Thursday 1 August 2013

Journalists Arrested Over Libelous Story On A Nigerian Magnate And An Ex- Beauty Queen!

Two Nigerian journalists, Segun Ogunbunmi of Global News and Kunle Rasheed of Global Excellence, were recently arrested in connection to the publication of a scandalous story involving a Nigerian magnate Tunde Folawiyo and an ex- beauty queen, Ifeoma Wiiliams, both respectively married. 

The Publication below:

Captioned: "Reckless Billionaire Tunde Folawiyo, Ifeoma Andre Williams In Messy Sex Scandal - How his wife caught the love bird in Paris".

"Lagos! Lagos! Lagos! A city that is without doubt one of a kind… In Lagos the fear of the unknown is the beginning of wisdom. Narrow it down to the island social scene which is on the same level as the high octave Miami, sinful Las Vegas and toxic Hollywood. The Island social scene has come to surpass the expectation of us the informed. Even before this time, we had taken a very critical, courageous, fearless and no-restraints attitude in reporting the despicable sexual acts that go on within the Ikoyi/Victoria Island/Lekki axis of Lagos State. From the nymphomaniacs, to the lectors in the “university”  of bisexuality, to the unrepentant homosexuals, we have dared to not only brazenly report their illicit and nefarious activities but we have always triumphed over every form of intimidation. It is important to state that the sex scandal you are about to digest beats even the imagination of the OSCAR-winning director Steven Spilberg.

Let us notify every gladiator herein mentioned in this epic exposé that we know so much beyond your imagination. At this stage we shall only be putting out less than 30 per cent of the real gist while we await any form of provocation and then we shall compel the king to dance naked in public.
Sexscapades and sex scandals are not new to the Lagos social establishment, but there is basically one alleged sex escapade that can stand on the same platform as this one. For those readers who are not in the know, let us refresh your memory.

Many years ago during his lifetime, oil magnet Bade Ojora was alleged to have caught his delectable and gorgeous wife Lanra Ojora in her lingerie at his very close friend’s house, which means she was having a hot and steamy affair with her husband’s close friend. It was indeed a huge shock to the late Bade as he was reported to love her beyond affection. This scandal was so potent that even after many years Lanre Ojora’s friends still make reference to that incidence. Her friends also gossip it behind her back.

A fortnight ago the entire Lagos Island social establishment was shaken to its very foundation when a lot of big boys and girls received this very detailed BB messages on their mobile phone devices. We also do have our own but for lack of space we shall not be putting it out now. The summary of the BB messages was the shocking allegation that the scion of the Folawiyo family,Tunde Folawiyo was caught pants down with Ifeoma Williams at a super luxury Parisan Hotel. And who caught the them? The wife of Tunde Folawiyo, Renie. The mild and obscene allegation insisted that Renie Folawiyo had suspected that her husband, Tunde was having a hot and passionate yet illicit sexual relationship with Ifeoma Williams, the wife of Andre Williams, who is the younger brother of the former Nigeria Football Association, NFA chairman Kojo Williams.

It went further to narrate how Renie on discovering various messages that were in her husband’s phone immediately began to play an FBI, or better put, CIA agent. As this was going to be an international operation on discovering their love nest in the city of Paris and their scheduled trip date, Renie herself purchased her own ticket and set out for the same super luxury hotel that the illicit lovers were billed to stay in. Her plans were perfectly crafted and she successfully acted like a room service personnel and walked right into them. It was a scene that even Nollywood movie directors would love to replay. Her husband Tunde Folawiyo who is reputed to be the very quiet type, introverted and have never been in any loud scandal begged his wife Renie to deal with the incident with all maturity. He pleaded endlessly knowing that the news would set the entire Lagos social circle on an overdrive. It is said that to a large extent Rennie swallowed the bitter pill and agreed to bury the secret but on arrival in Lagos confided in a few of her close friends who immediately vetoed that stance of silence. In their opinion, keeping quiet at such a disgusting and shameful act is encouraging the secret lovers to carry on their affair with even more intensity. The highly placed ladies clearly advised Renie that she needed to blow the whistle and bury permanently Ifeoma Williams’s reputation. The big question then is why did this group of ladies who are said to be Renie Folawiyo’s closest confidantes maintain this opinion? Firstly it is pertinent to say that Renie Folawiyo does not move with ordinary ladies. Her close friends are all super-duper Island big gals who are either born into huge wealth or are married into rich families or are self-made business tycoons. So this group of women is not made up of idle ladies. Even though Renie is not the noisy type, she is one of the most powerful women on the island social scene by the virtue of the fact that she is married to oil magnate billionaire, Tunde Folawiyo so all these ladies know everyone and are well informed on who does what, who is f**king who, who is a husband or wife snatcher; who is unrepentant homosexual yet in the closet and which billionaire is a drug addict. So we shall explicitly tell you what Ifeoma’s sin is said to be. The essence of this BB broadcast that has sent the social media into an all-time high is not billionaire Tunde Folawiyo’s but rather former ex-beauty queen Ifeoma Williams’. Unknown to Ifeoma Williams, a lot of her Island big gals cannot stand her presence; they barely manage to tolerate her.

At this stage, it is important that we take a deep look into Ifeoma’s pedigree. Ifeoma Williams was born Ifeoma Njoku to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nkoku about 36 years ago. She is from a very humble background as her father was just an average man. She attended Chrisland College, Opebi for her secondary school as she was one of the pioneer students who started the reputable Chrisland College owned by the Ondo-born Awosikas. Then Chrisland was at 26,Opebi road and by the time Ifeoma Njoku got to her JSS 3 class, the school relocated to its permanent site in Idimu area of Lagos. While in secondary school, her brother Obinna was also at Chrisland but was ahead of Ifeoma. Some of her class mate whom we have spoken to informed us that Ifeoma was a brilliant student but had a very flippant tongue so that gave her quite a number of adversaries. She used to talk a lot and was quiet a bully. As we all know today bullies can come in various forms. If you run your sharp tongue in a derogatory manner on your contemporaries it is clearly termed bullying by various NGO’s that deal on this issue. After her secondary education at Chrisland, she gained admission to the University Of Lagos where she got her first degree. It was while at UNILAG that her personality came fully to light. Ifeoma Njoku was never one of the average girls on campus; she lived the fast lane with an undying passion. Even though her father, Mr Njoku could never have funded such a colourful lifestyle of impeccable designer clothes, strategic beauty therapy and wild partying and clubbing, she did all with dexterity and sophistry. She was a very pretty young lady and never lacked rich boyfriends. By the time she went in for the Lux beauty pageant, she was no pushover in the University Of Lagos. She won the maiden edition of Lux beauty pageant and this accolade instantly shot her into limelight. Even though she is surprisingly short for a beauty queen,  she had a wonderful tenure in office as she travelled and met a lot of well-meaningful Nigerians.

These various contacts she used very well to further penetrate the heart of Island social scene. After her reign she met and married Andrea Williams, the hunk and gorgeous son of the late Chief  S. B. Williams. Her marriage to Andrea’s gave her the most sought after leverage she needed to float comfortably with this super elite clique. But our reliable spies who are some of the biggest names on the Island maintain that contrary to what people think, Ifeoma Williams is not as financially loaded as people may want to believe. They maintain her husband Andrea is a property consultant of no exceptional means but his father left a huge estate behind which his children are benefitting from. In fact, Ifeoma and her sons and Andrea all live in one of the properties of her late father-in-law on Goriolla Street, Victoria Island. It is a twin building and while one is leased out, the other which the Williams occupy doubles as her home and office where she runs her image consultancy business.

The latest news on the social media is that Ifeoma not only wears the pants in the marriage but would clearly settle in her marriage without any rancour as Andrea loves her to the extent of overlooking this legendary sexual allegation.
They maintain that her marriage will always be intact; the rumour-mongers maintain that such family movies are tied up to be released at specific intervals and such scenarios are never okay for a luxury acquisition-thirsty young lady. The very ironic thing about this current dilemma is that Ifeoma is an image consultant as she has said in the past but the moment her image has never been tainted for even with all the damage control, the news of this sexual act has vehemently refused to go. As at the time of going to press, we were furnished with a very damaging exposé concerning one of the gladiators in this story, that is if ever this young lady goes out of the social radar. Even though it is an allegation, the details and names involved will rupture the boat of the Island social establishment. But it is even the sponsor of this most cherished news that is worthy of mention. She sits atop the super ivy league of Island celebrities. Ifeoma William’s interview with a prominent soft-sell magazine has indeed worsened the rumour mill. As she took all questions except for when she was asked about her relationship with oil mogul Tunde Folawiyo, she cleverly and tactfully avoided that question and continued in her rather shocking threat against the publication. Ifeoma Williams, a veteran socialite should know more than anyone else should know that if you are in full glare then any sexual allegation on you will attract full press and social media coverage. A lot of her accusers are saying that Ifeoma is a very greedy young lady and is somewhat very ambitious. Her friendship with the likes of MO Abudu who runs popular television talk show, Moment with MO and now the CEO of Ebony TV might have aroused a healthy consciousness in her. She is one of the style and image people working with MO, so seeing such level of success from another young lady could have inspired her to raise it from quarter. But MO who quietly disengaged her long time husband at the peak of her career has been able to manage her private life with discretion. As it stands now it is Ifeoma Williams against this clique of very powerful and influential Island women who are surprisingly her friends. This is because until the alleged Parisan love nest exposé, Ifeoma was a veritable member of the Island big girls “forum” where the jet set of Coco Chanel and Muccia Prada acquisition were the order of the day. Unknown to her she was never seen as one of them. Her accusers maintain that her pristine, prim and proper image is all a facade.

This group of women maintains that contrary to her outburst on the magazine, she should have thought of her children and husband before starting on this seemingly unquenchable fire. In what promises to be the super story of the year if not decade, her accusers are not even considering slowing down. In fact the latest barrage of gossips is infectious and even a top government official will eventually be unmasked in the most disgraceful sexual thriller of all times. The real gist is just about to get started". The Publication read.

Responding to the publication through his solicitors, Mr. Folawiyo demanded a full retraction of the story as well as a public apology. In a letter, Folawiyo’s solicitors gave Mr. Ogunbunmi a 7-day ultimatum to issue a satisfactory apology.

The letter, dated 12th July, 2013, warned that the journalist, Mr. Ogunbunmi was liable to face criminal charges based on the defamatory nature of the Global News article. 

Following Mr. Ogunbunmi’s failure to retract the story, the case was reported to AIG of Zone 2, and copied to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police,  Umar Manko.

The Letter to the Police read in part:
"I sincerely urge you to use your good offices to investigate the actions of Mr. Ogunbunmi and his organisation with a view to prosecuting them for criminal libel," 

"I fear that the very fabric of our society will continue to decay if 'journalists' such as this are allowed to publish defamatory statements recklessly and with impunity against well meaning Nigerians."

The arrests of Messrs Ogunbunmi and Rasheed was believed to be a direct result of an investigation of criminal libel as allegedly investigated by the Police. It was gathered that the two journalists failed to respond to several invitations by the Police, and were consequently detained in Zone 2 Police Headquarters. 

Mr. Rasheed was released while Mr. Ogunbunmi remained in Police custody."

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