Thursday 26 February 2015

Turkish Beauty Queen Faces Jail Term For Satirical Post Against President Erdogan!

In what has been described as the latest in a series of crackdowns by the country on social media and on individuals, the satirical cartoon below posted in 2013, by a Turkish ex-beauty queen might send her to jail.

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Uykusuz'un son kapağı: Tayyip ve şiir.
Buyuksarac was reportedly questioned  about the poem last month by police last month, but she denied recalling what particular posts they referred to, as she has posted many humorous cartoons. "I don't precisely recall the content I have shared on my Instagram account".
"I shared it because it was funny to me," she added. "I did not intend to insult Recep Tayyip Erdoğan." she added.

Information revealed that than 60 persons have been charged for mocking Erdoğan.  A couple of months ago, a 16-year-old high school student was reportedly arrested after making a speech in which he described Erdogan as "the thieving owner of the illegal palace."

An Istanbul court will decide on whether to proceed with the case or take the joke in good faith.

Nigeria Ranks 6th In Bloomberg's 20 Fastest- Growing Economies!

Bloomberg survey of economists showed Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, which ranked 6th on the graph, is projected to expand 4.9 percent in 2015. 
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The survey revealed that China, the Philippines, Kenya, India and Indonesia, which together make up about 16 percent of global gross domestic product, are all forecast to grow more than 5 percent in 2015.
Kenya will probably grow 6 percent, even as unemployment and poverty remain stubbornly high, with over 40% of Kenyans living below the poverty line.

In all, the world is expected to grow 3.2 percent in 2015 and 3.7 percent in 2016 after expanding 3.3 percent in each of the past two years.  

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In The Campaign For Our Missing Girls....Bring Back Our Girls Now!

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British Accented Jihadist Identified!

Recall the British-accented man who appeared in all black in several Isis videos in which he appeared to behead Westerners...
Well,  the true identity of "Jihadi John," as he is simply known has been revealed. 
A former senior intelligence official confirmed to ABC News that "jihadi John"  has been identified as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi,
Emwazi was described as being from a "well-to-do" family in London, he reportedly graduated college with a computer programming degree.

Tonto Dike Shares New Music Video With Fans!

Nigerian Actress cum singer, Tonto Dike shares pictures from her soon to be released music video "SUGARRUSH" with her fans.

Al- Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Thursday Mortar Attacks On Palace!

according to reports the terrorist group al Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate group has claimed responsibility for an attack on Somalia's Presidential Palace Thursday in Mogadishu.
"We attacked the place with mortar shells today. Several landed inside the palace". al shabaab military operation spokesman reportedly told Reuters.
So far, only a palace guard was feared dead. 

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Clean Up Or Get Out- Google warns Sex Bloggers!

Google has made clear its intention to ban public explicit photos and videos from its blogging service, and giving affected users just one month to comply.
In the information sent to bloggers, the new rules require any blog with “sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video” to take them down by 23 March, or the blog will be made private by Google.

Moments From the 2015 Oscars!

Redmayne also showed off his award to photographers outside the Governor's Ball

John Travolta kisses Scarlett Johansson as they arrive for the 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California

Oscars 2015 ceremony in pictures: Winners pick up awards in Hollywood

Oscars 2015 ceremony in pictures: Winners pick up awards in Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, California

Gov. Amaechi - Freddy Ndigbara’s abduction is politically motivated!

Of course, Freddy Ndigbara’s abduction is politically motivated. We are aware that Ndigbara, in league with the Celestine Akpobari, was able to convert over 5,000 PDP members to APC. There is nothing wrong or extraordinary in what he (Ndigbara) did because we are in a political setting where the in thing now is to win political converts. Winning new convert was what Freddie did before he was kidnapped,”.  As he appealed to the abductors to release his aide unconditionally.
Those were the words, of Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, on Monday, February 23, 2015, when he released a statement through the Chief of Staff, Government House, Tony Okocha, on the abduction of his aid. 
Information revealed that Freddy Ndigbara, Deputy Chief Press Secretary to the governor, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen who reportedly invaded an All Progressives Congress, (APC) rally in Kaani Ward Six, Khana Local Government Area in Rivers state,  in a red Toyota Highlander. They shot carelessly into the air to cause some scare and disembark the crowed, before forcing and driving away with Ndigbara.

OMG......See What Heavy Rain And Burst Underground Water Pipe Did To This Area!

It was gathered that heavy rain and a burst underground water pipe contributed to this 33 feet hole, that led to the evacuation of about 380 residents in a suburb area, in Naples. 

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Obasanjo’s Eight Years Worse Than Abacha’s – Ribadu!

Below is an extract of Wikileaks cable interview, where Nigerian ex-Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC boss, Mallam Nuhu Ribadureportedly described President Obasanjo's eight-year democratic administration  as worse than that of late General Sani Abacha's military regime.

Classified by Ambassador Robin Sanders for Reasons 1.4 (b, c, & d).

"Ambassador had 4-hour private discussion with Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Chairman (EFCC) Mallam Nuhu Ribadu on the evening of December 28, at her residence to hear his views on the recent announcement that he will be transferred from the EFCC to the country’s leadership school, the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS). Ribadu took the opportunity to cover not only the politics behind this move, but also spent several hours discussing a range of EFCC pending cases that he wanted to share, including his personal views on Yar’Adua, former President Obasanjo, recently indicted former Delta State Governor Ibori, and the illicit enrichment open cases on the Police Inspector General Mike Okiro and Attorney General Aondoakaa."

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu
"It seemed that he wanted someone outside of the EFCC to know the details of active investigations as a possible failsafe given the current negative political climate surrounding his pending transfer.
Ribadu also said he planned to show up to his office on December 31, 2007, as usual and would continue to do so )- unless he was physically blocked — until the effective date of his transfer (February 2008). Ribadu said, without a doubt, yes, the warrant on Ibori was the seminal action that made Yar’Adua support the transfer.
He added that he was worried that Yar’Adua was not strong enough to balance the pressures on him from his inner circle — many he had already blocked from illicit enrichment The Ambassador expressed to him the U.S.’s strong concerns over the tenor of events and how unsettling this is given what appears to be a reversal of Yar’Adua’s strong anti-corruption messages while in Washington. Coming on the heels of the U.S. visit, this action has hurt our initial sense of his commitment on these key democracy pillars. The EFCC Chair was pleased to hear of the international interest in the situation and added that anything is still possible in terms of a reversal as Yar’Adua tends to respond to the last person who speaks with him. He thought pressure from the international community could be useful. Ribadu said if the transfer prevails then his Lagos deputy, Lamorde, would likely be brought up to serve as Acting. He then praised the USG training provided by Treasury’s FinCen, and said whether he was at the EFCC or not, the USG should continue its efforts to help as his team was dedicated and committed. Ribadu said that the EFCC needed a few more concrete tools such as a Crime Center, housing a data base on all criminal activity, and hoped the U.S. would help on this.
Ambassador provided the EFCC Chair with all her contact information, noted she had a pending weekend response call from the President, and told him that he had active supporters who would be following this issue, notwithstanding the Ambassador.
Following Yar’Adua’s positive U.S. trip, fairly upbeat sentiments by Nigerians at year’s end on his tenure, and his own end of year national address calling on adherence to transparency, not only do we need to be concerned about this action, but also what appears to be other steps against the EFCC. Even if Ribadu is gone or if ours or other efforts prevail, there are potentially other possible actions on the horizon to reduce the EFCC’s prowess by such as removing others on Ribadu’s team, and merging it with other less focused and effective entities such as the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC). Whatever his motives, Yar’Adua has made a major political misstep as his tribunal results loom near. 
Ribadu: On the Run-up to his Transfer:
The Ambassador had a 4-hour discussion (8pm-midnight) at her residence December 29 with about-to-be transferred Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chair Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Rumors began on the move late December 27, followed up by an official press announcement by Police Inspector General Mike Okiro December 28. Ribadu was seconded from the police senior leadership in April 2003 to lead the then newly created EFCC by former President Obasanjo. Ribadu is officially being transferred to the country’s National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in February 2008.
Ribadu told Ambassador that the transfer was not only official, but had been approved by President Yar’Adua. The Ambassador asked Nigeria’s anti-corruption czar if he thought that there could be a reversal of the pending transfer if there was significant outcry. Ribadu said in his dealings to date with the President, that he did not view him as a strong man (said in both the sense of not only his health, but his style and demeanor), and that he is easily swayed by the last person that speaks with him. He added that he did not see Yar’Adua as corrupt and was a nice guy, but said quite frankly that he thought he was weak, as a result of his low key personality, his lack of international exposure, and his lack of a political base. Ribadu said Yar’Adua is very worried about his election being overturned and is getting advice from some whose hands are tarnished with illicit enrichment on how to secure a positive outcome of the pending February or March 2008 tribunal decision.
The EFCC czar then commented that despite his overall problems with the judiciary as judges were always being bribed, it had held up democracy more than some of the other government branches. The judiciary and judges here are very corruptible and this corruption has played a role in some of the tribunal cases to date, he commented. Nigeria needs something in its constitution to put a check and balance on the judiciary.
The Ambassador then asked whether the warrant on the former Delta State Governor Ibori was the trigger on his ouster now, given that pressure to remove him was not new. Ribadu said without a doubt yes. He added that Ibori had promised to help Yar,Adua several weeks ago (prior to the latter’s Washington trip) with the tribunal if he got the EFCC Chair off his back. Yar’Adua had resisted to date, but as his tribunal results loom near in early February or March 2008, the President has a sense that the verdict could go either way (ref a). He is very unsettled about his prospects, Ribadu noted. Without direct reference to the Foreign Minister, who mentioned this issue in a December 28 telecon, the Ambassador asked Ribadu what his relationship had been with the President up to this point (ref C). Ribadu then described in detail his last meetings with both the President and separately with Ibori.
The EFCC chief noted that the President had always wanted him to cool down a bit as he thought he could do things more quietly. But despite this, he was always able to reach the President and they never had cross words. However, he added he felt that the support he would need to bring in some of the bigger political fish was not there )primarily because the President does not have his own political soldiers within the PDP, the media, or among Nigeria’s novo rich power brokers, nor his own thugs or the overall clout of former President Obasanjo. Ribadu said that Ibori had also tried to bribe him to drop the investigation, coming to him with a box that contained $ 15 million (USD) in cash as an offering to leave him alone.
Ribadu laughing said, can you imagine $15 million in cash in a box; this will be used against him in the trial. We have it locked up as evidence. He added that they have thus far found only $300 million (USD) that Ibori has stolen, but knows that he stole much more, estimating that during his eight years in office he took roughly 60 per cent of the Delta State treasury for his own use, including buying three planes and ownership in several public and private corporations.
Turning back to President Yar,Adua, the Ambassador asked who the bad apples around Yar,Adua were and was there anyone in his inner circle that he would deem not only credible but also incorruptible.
Continuing, the Ambassador asked if there are any good guys in the Villa? He said the only person who was truly respectable, honest and trying always to do the right thing was the President’s Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Abdullahi Mohammed, but he likes to stay away from both policy and politics.
Pending Investigations: A Who’s Who of Criminal Activity
Ribadu, seeming to be in an environment where he felt comfortable and relaxed, told the Ambassador he wanted to share some more of what is really going on. He began with a list of pending investigations. At the top of the list were both Attorney General (AG) Aondoakaa and Police Inspector General Mike Okiro. Of note, the EFCC chairman said that, we came very close to catching Okiro in the act in a parked car receiving several million dollars from Ibori in cash,
but he added, we were not able to close the deal as we could not catch the actual handover, and my investigators feared getting any closer to the cars. On the AG, Ribadu continued, we have a dossier on him and his illegal money dealings, including getting money from Ibori, but we need to catch him, and we will. In addition, Ribadu said the EFCC has criminal investigations open on 100 Nigeria individuals (mostly government officials from the Obasanjo era) and is following roughly 200 Nigerian criminal organizations. This is why my next step is to create a Crime Center, which would have a data base that all law enforcement agencies could access. The EFCC Chief stated that the USG had played an enormous role in the capacity building, expertise and integrity of the EFCC, as the U.S. set the best example on these issues. He knew that his team was dedicated, honest and committed as they all want to see a better Nigeria and improve Nigeria,s image around the world. &Whether I am at the EFCC or not, whatever the U.S. can do to continue to improve the Commission’s capacity would be welcomed,8 he commented. Ambassador said she would discuss not only the Crime Center idea he had with her team and Washington, but also ensure that Treasury was aware of the importance of continuing overall technical assistance when possible to the EFCC. She added though, if his transfer prevailed despite her efforts and others, we would be as active as possible to encourage any new EFCC leadership to continue on the same path.
On Obasanjo and his daughter Iyabo:
Ambassador asked about Obasanjo and his daughter, National Assembly Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, who is currently being investigated over contracts to an Austrian company. Ribadu said that the EFCC had called her in on December 27 and questioned her for hours. They also had documents on the transactions and questioned the head of the Austrian company. In the end, he added, we determined that there was no illicit enrichment of state funds, but a business deal gone badly between two parties, where promises were made and not kept, and one party getting mad at the other. On former president Obasanjo, the Commissioner said, he really knew how to play the game. Although he created the EFCC and understood its importance for him with the international community, Ribadu explained, that by far even more than the Abacha days where he was the sole thief, corruption under Obasanjo’s eight years was far worse. However, he added, Oba was a political machine and knew how to play the game for the international community, cover his tracks and for good or bad got it as regards to what the EFCC’s role was and should be.”

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Pope Francis Elevates 20 New Cardinals!

Pope Francis on Saturday, at a ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica - Rome, elevated 20 new cardinals. During the ceremony which marked  first time prelates from Tonga, Cape and Myanmar.....

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....the papal listed out what he believed to be the duties of the cardinal to the entrees. “It is certainly an honour, but it is not honorific. This we know from the name cardinal,” from the word cardo which means hinge. As such it is not a kind of accessory, a decoration like an honorary title. Rather it is a pivot, a point of support and movement essential for the life of the community. You are hinges and are incardinated in the Church of Rome which presides over the entire assembly of charity.” He said.
The new eminences were also presented with scarlet-red birettas and gold rings. They were joined by Francis’ predecessor, emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, who took a seat in the front row.

Information revealed that fifteen of those who received their red biretta are under the age of 80 and therefore eligible to vote to choose the next head of the Catholic Church.

Opari.....See What Campaign Posters Have Turned Our Roads Into!

Campaign posters pictures below, are a typical example of the many areas around Lagos state that has practically being re-designed, as the run for the 2015 elections climaxed.

Lekki Phase 1 entrance

The not-so-pleasant sight caused by these posters of Nigeria's two major Political parties, the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Party, (APC) on major roads, leaves one wondering if the very hand that makes the law, breaks it. 

Jakande pedestrain bridge, Lekki, Lagos - State

Private organizations and individuals gets prosecuted for violating the Federal Government's 'outdoor adverts ban'. 

Jakande Bus-stop, Lekki - Lagos

What happens to the LED screens, use of vehicles, bill board and small banners?

Jakande, Lekki - Lagos

Jakande, Lekki - Lagos

Jakande, Lekki - Lagos

Are these posters actually sending out the intended messages, or simply littering the streets.

Monday 9 February 2015

Shekau Vows To Defeat regional Army!

In a 28min recorded speech, boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau swore to defeat the regional force in the Niger and Cameroon border. 

"Your alliance will not achieve anything. Amass all your weapons and face us. We welcome you," Shekau said this in a video posted by the extremists on YouTube on Monday, February 9, 2015.

How My Wife Was Killed At Saint Georges Memorial Hospital Lekki!

The family of Onome, from Agbarho, Ughelli North local government - Delta State is still trying to get over the tragedy that shook them on September 19, 2014, when their wife, Onajite Otiotio Onome, died at Saint Georges Memorial Hospital, located at Number 6 Rasheed Alaba WilliamsLekki phase 1 - Lagos; under what they described as avoidable and questionable circumstances. 

They alleged negligence on the part of the hospital management. 

The late Onojite Otiotio Onome
The story:
The joy in the home of Samuel and Onojite Onome knew no bound when after eight years of marriage, their greatest dream of being blessed with the fruits of the womb was to become a reality, it was a set of twins. Having confirmed her pregnancy, elated Onajite Onome, spared nothing to make sure she received the best possible anti -natal care they could afford. 

It was in anticipation for the best, that she registered at Saint George Memorial Hospital in Lekki phase 1, a private clinic she held in very high esteem, and religiously followed every single advise she received from the medical expert therein, of course, she had waited eight years for that moment. 

Things however, took a different turn, when in the fourth/ fifth month of the pregnancy, she noticed some abnormalities and went to the hospital with her husband to make complains, she was observed for about 1/2hrs, the heart beats of the children was examined, no scan was however carried out to ascertain if any thing was wrong. 

Again, six months into the pregnancy, towards August ending to be precise, she noticed another abnormality, and again went to the hospital to make complains, she was subjected to the same routine of 'checking for heart beats', given some medications and sent home, without scanning to know if all was indeed well with the babies.

Then on September 19, 2014, it was gathered that Onojite experienced contractions, which prompted her being rushed to the clinic, on getting there at about 8:45pm, no doctor was on ground to attend to her. she was placed on bed, a supposed female medical practitioner who attended to her reportedly conducted checks on parts of her body, including her stomach, and continuously asked if she felt any pains.  She said she did not , but that her legs felt lifeless, her breath was ceasing, she was restless, "Jesus where are you"...she reportedly cried.
All these while, it was alleged that no experienced medical proffessional attended to her. Going by the account of incidents that preceded her death, there was no prove the lady who earlier attended to Onojite is an experienced doctor, as it was alleged that while attending to the deceased, she will go to the computer to check up something, then get back to attend to the deceased.

The doctor reportedly arrived at the hospital at about 11:16pm (local time), and her husband, Mr. samuel Onome, was asked to go purchase blood some where in Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere at about 11:22pm.

That was the last he saw his wife alive, as she reportedly gave up the ghost around 11:50pm, September 19, 2014.

Collaborating this story, a friend and neighbor of the Onomes, at their Abraham Adesanya resident, around Ajah - Lekki area, simply identified as Tony, who witnessed the incident, as it was himself and his wife that drove Onojite to the hospital that night had this to say: 
"That Friday night, I was at home when Onojite called my wife, that she was not comfortable at all, that she wanted us to take her to the hospital, as her husband was not home yet. I called her husband to let him know what was going on, he said he was on his way. I thought Jite was in labour, we were getting ready to go over to her place when she knocked at our gate, that was when it dawned on us that it must have been something more serious, for her to risk the discomfort of walking over to our resident. I had wanted us to wait for the husband, but then he called and told us that he was close to the house, but his car broke down, that instead of wasting time, I should drive his wife to the hospital, that he would be on the phone to direct us to the place, then join us there. 
"I hurriedly wore a singlet and drove off, my wife came along; I was even happy, I thought it was just labour pain, I and my wife were telling her to be strong, that very soon, she will be delivered of the babies. That was when she told me that it was not labour pain, that her delivery date was supposed to be in December - 2014. All the while, Jita was being strong, despite the pain, she even directed me when I took a wrong turn in Lekki phase 1". 
"When we got to the hospital gate, they delayed us, asking for her identity and if she was registered with them, to the extent that the husband, whose car broke down on the way, came to meet us there. It was when we were about driving in, that he got there". 
"At the reception, the people we met showed no sign of interest. They took their time to get her file, and all that. when it was time to take her up stairs to be examined, I thought they would at that point get a stretcher or something, but they didn't care, I over heard one of the nurses say "I no fit do that kain thingooo" was myself, my wife and her husband that assisted her up the stairs to the labour room, by this time, her eyes were turning white, and she was wriggling in pain. I also noticed that the people we met at the hospital at the time were inexperienced, as they called the doctor on phone for anything Onojite requested for, even when she said she wanted to drink water". She was also having internal bleeding.

"When the doctor got there very much late in the night, he said Onojite was short of blood, and asked us to go and purchase blood somewhere in Surulere. We were on our way there, when Mr. Onome's phone rang, the person at the other end of the phone asked us not to bother anymore about the blood, that we should turn back. Mr. Onome told me that something bad has happened. On getting back to the hospital, the husband went inside, not long after that, I heard him crying". 

Tony at this point paused....over the phone, I could hear his breath, as he tried not to betray his emotions.
He continued... "I never realized that incident would take her life, I thought at most she would loose the babies. It was just total negligence on the side of the hospital, going by the time this lady was brought to the hospital, her life would have been saved, if they had an experienced doctor on ground, and who knows, perhaps even the babies would have been saved and incubated...a hospital that charges that much should have qualified nurses and doctors on ground, and a blood bank". he said.  

As at the time of writing this story, five months on, it was alleged that nothing was heard from the management of Saint George Memorial Hospital - Lekki, nor any explanation on the turn of events, and apology rendered to the deceased husband Mr. Samuel Onome. 

In respect to the Concept of Justice "audi alterem patem", which this platform stands for, R/I contacted the doctor who reportedly attended to the deceased before she passed, to hear his side of the story.

When R/I placed a called across to Dr. Faye Iketunbosin, owner of Saint Georges Memorial Hospital Lekki phase 1.

Dr Faye confirm the story, stressing that contrary to the allegation that no doctor was on ground when the late Onojite was brought in, "there is a doctor here 24hrs, it is sad, that incident was a tragic and unfortunate case" he said. 

Adding that contrary to the notion that the hospital showed no sign of remorse concerning the incident, he spoke with the deceased father, Dr. Otiotio, who is a pharmacists, a couple of times over the phone, concerning the incident. 

Dr. Faye also stated that a post moterm was conducted on the deceased, and the result revealed she died as result of complications which had a low survival chance. The doctor however added that with respect to "doctor/ patient" confidentiality, he will not be able to discuss further on the incident.

Having heard from both sides, and with ever increasing reports of deaths recorded as a result of negligence and other avoidable circumstances in Nigerian hospitals.....the following questions becloud my mind:

1: Is there no iota of regard for human life especially as it concerns medical practice?

2: What do you make of this case?

I leave you 'readers' to be the judge, as we hope something good comes out of this case.

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Residents Cry Out - 'Help... Ajah Electricity Distribution Is Over Billing Us'!

Residents of 'Orile - Maroko', Lekki Scheme 2 axis, of Lekki - Lagos, woke up to yet another over billing, from the Eko electricity distribution company, Ajah office.

It was gathered that they have been paying these obnoxious bills, even after complains, hoping that things will improve. 

The January bills which arrive Monday morning, February 9, however did not go down well with residents, as they complained of having been without electricity supplies for the past three weeks. "when the lights came three days ago, we suspected they were about to share the bills, as usual". An affected resident disclosed.

And they were not disappointed, as again, the 'bill distribution' officer came with another 'over estimated bill'. 

These questions are on the lips of concerned and affected residents:

  • On what barometer  are these bills estimated?
  • Who approves them?
  • Where does these 'over payed bills' go to?
  • Are they used in maintaining the electricity facilities? otherwise, why are the transformers breaking down on weekly basis? 
  • Why does it take over three months for someone to get a 'pre-paid meter, after having made payments?

We are hereby calling on the authorities in charge to investigate this  allegation and rescue these residents from this un-whole -some practice.

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Sunday 8 February 2015

What The Stars Wore At The Grammy!

View gallery

View gallery

Rihanna Performs Alongside West At The 2015 Grammy!

Rihanna performing alongside Kanye West at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards...

See Photos:

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In The Campaign For Non - Violent Change - Selma Comes To Lagos!

Nigerians have been called upon to stand for Justice, Peace and Respect for Human rights, and life, especially in this election period.

This was the thrust of the message, passed on to hundreds, through the film Selma, as they converged at the Rock Cathedral, Lekki - Lagos on February 8, 2015.

In his welcome address, the event host, Senior Pastor, House On The Rock Church, Paul Adefarasin emphasized on the need for an enabling environment in which every Nigerian of voting age, is able to vote with their conscience, and without undue fear or intimidation. "A situation where people can cast their votes without fear of reprisals" He said.

Condemning the incessant killings in some parts of the country, especially the North, violent election campaigns and intolerance of oppositions, Adefarasin said "The sword of Justice should be the only weapon our nation used, and should be used so fairly".

He further challenged Nigerians to "look towards what binds us together, and not at what separates us".

Dignitaries from all walks of life, including Selma's lead actor, David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, diplomats from the United States Consulate in Nigeria, German Embassy, Former United Nations Secretary General Emeka Anyaaoku, Nigerian House Of Representative  members, Captains of Industries, the Media, Celebrities from Nollywood, Nija Music and Sports, all graced the evening event. 

The African American historic Drama, Selma, tells the story of how African Americans led by James Bevel, Hosea William, Martin Luther King and John Lewis, marched from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, in a series of peaceful campaigns for their Fundamental Right to vote.

It is hoped the remarkable film provoke Nigerians to embrace peaceful approach in the quest for positive change, and that we do not forget what the Selma march truly stand for.

More Pictures From Selma Premier At the Rock Cathedral- Lagos:

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Saturday 7 February 2015

Nigeria's February Polls Postponed!

In order to ensure a peaceful and credible 2015 elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission- Nigeria has indefinitely postponed the much anticipated February Polls from February 14, to March 28, and April 11.

This was made known at a press briefing after the last meeting for the day between INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega,  and other top officials of the INEC, 
The commission is concerned about the security of our ad-hoc staff, the young men and women of the NYSC and students of the tertiary education who constitute at least 600,000 young men and women that we will use in the election,” Jega said.

This decision is backed by section 26 (1) of the Electoral Act, as amended.
Where a date has been appointed for the holding of an election and there is reason to believe that a serious breach of the peace is likely to occur if the election is proceeded with on that date or it is impossible to conduct an election as a result of natural disaster or other emergencies, the commission may postpone the election and shall in respect of the area or areas concerned appoint another day for the holding of the postponed election provided that such reason for the postponement is cogent and verifiable.”
It was revealed that the All Progressives Congress (APC) had asked the INEC to go ahead with the February elections as scheduled, alleging that the presidency was pushing for a postponement because the PDP was not ready for the election. This was debunked by the Jega, as he reportedly said the commission was not forced by anybody to postpone the elections.

Friday 6 February 2015

Fraud Alert - 'FCMB Swift Transaction Notification'!

Readers, beware of the alleged FCMB transaction notification below, currently sent to yahoo mail account users, it's fraud. the real email add of the sender is "", and that is definitely not the official email address  for FCMB Bank.

"FCMB Swift Transaction Notification

Friday, January 09, 2015 3:16 PM
FCMB Swift
Notification Details

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your transaction. Your funds have been successfully transmitted to our corresponding bank for further payments to your beneficiary bank.
This is a summary of your Telex. Kindly find the full details as attached.
20: Sender's Reference 
Currency USD
Amount 100000.00
33B: Currency/Instructed Amount
Currency USD
50K: Ordering Customer-Name & Address

53B: Sender's Correspondent -Location
57A: Account With Institution
59: Beneficiary(Customer - Name & Addr)
70: Remittance Information
71A: Details of Charges
71F: Sender's Charges
Currency USD
Amount 15.00

For more information, enquiries and requests, please call our dedicated Contact Centre on 01-2798800.You can also send an email to or visit our website 
Thank you for choosing FCMB
connect with us"

To be fore-warned, is to be fore- armed, don't fall prey to this!