Monday 26 December 2016

Photo Speaks: All Shades Of 'Child Abuse'!

Pictures below show babies used as ploy for alms as seen along Lekki express way, Lagos - Nigeria, on Sunday December 25th, 2016, under the scourging sun at about 1:30 - 2 pm. 

This is obviously a specious form of "Child Abuse". 

Who own these babies and on what terms are they peharps rented out  for?. 

Why are these 'professional beggars' employing the use of minors under harsh 'working condition', imagine the scourging sun.

Is this act acceptable anywhere in the world, if not why are these women operating on most major roads with impunity?

Sunday 25 December 2016

James Ibori's Release - Nigeria's 'Distinguished Senator's' Welcome Address!

It is no longer news that ex- Delta State governor, between 1999 - 2007, James Ibori, was recently released from a U.K prison, after he was sentenced by Southwark Crown Court, London, in February 2012. 

What could be news however, was "part" of the "address" of a sitting Nigerian Senator, who identified himself as "Distinguished Senator Peter Nwoboshi"  and "a voice that speaks and Nigeria speaks",  at the welcome party organised for the People's Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, in London, after his release from jail, where he spent four years and eight months (February 2012 - December 2016), having admitted to financial fraud. 

The dialogue below gives an analysis of that "part" of speech:

Citizen 1: Oh Boy, complements of the season, have you heard the latest news? (shakes hands)
Citizen 2: What news again, nah everyday news dey break around the world these days.
Citizen 1: Bros, you mean to tell me say you never hear say them don free Chief James Ibori???
Citizen 2: That is no news nah, wasn't it last week or so??
Citizen 3: (enters..shakes hands) Bros nah trueooo, dem don free big brossss...see as people just dey jubilate anyhow-anyhow.
Citizen 2: But dat no be news again nah, the video is all over the Internet.
Citizen 3: I don watch am, see as that man dey throw-way haillings give big go fear, power pass power nah.
Citizen 1: Really?, I haven't seen that. What and what was said???
Citizen 2: Hmmm, you mean that speech that got me embarrassed??? to imagine that people from all over the world would have seen that. How can a "sitting Senator" be so careless in his speech??
Citizen 1: Wao! what and what was said??
Citizen 3: But nah true the man yan nah, no be naija? nah so them dey do nah. Citizen 2: (cuts in) Point of correction, no be so we dey do am for Naija abeg, this particular case could be an exemption. The man was just released from prison and the radar is on him, that speech could get him into more trouble.  Citizen 1: I am confused here, what and what was said in the video???
Citizen 2: Part of the speech categorically states, and I quote. "There are many people who have been governors, who have never been opportuned to make their successors. but James Ibori made a successor. There may never be a governor in Nigeria history again who will seat in the cell or in the prison and make a governor, (claps..cheers) and there will never be a governor again in the history of Nigeria who will seat in prison and make Senator. And there may never be a governor again in the country who will seat in the cell and support a Senate president"...(someone in the crowed shouted...and make a Speaker) ..."and there have never be a governor who will seat in prison and make a Speaker of the House of ......
...."and there may never be a governor in this country who will seat in the cell or in the prison and make the daughter a member of the House of Assembly...(cheers...claps..shouts of "power pass power"). He rounded off by saying: "As a Senator I must speak, I'm a VOICE in the National Assembly".
Citizen 3: Omoo forget that thing, power pass power.
Citizen 1: That was rather careless abeg, and he addressed himself as a "Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria", and "a VOICE", who "must speak"??? Voice of WHO abeg?
Citizen 2: Now you get my point, if he made that statement on his own-behalf, I no mind. Why decide to rope the whole country into that incautious utterance??? 
Citizen 1: Abii nah drink???
Citizen 1: Nooooo, on a serious note, peharps it was uttered out of excitement.
Citizen 2: Caution my brother, caution should be the watch word. That is why as someone who occupies such an exalted position, you should always be careful with your utterances. It's not on everything you must speak, and if you must, you need to watch what you say. The country is already going through a lot, our image have been more tarnished than glorified internationally, we have been called "fantastically corrupt", and all sorts of demeaning names. We have been directly, and indirectly ridiculed by governments of both Centres and Peripheries, not because they are better than we are, but simply because we lack decorum. I wonder how these people get elected into such positions, beats my imagination. Regrettably sad.
Citizen 3: No be una elect them to dey represent??
Citizen 1: Who elected who??? them dey elect most of them???
Citizen 3: I tell you, the way some of them dey take enter that position, you go bow. Some no dey even reach their constituencies to know first- hand how things be, but the issue on ground be say: me I think say the man yan him mind.
Citizen 1: My friend keep quite if you don't have any meaningful thing to say. Why didn't he speak "his mind" as an individual, why drag the whole system into that rake-less speech Huh?, who send am??
Citizen 2: That speech could indict the whole system.
Citizen 1: Thank you, I think irrespective of the Senator's pehaps 'noble' intention, that speech can
only get the ex-governor into more trouble in the home front, and at the International terrain. I mean this is a man who needs a clean bill to start
over, peharps get involved in some "Youth
re-orientation program", where he could use the platform to channel
the Nigerian Youth, most of who really admire him, into more positive developmental programs that could, with time, give him a more appropriate
image. We all make mistakes, but the ability to face the consequence(s), if
need be, and raise above that, to become a positive force in the society is to
me, true strength.
Citizen 3:  True talk, true talk be that, so in summary, watin you dey yan so be say- big bros needs distance himself from some kain things like that. Mmm sense no go kill you sha. 

Dialogue copyright: Obianuju Mbanusi

Thursday 15 December 2016

Eyesore Along Mobile Road, Lekki!

Pile of dirt cleared out from a gutter abandoned for days now in front of an estate under construction along Mobile road, off Lekki-expressway, Lekki- Lagos.

'Horrible' is the best word that can describe this situation, the rubbish  is almost blocking off the road, with smelly faeces littered all over that segment of the road. 

Lagos State Ministry of Health, Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) take note and do something about this eye-sore.

Monday 5 December 2016

Succour Atlas For Lekki Nightmarish Traffic, Need For An Alternative Beach Road!

Information disclosed on LASG Monitoring Team's Twitter handle tagged "New face Of  Lekki Roundabout" indicates that ongoing Lekki-Epe express way junction improvement project by the Lagos state government, is expected to greatly relieve commuters of the tiring drive to and fro the Lekki Peninsula axis of Lagos State. 

According to the information it takes about 15-20 mins to cross the massive roundabout junctions every morning and evenings. When completed, it is expected to take about 5 minutes to cross each junction.


Over the past 10-15 years, the Lekki Peninsula axis witnessed at first "gradual" , but recently an immense flock of people attracted to the Peninsula.


Highbrow development scheme, beautiful serviced estates, and promises of breadth taking infrastructural development


Considering this expansion plan, the rapid construction of office/ shopping malls and estates indicates that the Lekki axis will emerge the next residential and business hub of the metropolis. Highly commendable as the current efforts of the Lagos state government to ease traffic around this axis might be, a single entree/exit express-way can definitely not cater for the expected population growth. 


There is therefore the need to consider constructing an alternative 'Multiple Lane Beach Road with functional street lights', and a Rail Sub-way which will run through from Oniru in Victorian Island down to Eleko area in Ibeju Lekki, to relieve a foreseen traffic catastrophe causable by predictable colossal in-flock.

Entrance into Elegushi beach
The only escape route for commuters during heavy traffic periods at the moment is the Oniru/ Elegushi beach road with exit at 2nd Jakande gate, into the express - way.

Current state of the Elegushi beach end of the expected beach road
 Area Boys at the Jakande beach gate are not making things easy with their demand for some money from already exhausted commercial and private vehicles as a pass. 

Friday 2 December 2016

Photo Speaks: "No Beer In Heaven"!

This hilarious sign was seen on a "Beer Parlour" (Local bar) along Mobile road, off Lekki expressway, Lagos Nigeria.

What a sign.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Lekki Hellish Traffic!

The light seen on pictures below are from vehicles stuck in the 'legendaryLekki expressway traffic at about 8:30pm, recently in Lekki expressway, Lagos-Nigeria.. 

These pictures were taken from a vehicle in motion. On Thursday, November 24, 2016 when this pictures were taken, the traffic started right after the Lekki scheme 1 Foot bridge, stretching through to 2nd gate at Jakande estate. 

Most times, there are no traffic officials to control the situation, except for Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officials often sighted arresting vendors. Commuters spend nothing less than 2 hours or more on a 15-20mins drive from Victoria Island/ Ikoyi to Lekki) on these traffics. 

By the way, there are no sights of any of the 3 helicopters purchase by the Lagos state government in October 2015, for "security and traffic surveillance". 

See: (

Abeokuta/ Sango-Ota Express Road Crying To Be Fixed!

This is the current state of Abeokuta/ Sango-Ota, Ogun state, (southwest Nigeria) express road.

Photos below show some bad spots as seen on Thursday, November 24, 2016: 

Ogun State is host to some major factories in the country, howbeit the state of most of its roads is appalling. Nigerian Federal Government, Ogun State Government, stakeholders and Senator (s) representing affected districts please take note and redress this rather demeaning situation.

The Experience 11, Work Intensifies At TBS!

As the days drew nearer to Friday, December 2, 2016, work intensifies at Tafawa Balewa Square, Onikan, Lagos - Nigeria, for the 11th interdenominational gospel music concert, The Experience 11. 

Vendors selling The Experience 11 Tshirts, shirts, face caps, hats and other "Experience" souvenirs were at TBS Saturday morning, November 26, when volunteer workers gathered for prayers and brief meeting with the convener of the program and Senior Pastor of House on the Rock Church, Paul Adefarasin.

The theme for the 2016 concert is: Revealing Jesus. 

The Experience Lagos is believed to be the largest gospel music concert.

Admission is free.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Kidnappers Apprehended In Calabar!

Photo of kidnappers arrested in Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State, southern Nigeria, by residents as reported on Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

It was gathered that the kidnappers who were caught after kidnapping thier victim were striped, beating and their operation vehicle destroyed before they were handed over to the Police. The victim was rescued.

Yabatech Fire Outbreak!

About 20 hostel rooms were on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, destroyed in an early morning inferno that gut the 'A' wing, top floor of the Bakassi Female Hostel of Yaba College of Technology, Jibowu, Yaba- Lagos, Nigeria. 

Information disclosed that although no life was lost, three students were injured as a result of the confusion that ensued during the incident. They were immediately taken to the the Federal Medical Centre, Yaba and the General Hospital, Randle Avenue, Surulere, Lagos. 

Academic activities scheduled for Wednesday, November 24 was suspended to allow the institution attend to the situation.

Saturday 19 November 2016

Uyo Stadium Project Worth Emulating!

Modeled after 75,000 seating capacity Allianz stadium in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state, Nigeria, is unarguably one of the prides of the nation. 

Since completion in 2014, the 30,000 seater stadium has become the venue for almost all national and International sporting events in Nigeria. From indication, this project initially criticised by most as "White Elephant", looks like it has good prospects for the nation since the Nigerian national team has won most of the matches played there.  

Moreso, advertisements around the football pitch from major companies like Guinness, IGI, Malta Guiness seen in the picture below, stipulates alternative source of revenue for Akwa-Ibom State.

There is need for state administrators to emulate this, and embark on such projects that will continue to generate additional revenue for their respective states long after they left office, boost the economy and enhance the image of the country internationally. (who wouldn't think well of Nigeria after seeing this on air or visiting this stadium)

A commendable project by the ex-Governor of Akwa-Ibom state, Godswill Akpabio.

Monday 14 November 2016

Malaria Parasite Breeding Canals Around Lagos Calls For Concern!

Following the Federal Government and Dangote Foundation's commitment to "Eliminate Malaria in Nigeria" at the "Agenda for the Private Sector Engagement Strategy and the Unveiling and Launching of the Malaria Private Sector Engagement Strategy #PSESPLAUNCH" held recently in Lagos...

Roving Informant brings to public notice the current state of the canal behind Shoprite Complex at Jakande area, along Lekki Peninsula axis of Lagos state. Like most canals and drainages around major cities in Nigeria. 

Illegal Refuge dump by the road side in front of the canal

This is a residential/ business area, it is clearly an eye-saw, this disaster breeds mosquitoes, and ultimately malaria. It is our civic responsibility to take care for our environment if we must eradicate malaria in Nigeria.

Nigerian Government Solicits For More Private Sector Alliance Towards Eradicating Malaria!

Nigerian government reassured it commitment to work with private sectors in the country towards eradicating malaria. This came as the Health Minister, Prof. Isaac Adewole, in his keynote address at the Agenda for the Private Sector Engagement Strategy#PSESPLAUNCH, canvassed for strategic partnership with private sector, to better muster resources for malaria eradication.

According to Prof. Adewole, Nigeria accounts for 32% of the annual 655,000 global estimate of malaria deaths, of which women and children are the worst hit. To control this epidemic, the Health Minister said significant progress was made by the Nigerian government and developing partners over the years, nevertheless, there exists a huge gap that needs to be redressed to align with the global agenda of fast tracking malaria elimination. Adewole further called on the private sector to assist in the fight especially in the area of investing in producing mosquito nets.

Stakeholders in Health Sector graced the event, which also saw to the unveiling and launching of the Malaria Private Sector Engagement Strategy by the Dangote Foundation.

National Malaria Ambassador and Chairman of the Dangote Foundation, Aliko Dangote GCON, in his speech, affirmed commitment in the fight to eradicate malaria. Calling for healthcare investors, donor, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders collaboration to eliminate malaria in Nigeria, Dangote stated "...Over the last ten years, the government of Nigeria and partners have actually committed over $1.3billion to ensure that malaria is brought under control. although this effort has led to significant control of malaria prevalence, by more than 8%, much more need to be done...".

The event held on on Monday, 11th November, 2016, in Lagos, Nigeria.