent, the outcome of this investigative outing are as follows:
• Blessing Uduoye was there to speak with us amidst smiles and laughter; according to her, she is 18 years old and that’s the information she presented to her pastor.
• The entire family members except Raphael Uduoye who was referred to as dissident were in the traditional marriage and church wedding. Pictorial confirmation to this scenario is available below this article. 
• The father was traced to his business place and he gave a full analysis of his consent to the union. Visual evidence of the conversation between the father and the investigator was captured with a phone recorded video because the correspondent had to hide their camera because of the thugs Raphael Uduoye organized against the investigators. The audio version of this engagement is also available although spoken in ibo language.
• The team of investigators also visited the family house of Blessing Uduoye, the mother was interviewed; according to her, “I have prayed for my daughter to have a blissful matrimonial experience”. To consolidate her acceptance, she further prayed for her daughter. In addition, our camera lenses captured the relics of the food and drinks that were consumed during the traditional marriage in her father’s compound. The visual evidence is also available.
• The man who married the said Blessing Uduoye was also interviewed, he confirmed that he is 33years old and presented the marriage registry certificate produced in Ika south local government council of delta state.
• One Samuel defiled the torrential rain during the interview and told us that he was the interpreter during the traditional marriage and church wedding. He however declared that the man who put forward this allegation should go and settle the difference amongst themselves in the family. Persons who witnessed the wedding including the chief of the clan also said they were part of the traditional marriage.
• That the pastor instructed Blessing Uduoye not to tell her parents as a doctrine of the church is a mis-information. We have nothing against Rapheal Uduoye and his family as we preach love and tolerance. However, we expected him to have channeled his grievance to the appropriate quarter instead of engaging in character defamation.
• The groom is a member of Immeasurable grace mission Inc, Agbor in Delta state; he is from obodo-ukwu in the same local government as the bride. The pastor of the groom wrote a letter to the pastor of Fishers of men charismatic church isiokpo, confirming that the groom is eligible to marry and he has fulfilled all the wedding requirement according to their church system. The letter written by Pastor Gideon Ijeh is attached to this article (visual).
Lastly, from our sources, some pictures were taken by the contracted photographer during the traditional marriage, especially when the father of the bride pronounced blessings on the couple, but attempts to locate the photo studio was thwarted by Ralph and his gangs. For many on social media who have reached out to us, we appreciate your love, concern and support. We have now given our own version of what really happened, take the word out and let the world know what really transpired. The church is marching on and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. 


In an interview, to clear the air on the controversy surrounding his marriage, read the groom, Mr. Tochukwu, Okechukwu Emmanuel's responds below

"People are saying that I, Tochukwu, Okechukwu Emmanuel kidnapped one girl, Blessing Udoye, and married her without paying a bride price, I never did something like that. I went and married the girl, I paid the bride price, did everything necessary and in the right process to marry her. So any rumour like that, is a fake rumour, its not the truth, I married her in a right way, in a godly way, that marriage was a divine marriage without any sin". 

Reacting to the controversy surrounding his age, Mr. Okechukwu said:

"I am 33-years old, any rumour that says I am 45-years old is a lie , you can watch at me and look the picture of my face, I am not up to 45-years old. I am 33-years-old, so that rumour is fake. 

Okechukwu went further to say he registered that said marriage, which according to information revealed, showed it was conducted at the Assemblies of God Church, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.

"Yes I registered this wedding at the local government, I can show you the certificate" (showing to the camera, what is believed to be the certificate of the marriage). - He said.

Mr. Emmanuel continued: "This is the certificate of my marriage, I registered it properly, there's no fake about it. It was registered in Delta state local government, and the certificate was issued to me by the marriage board, when I registered it". 

Mr. Emmanuel continued: "I love my wife very well, from the first day I met my wife, I saw her, I loved her. And up-till now, I still love her, and I promise that I will always love her.....".

On the allegation that the Pastor arranged and conducted the marriage, Mr. Emmanuel said: "It's a big lie, the Pastor never contracted this marriage, the Pastor only guided me on this marriage, because he is there as my spiritual mentor to guide me on this marriage, not that he arranged a wife for me, its a lie". 

On the Bride's Parent's consent: "I married my wife, I paid Pride-Price in her house, and the 'Umu-Nna came, everything they required, they was naming it, in terms of Malt and the rest of them was being given to them, and every requirement, so I married it in a rightful way. And all of them was satisfied, there's nothing like wrong marriage or I did not provide anything that was needed for the marriage. Everything needed for the marriage was provided".Tochukwu, Okechukwu Emmanuel said in an interview.

A closer view of the marriage certificate which was issued by Ika-South Local Government however puts Mr. Tochukwu, Okechukwu Emmanuel's age at 33-years of age, and that of the bride, Blessing Udoye at 19-years-of age.

interviews seen on the Facebook page of Fishers of Men Charismatic Church, showed three elderly women, who identified themselves as from Isiokpo, in Ideato local government area, (Imo State) and members of the bride, Blessing Udoye's family, who went for the marriage rite ceremony spoke in Igbo language:

"What we have to say to people is that when we went there, everything went well. When we went there, our sister, whose marriage ceremony we went to, her name is Blessing Udoye, when we went there, they did everything in peace. Everything went on in her presence, there was no confusion. They performed her marriage rites, all the kinsmen who attended eat to their fill. Everybody was happy. And her father, made everybody understand that of the truth, this child came from his loins. When he was blessing her, at a point he said...oh my daughter, I know that this is not death, go, it will be well. We will met again. At that point, the father burst into tears, so did everybody who attended the marriage rite ceremony. This is because this is a child after her father's heart, that was why he cried. After he cried he blessed his daughter (Blessing). 

Concerning the rumour making rounds that Blessing was kidnapped, the spokeswoman said "nothing bad happened at there, it is gossip".

In another video, a woman who identified herself as Blessing Udoye's mother and who spoke in Igbo language, said she is aware of the marriage between her daughter Blessing Udoye and Tochukwu Emmanuel, that she gave her consent, prayed for Blessing and that Tochukwu Emmanuel performed all necessary rites concerning the marriage. 

On her own, Blessing Udoye, who appeared later in the interview said she is happy with her marriage.  It was revealed that Blessing's father was not available at the time of the interview.

Monday 9 July 2018

"You Did Not Marry My Sister You Kidnapped Her" - Man Cries Out Following An Arrange-Marriage Between A Much Older man And His Teenage Sister Without Her Family's Knowledge!!

A man from Umualabuike Isiokpo, Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State, South-East Nigeria, has cried out via his Facebook platform, against an arranged-marriage by a Pastor from Fishers of Men Charismatic Church, Isiokpo, between his teenage sister to a much older man.

According to story, wedding cards were sent out and all necessary arrangements concerning the wedding made without the knowledge nor consent of the girl's family.

The narration below: 

I Raphael Udoye From Umualabuike Isieke Isiokpo in Ideato North L.G.A Imo State Hereby Announce to the World That This Idiot In the Picture is never, and can never be my In-law.

I Raphael can never hide taboo no matter who did it, I dont care if you are my Blood or not.
many people will say why did I went to work why my Blood sister is getting married.
it just started on 29th of June 2018, when a class mate of my so called sister "UDOYE BLESSING" chatted me that my sister is getting married and have printed a wedding card and I could not Invite her to the wedding.
In surprise I asked Her "which of my sister is getting married and I did not know, Is it a Joke or what?"
she said she is with the wedding card that if I doubt her, I should Invite her to see the wedding Card.
with my utmost surprise, I thought its a dream while its reality.
on reaching home I called her to come that I want to ask her if what am hearing and seeing is true or a nightmare?
Surprisingly She replied "So U have not heard, If you want to know U have to come to our church to know more details"
Imagine someone that I thought is my sister have been deceived by Their so called Pastor From Fishers of men Charismatic church Isiokpo, that she should not tell any member of her family that she is getting married.
I cant Withheld the insult from my sister and their so called Pastor.
I asked my sister again "Blessing who is the man that is seeking your hand in marriage that your family members will not know? is he a ghost or human being? Are you Crazy? How Could you marry someone that your sibling dont Know? How old are You? Is Marriage your future to think for now? how can your pastor print and share wedding card without the consent of your family? Whose names is written in the Card?.
after all this Investigation I found out that the so called Abominable church "Fishers of Men Charistmatic Church Isiokpo, had plan the wedding since six months ago and hide it from the girls family.
on Sunday 1st July 2018 when I Started reporting that this wedding will never hold in my eye, that is when our so called stupid inlaw receive information that the family did not agree that the wedding will hold.

on monday 2nd of July 2018, I am preparing to go work when someone knocked, after receiving the guest

he introduced himself to be the father of this man in the picture with my sister, that he heard we reject the wedding and traditional marriage which will hold on 7th and 8th of July 2018.
that he came only to appeal for us to accept his apology to hold the wedding, that it will be an insult to him if the wedding did not hold, that he had informed their churches all over Nigeria that his Son Is getting marriage, that He had shared the wedding card Since ending of May 2018.
I asked him a question "Is this not the first time am seeing you? How can an elder like you do such evil, by printing a wedding card without knowing your inlaws?
how can you fix dates for wedding and traditional marriage only you and your churches without seeing the parents of the Child.
He replied "that is the Order of their church, that the Family of the Girl will not know until the wedding date" 
Tufiaa!!!! this is a taboo and I have never seen such in Isiokpo Land since My Birth. and can never accept a taboo.
I Raphael hereby announce to the public that you did not marry my sister
You kidnapped her
anything that happens to her in future I will Fight You With all Aspects.