Tuesday 11 September 2018

S.O.S Cry For Lagos - Badagry Express-Way!

The current situation of the Lagos-Badagry express is unbelievably heart-breaking, considering the fact that this is the gate-way into a supposedly great Nation as Nigeria. Over time, Roving Informant, through this platformjoined our voice to thousands of other voices glamouring for better governance, infrastructural development and provision of basic amenities/ facilities for the teaming Nigerian populace. The only time Nigerians seems to get a close feel of the polity appears to be during electoral campaigns. As soon as political offices are won, zaarp....off the Politicians go to enjoy the largesse, forgetting the populace on whose votes they supposedly climbed to power. 

Ojo Military Barracks area, Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express. 

Situation of the so-called "on-going" construction at Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express. 

Pictures attached to this post, taken on Monday, September 10th, 2018, shows the current negligence of the Lagos-Badary express, and should be a thing of concern to the present administration. This situation has caused untold hardship to the people residing or having one thing or the other to do in this axis of the Lagos Metropolis. The so-called on-going rail/motor way project, which started a few years ago, is obviously abandoned. 

Iyana-Oba area, Lagos- Badagry express.

Obviously abandoned construction at Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express.

Transportation fare is hiked particularly when it rains, as no vehicle wants to ply this route. Consequently, commuters are stranded, with no option than to walk the long distance to their respective destinations. 

Commuters trekking along at Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express. 

Most traders at the International Trade-fare complex and the popular Alaba International market walk long distance every morning en-route their various businesses, and back to their base in the evenings, tired and spent. This is pathetic and totally unacceptable. 

More Pictures Below:

Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express.

Opposite Lagos State University, (LASU) Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express. 

Very bad road around Ilogbo-Eremi on Lagos- Badagry express.

Ojo Military barracks area,  Iyana-Oba, Lagos- Badagry express. 

The Nigerian government, Lagos State government and stake holders concerned with this project need to visit this location, witness first-hand, the suffering of people living or working in this axis and proffer a lasting solution.