Sunday 20 October 2013

Naomi Campbell In The Middle Of A 'Husband Snatching' Saga!

"Family members Lament ''Kola leave Naomi Campbell alone and face us,we are hungry!''.

The surest way to ruin a man who doesn't know how to handle money is to give him some.

Kola Aluko is a man who doesn’t know how to handle money yet he has plenty; now he is on a rollercoaster ride on the path to perdition. That is because the international businessman who recently made the list of Forbes “Ten Nigerian Multi-Millionaires You've Never Heard Of" fields his wealth like a curse to humanity, put more precisely, like a blight to his family.
Despite his amazing wealth, Aluko has refused to take care of his loved ones; particularly his two wives, Kemi and Teni, who are currently wasting away in misery and penury.Kemi, unlike Teni, Kola’s second wife, used to be the only neglected one, the one who dwelt alone with the kids in abject poverty until Kola’s attention shifted from Teni and she ended up on the receiving end of the same big stick Kola wields against his first wife. The sad reality of Kola’s miserliness to his wives and his astounding generosity to love interests outside the walls of their matrimony exerts a devastating impact on them laments a very close relative of Aluko.

While Kemi and her children are left to roast in impoverishment and neglect, Kola frolics about town with controversial former American runway queen, Naomi Campbell.

Since Campbell broke up with her billionaire boyfriend, she hasn’t been seen in suggestive poses with any man until her recent dalliances with Kola Aluko. Today, where ever you see Campbell, you will see Kola hanging around her like a silhouette to her beauteous frame.

Recently, the duo were sighted in Paris and according to the British Dailymail online edition, it seems they had a good time together there.

Back home in Nigeria, Kola Aluko’s wives and children and other relatives are facing the hardest of times. Many months ago, trouble reared its ugly head in Aluko’s marriage over his negligence to his marital responsibilities. So acrimonious were the several quarrels that afflicted the marriage that Aluko’s dirty linen with his wives were washed in public and exposed for all to see.

News that Kemi and her children were living from hand to mouth leaked to the streets and got spread by the rumour mill like wildfire in harmattan.
Kola for unexplainable reasons neglects his family and treats them like despicable slaves to the consternation of his friends and relatives.
With chains of successful business dealings and expansive and very expensive properties across New York, Beverly Hills, London, Dubai, Paris, Miami among others, it is unclear why Aluko would subject his wife and children to impoverishment and neglect.
Despite his assemblage of state of the art automobiles in his garages serving and palatial mansions spread across the world’s most exclusive regions, it is a great shame to see his first wife sweating profusely in the rickety car she cruises around Lagos and living in a dingy two-room apartment with their children.

It’s even more shameful to see his father's house in Ikoyi give to wear and neglect. Kola’s ancestral home has aged to a point when one would think it was one of those houses afflicted by ravages of war.

As you read, it totters in near collapse and the multimillionaire oil magnate does not give a hoot even if it collapses in rubble any moment from now.

It would be recalled that Kola ran into mysterious wealth through Diezani few years ago. But rather than spend such wealth in care of his loved ones, Kola unconscionably chose to neglect them. He suddenly discovered the need to dump his first wife and took a new wife in the daughter of Chief Edu.

His younger brothers, Kunle and Bolaji, like his first wife, Kemi, have been living in stark poverty without any help from him. Nonetheless, Kola indulges in questionable and indefensible extravagance like currently does with Campbell and he did when he literally took over Jide Omokore’s son’s wedding in Dubai; there Kola spent $1 million on drinks at Cavalli Nite Club in Dubai.

The situation has become an eyesore to his family members and even though they suffer the same raw deal from Aluko, as his wives and kids, it is their utmost wish that he stopped gallivanting about town with his new love interest, Campbell, and instead spend quality time and money being squandered in taking care of the family shamelessly neglects".

Story written by BUNMI OGUNDAIRO: (Oct. 2013).

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